Packager for iPhone update

We have posted an update to the Packager for iPhone that makes it easier for you to build AIR apps for iOS and submit them to the App Store.  Update addresses issues when submitting AIR applications for iOS to Apple’s App Store that resulted from changes to Apple’s application submissions tools.  You can download the latest standalone Packager for iPhone from Adobe Labs. or get the Flash Professional CS5 Update for iOS from the Flash Support Center.

Update: Valerio from the Flash Professional team has posted a nice video walkthrough for updating PFI in Flash Professional CS5 and publishing an example app for iOS.

8 Responses to Packager for iPhone update

  1. Thanks. Please clarify whether you have data showing app’s published with the 11.0.2 iOS Packager are being rejected by Apple. Are binaries created with early iOS Packager versions being rejected by Apple? I submitted one on Sunday using Apple’s Application Loader. My app is pending review, and unless necessary I’d prefer not to resubmit & be moved to the back of the submission queue. Thanks!

  2. tuanquynet says:

    I have tried using Packager tool. But I see it takes long time to publish to IPA file for iphone application.

  3. scastle says:

    @reelfernandes: We do not have any confirmed reports of apps being rejected – in fact, some apps built with the original PFI were approved the day Apple’s developer agreement terms changed. (Most of our changes in this update have to do with publishing from Windows.) Your best course of action is probably to continue with your submission. If your app is rejected please let us know!

  4. Greg Rotter says:

    Thanks for the incredible work on the Packager for iPhone! Works like magic…

    Any idea of a release schedule for Retina display support or other features? We have some exciting concepts pretty much ready to go, but don’t want to submit to the app store until we can optimize the graphics for the Retina display.

  5. scastle says:

    @Greg: Retina display support is definitely something we’re considering, and we’ll update when more information can be made available.

  6. Retina says:

    If you can’t publish to the retina display then what’s the point?

  7. educasoft says:

    Retina is indeed a big must nowadays, so I hope that you guys get the packager ready for it too. On android we allready get full resolution, so why not on iOS ?

  8. Marc says:

    When will an update to PFI be released that works with AIR 2.5. I can develop an app for Android in 2.5 or an app for iPhone in 2.0.1 but I would like to be able to develop one app for both. Any input on this?

    Or is there a work around for this I am unaware of?