Vimeo Uploader Makes Uploading Movies a Breeze

Vimeo is a popular online video community due to its support for high-quality video playback, beautiful and easy-to-use site design and social networking features. Needless to say, I was thrilled to discover that Vimeo built a powerful uploading tool powered by Adobe AIR. There are a number of online services today that rely on AIR for uploading content including

The Vimeo desktop uploader allows users to:

  • Upload multiple files
  • Batch edit video info and privacy
  • Pause & resume an upload
  • Reliably upload large video files up to 1GB and beyond

Below is a tutorial recorded by a member of the Vimeo community that demonstrates how the uploading tool works.

Congratulations to the team at Vimeo for building an extremely useful tool!

4 Responses to Vimeo Uploader Makes Uploading Movies a Breeze

  1. Erica Chappell says:

    I was told about your site by a friend who wants to see a video that I created. I do not want anyone else to see or have access to this video except for my friend. Is your site safe for this task? Is it possible to upload and share my video with only my friend? If so, where would I find your privacy info and instructions for a secure and private upload?

  2. @Erica – Vimeo has a feature that lets you password protect videos. I recommend heading over to Vimeo’s website (we are not affiliated with Vimeo) and exploring their features:

  3. Tommy Penner says:

    Hey Rob, thanks for featuring my video on the Adobe blog! I was looking at my monthly stats on Vimeo and the majority of loads came from you. Thanks, and keep up the good work with AIR! (yay Twitter clients)

  4. Russell Pyle says:

    I work editing other people’s work. I want to use the AdobeAir Vimeo uploader. I already use it for one client but when I try to log out so as to login to another account it tells me that all of the videos will be deleted. Is it true that all of the videos uploaded by this uploader will be deleted if I log out of the uploader. Is so how do I create another uploader for another account?