Adobe AIR 2 Release Candidate Now Available on Labs

The Adobe AIR 2 Release Candidate (RC) build is now available on Adobe Labs. Please be sure to download the latest AIR runtime and, if you are an application developer, SDK. If you run into any issues, please let us know by using our feedback form to send us a bug. Please be sure to include all relevant information necessary to reproduce the issue.

Important: Applications built against Adobe AIR 2 beta 2 *will not run* using the AIR 2 RC runtime. In order for an AIR 2 beta 2 application to run on the AIR 2 RC runtime, the namespace of the beta 2 application descriptor file must first be updated to “2.0” and compiled against the AIR 2 RC SDK.

6 Responses to Adobe AIR 2 Release Candidate Now Available on Labs

  1. Andre Venter says:

    AIR2 SDK RC1 shipped without Flex Builder 3 ui support file. it was in SDK Beta 2. Are you not supporting Flex Builder 3 anymore?

  2. Hitomi Kudo says:

    In AIR 2 beta 2, there were two separate user interface libraries, depending on Flex version:
    1) frameworks/libs/air/flex3/applicationupdater_ui3.swc for Flex3 applications
    2) frameworks/libs/air/applicationupdater_ui.swc for Flex 4 applications

    AIR 2 final contains only the “frameworks/libs/air/applicationupdater_ui.swc” library which is compatible with both Flex 3 and Flex 4 apps. If your application is a Flex 3 one, please make sure that you are linking to the applicationupdater_ui.swc instead of applicationupdater_ui3.swc, because the previous Flex 3 library might not be deleted if you are overlapping the new drop over the previous one.

  3. ilsh says:

    When will the official AIR 2 be out?

  4. ILSH: We are very, very close. We’re expecting to have a final build in the coming weeks. – Rob Christensen, AIR Team

  5. I have been looking forward to this…

    – Paul Sanderson

  6. Jason Lenhart says:


    Wondering if the official release candidate is imminent?