Flash Player 10.1 for Android – Update 1 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the first update release of the Flash Player 10.1 binary for Android devices.  Earlier this summer, in June 2010, we released Flash Player 10.1 to all of our OEM Open Screen Project partners and achieved general availability of the Player binary for all Android 2.2 (“Froyo”) devices on August 16, 2010.  This update release includes new device optimizations for recently certified devices, additional bug fixes, and security updates.

While many of our OEM partners will be shipping their new devices with Flash Player 10.1 pre-installed, we highly encourage you to download the latest version of Flash Player from Android Market so that you will be able to receive auto-notifications from Android Market when new update releases and versions become available.  If you do not update the pre-installed Flash Player, you won’t receive auto-notification from Android Market for new update releases.  These updates will include new certified device optimizations and feature enhancements, and will also provide security and bug fixes.

As we continue our collaboration with our silicon partners, and as our OEM partners go through the device certification process for Flash Player 10.1 for their new devices, we are receiving more information and insights on how we can further optimize our runtime for variances between device models and OEMs, including, for example, for hardware H.264 video decoding and the performance of OpenGL ES drivers.  We are also identifying device/chipset specific bug fixes and optimizations as Flash Player is supported across a broader set of hardware and devices.

As new devices come through certification, we will be providing regular Flash Player update releases to Android Market that will include device optimizations and security updates as appropriate. Now that we’ve deployed a single binary for all Android devices, we can seamlessly deliver new capabilities and optimization to all supported devices using Android Market.

15 Responses to Flash Player 10.1 for Android – Update 1 Now Available

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  2. I have two suggestion.

    1. Focus Mode
    We touch the flash moive, then flash player 10.1 show focus color. It is too bad for user experience.
    Remove focus mode’s color change!

    2. Flash Hybrid Application Security
    Flash hybrid applications cannot access javascript. Flash player does not suppert local trust in android. We need to access javascript in our flash hybrid applications.
    Give local trust authorization to every flash movie in applications.

  3. Levan says:

    When will i be able to get the flash player 10.1 for my Droid X? In plain english no run around. I cannot find an answer here or on verizon’s website. I really just want the flash player to play some games on my phone but not getting even a guess as to a possible date is very frustrating!

    • Levan says:

      Never mind my stupid rant from before and please delete both of my posts. I now know that in order to get the 10.1 flashplayer you need android 2.2 and since we are all waiting for android 2.2 i feel kinda stupid right now. I thought my droid x came with the 2.2 os installed.

      • Paul Betlem says:

        No problem. The Droid 2 shipped with Flash Player 10.1 pre-installed, but this was not the case with the Droid X. According to this document on Verizon’s web site
        you may be able to install both the Android 2.2 update today and then the Flash Player (from the Android Market).

        [I need to correct this comment. Unfortunately, the document above was referenced from the Droid X support page, but its for the original Droid.]

    • Paul Betlem says:

      Please refer to my previous response as it appears that Verizon has made the Android 2.2 update available to the Droid X. Once this is installed, you can download Flash Player from the Android Market.

  4. Josh Delcore says:

    Very nice post. Flash Player 10.1 provide us security and bug fixes. That’s great…! Thanks.

  5. David says:

    I also have done a good deal of research into the use of Flash within an Android application. With 2.2 and Flash player installed I can successfully use Flash within a WebView for my application UI, set the focus, remove the focus color using CSS, but I cannot communicate with my webview using ExternalInterface due to local trust permissions.

    There is no android based global security settings panel, and there is no way to set the local permissions programmatically. I would like to leverage Flash for my UI within a native Android application. Please help us make this a reality by addressing the local permission issue in Android!

  6. It seems the development of WebOS Flash 10.1 for Palm Pre has stopped cold. A youtube video posted by adobe labs in August made it seem that release was forthcoming, however now the device no longer promises availability soon when trying to download flash but simply states it is not available for the platform. Has there been a problem and what is the current prognosis?

  7. Die Spiele kann ich nicht mehe runterladen

  8. Fabian says:

    Awesome! Works like a charm here. Thanks for releasing it.
    Fabian from werbeagentur bodensee

  9. Barrie Smith says:

    Installed latest Flash off the Android Market place, Flash version on Android 2.2 and with PLUGINS ENABLED to always ON the browser still crashes on Flash content, particularly BBC news website. I am using an HTC Desirte with t-Mobile.

  10. Lee Tapping says:

    Flash Player 10.1 doesn’t seem to be working on the latest T-Mobile update for HTC Desire.

    Now updated to Android 2.2 (Build CLE232610). Removed and reinstalled latest flash update from market but even when visiting m.flash.com I’m told my device is not supported.

    Is this an Adobe, T-Mobile or Google issue?

  11. Barry C says:

    Why so secretive on web os. -So many failed promises. Be forthright please. If you dont intend a release just say so!