Adobe Enterprise Cafe Helps Keep You Connected

Adobe Enterprise Café is a new application powered by Adobe AIR that helps you track the latest news and information related Adobe’s enterprise products including Adobe LiveCycle ES (Enterprise Suite), Acrobat, Connect, and ColdFusion. Targeted at developers and technical staff, Café is the one tool you need to search across the entire community knowledge base and stay in touch with the Adobe teams.

Features of the application include:

  • News – Highlights important news and alerts about Adobe’s enterprise-focused applications and other relevant Adobe software. Note that news items differ based on your login credentials.
  • Search – A dedicated tool searching across multiple targeted sites focusing on product specific content.
  • RSS Reader – A feature-rich content aggregator that lets you share stories via AIM, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, e-mail and more without copying and pasting, or dragging and dropping.
  • Notes – Saves search results and other text snippets for viewing later, whether you are online or offline. You can also share notes with the community.
  • Water Cooler – Provides a live chat room for the community to engage and discuss product related issues.
  • Forums – A direct link into the latest information found on Adobe Forums.
  • Events – Allows you to quickly locate upcoming LiveCycle events in your area or online.
  • Training – Provides a listing of upcoming training events for your product.
  • Demos and Sales Tools – a launchpad to LiveCycle solution demonstrations and enterprise sales tools for Adobe employees and partners.
  • Partner Showcase – Partners can upload solution demonstrations for review, approval, and dissemination.
  • Adobe TV – Pre-filtered enterprise-focused shows are continually updated with the latest videos.

For additional information about the Enterprise Cafe, please visit the following links:



3 Responses to Adobe Enterprise Cafe Helps Keep You Connected

  1. Amazing application, the user interface is very clean and easy to navigate.

  2. I don’t want to pay monthly cable charges to watch TV. Is there any software that can help to watch TV on PC. Help me please….

  3. GAThrawn says:

    Have Enterprise Cafe running on my work Pc but I have a message in the bottom right saying “Currently viewing in off-line mode. Some of the plug-ins and their content will not be available.”

    There is no info under any category or icon, and the feedback page says: “Login Error: There is no internet access. Please check your network connection.”

    I’m currently connected to the internet via my LAN and proxy server, with no other connection problems.

    I’m assuming this is because AIR/Enterprise cafe aren’t reading and using my system’s proxy settings? Is there anyway that I can change the settings to get it to use the LAN’s proxy server connection? Or get any other diagnostic info to see why it won’t connect.