Mobile Enterprise Sample Applications Powered by Adobe AIR, Flex and Android

Last week at the Google I/O conference, we announced the public availability of the Adobe AIR for Android Developer Prerelease program. This week, we wanted to highlight a few excellent examples of AIR and Android powered enterprise applications developed by two members of our evangelism team, Christophe Coenraets and James Ward.

Both Christophe and James recently recorded inspiring video demonstrations of some of the sample applications they have been working on lately.

Mobile version of Employee Directory application by Christophe Coenraets.

Trading sample application by Christophe Coenraets.

Example of a Flex and AIR application that includes multi-touch support by James Ward.

10 Responses to Mobile Enterprise Sample Applications Powered by Adobe AIR, Flex and Android

  1. angel medrano says:

    Is the Android integration built into mobile AIR?

  2. Doron Katz says:

    It just seems slow and this is even though we are using Froyo. Disappointed that it isnt as smooth and snappy, but it may not be Adobe’s fault but Google’s, who knows.

  3. @Doron: Are you referring to Flash Player or AIR? We are working on improving performance in both runtimes.

  4. Jack says:

    I am running 2.2 and flash 10.1 on my nexus too. I run my Flex app really well. Problem was I have hard time focusing form elements some reason. But of course this is still beta and I am sure sure it will be awesome when it’s releases. Great job Adobe and Google team !!!

  5. Google says “If we did not act, we faced a draconian future. Where one man, one company, one carrier was the future.” as reason for bringing up Android.

  6. CHARLIE says:

    Not seeing the open-ness at this point. Still hoping for Adobe AIR/Javascript on Android.

    This seems like just another platform which is no more open than apps written with Objective C (iphones) or (android SDK) setup. And, because it’s offered by a 3rd party, won’t work as well as either.

    I think you should be starting with Air/HTML/Javascript rather than with the Flex platform.

  7. Wezz says:

    I second Charlies comment.
    I love AIR but I only use the HTML/Javascript side of it and have no interest in learning Flex/Flash just to be able to create AIR apps.

    Instead I’m currently learning how to develop apps with the android SDK.

  8. Craig says:

    Rob, can you refer me to someone in BD whom I can talk with about redistributing the AIR 2 runtime as part of our own software? Very interested to know time frame for availability, as we are targeting a software release this fall.

  9. andrea says:

    Please please … make moduleloader and / or swfloader work ( memory not GC with focusable component) before launch final release 10.1 or air 2.0 because at the moment it’s impossible to have a stable “memory” module or sub-app application….thanks in advantage.. Please again…

  10. Oscar says:

    I share sentiments with Charlie and Wezz. I develop commercial and enterprise AIR apps using HTML/Javascript exclusively.

    I hope the AIR Team working on mobile pays attention to us, or a lot of us will be left behind and will have no recourse but to use one of the emerging HTML5/CSS3 mobile platforms.