Disney Releases Preschool Time Online Powered by Adobe AIR

Disney Preschool Time Online is an online destination, which offers rich learning adventures that automatically adjust to children’s skill levels through interactive play. The application offers an ad-free,  full-screen environment that can be password protected, making it safe for kids to play.

Powered by Adobe AIR, Preschool Time Online includes a 14-day free trial. According to the website, new content is made available every two weeks. In addition to engaging content featuring popular Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, parents can track how their children are progressing across a range of learning areas including reading, math, Spanish, thinking skills, social skills and computer skills.

To see the application for yourself, you can download it now from the Disney Preschool Time Online website. Our congratulations to the team at Disney that developed an amazing educational application!

3 Responses to Disney Releases Preschool Time Online Powered by Adobe AIR

  1. bali33 says:

    FYI : this project was directed by Gizmo6 company and done by our french company “Les Tanukis”. It was and it’s still a really great project to work on it.
    Hope you will like it !!!!

  2. Andrew Welters says:

    That is the worst UX, Design, and Development work I’ve ever had to endure. Start with just trying to download the thing and I get an error message in the Flash Debugger saying I don’t have Adobe Air Installed…. I do. Next, how many screens does it take to d/l the thing? When I get to the screen for agreeing to the terms the first time it doesn’t show up so I refresh the page, the second I can’t click the checkbox so I refresh the screen, and then on the third attempt it works. And why is it in Flash when it’s a simple form that could simply be done in HTML? Finally, when I do install and play the game the graphics are all distorted like they weren’t made to handle Full Screen mode and the Close button doesn’t work (X – top right corner) so I have to use command-q to exit. I’m not sure you want to brag about this Adobe Air Team, just a thought.

  3. Zoey says:

    Disney Channel.com