Adobe Story: A Collaborative Tool for Screenwriting


Adobe Story is a new collaborative tool designed for writing scripts and screenplays and is a part of the new CS Live online services. Story includes a number of powerful productivity features including collaborative screenwriting, auto-completion tools, Adobe Premiere CS5 and OnLocation integration, scene tagging and many more.

Using Adobe Story, screenwriters have the option of either using a web browser or a desktop application powered by Adobe AIR to access the application.

The video demonstration below provides an excellent tutorial on Adobe Story including a demonstration of the AIR app. This is another stunning application of the types of advanced applications that can be built, in part, with Flash Player and AIR. Congratulations to the Adobe Story team for its public release of a terrific new tool!

One Response to Adobe Story: A Collaborative Tool for Screenwriting

  1. Nat Kerris says:

    I was reminded of this article I read a while ago. Is there really a war of attrition ongoing with big brother Microsoft? he he he.

    I think Adobe as always surpases it’s competitors and watching this video I think you have done it again.
    Does the strong competition help the end user like myself get a better deal or does it lead to rushed out versions with constant upgrades?
    I always wonder today whether we are getting unfinished products today justso we will spend more money on upgrades.