Available Now: Developer Prerelease of AIR for Android

We are pleased today to announce the public availability of the Adobe AIR for Android Developer Prerelease program. Any designer or developer interested in building Android applications using the Flash Platform is welcome to join this program to get access to our beta SDK. Whether you are already an experienced Flash developer or just interested in learning Flash, we encourage you to join our prerelease program to get started on building Android applications today using AIR.

You will gain immediate access to our beta AIR Android SDK

By joining the prerelease program, developers will also have access to a new extension to
Flash Professional CS5 that publishes directly to Android devices. The extension adds a new AIR for Android publish setting that works in the shipping and 30-day trial versions of Flash Professional CS5.

At Google I/O today, we are also showing several AIR applications running on Android smartphones. These applications were built by members of a small private prerelease program we have been running for the past month. Their experience has been very positive and they have already created some great applications with our early builds.

A selection of AIR applications shown at Google I/O

Qrossfire.png connectpro.png
Qrossfire – Bowler Hat Games
gio_0.png BlogRadio.png
Google I/O Scheduler-Veronique Brossier
fruitsmash.jpg trackometer.png
Fruit Smash – Electrotank
Trackometer – Spin Technologies

We continue to make great progress towards releasing AIR for Android in the second half of this year. We look forward to working with Google and other Open Screen Project partners to bring innovative applications created with AIR to multiple platforms and devices.

Michael Chou
Product Manager, Adobe AIR for Android

13 Responses to Available Now: Developer Prerelease of AIR for Android

  1. Ravi Korukonda says:

    same here 🙂

  2. Vic says:

    What is the best andorid phone to get for 2.2 to run Air?
    Do I need to sign up as andorid developer?

  3. coggy9 says:

    Vic,get the Nexus One,I just compiled 2.2 from source,runs FLAWLESSLY…sans the “Gapps” This is without any of Google’s secret methods for speed.

  4. evilpenguin says:

    Any chance of running Froyo on a Desire? If not, Air should run ok on Eclair, too, right? Any limitations, besides poorer performance?

  5. Oscar says:

    Will there be an AIR for Android extension for Dreamweaver CS5?

  6. Tahir Alvi says:

    Thanks again for Adobe.

    I am a flex and Air developer and now want to making application for Android. What is most fast way to doing that.

  7. SHIBI says:

    Thanks Adobe..Planning to migrate some Flex apps. Concerned about memory usage..will yfiles/flex fly on android?

  8. Odilia Ilse says:

    Heya! Appreciation for the nice statement. Keep it up! 🙂

  9. Carmen Trigo says:

    I read about this on another web site and didn’t really understand it, but this post is much clearer. Many thanks!

  10. Vinay says:

    Hey this is a cool tool I am using, trying to come up with something interesting soon. Played a lot with photoshop and now air

  11. kennel says:

    necesito adobe flash!

  12. Monika Sharma says:

    Please help me registering for this prerelease? Was there a last date for it? How can I do it now?