The new Flash Player update and Google Chrome

We’ve just released an update to Flash Player 10.1. Google Chrome users have Flash Player integrated into their browser, and Google has begun pushing out automatic updates to Chrome users. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll automatically get the latest Flash Player, and most users will be updated within 24 hours (the Dev channel will be updated by the end of the week).

Chrome 5.0 users who can’t wait to get the new version of Flash Player can select “About Google Chrome” under the Tools menu (indicated by the wrench icon near the Chrome address bar) to trigger the latest update.

In addition, developers can view this TechNote to learn how to download a separate version of Flash Player manually and use it with Chrome. However, we recommend that Chrome users simply wait to receive an automatic update and benefit from the seamless upgrade via their browser.

Tom Nguyen
Product Manager, Flash Player

12 Responses to The new Flash Player update and Google Chrome

  1. Stefan Zimmermann says:

    HP Solution center don’t work under google chrome. Regards Stefan

  2. lab9 says:


    just a small dev question.
    If we want to install the debugger version on chrome, how do we override the integrated version ?

  3. Eli says:

    If it doesn’t update itself, where can I go to get updated?

  4. hazem says:


  5. Umeshsingh says:

    Pls The new Flashplayer update and Google chrome (in my NOKIA 6303 i classic)

  6. Umeshsingh says:

    If it doesn’t update itself, where can I go to get updated ?

  7. R. Kooi says:

    When is Flash Player availeble for Windows 7??

  8. elsayed says:

    this a good website

  9. kay says:

    i have google chrome, but today none of my games on facebook are working, keep telling me to update flash player. chrome is telling me that it has the updated verison. but nothing is working i’m stuck !! what do i do now