Adobe AIR Apps Available on Android Market

At Mobile World Congress 2010 Adobe announced Adobe AIR would support mobile devices by the end of this year.  Adobe AIR, a key component of the Adobe Flash® Platform, enables developers to use a single development platform and reuse existing code to quickly build applications that run outside the browser, across multiple screens, devices and platforms. Because the source code and assets are reusable across the Flash Platform runtimes (AIR and Flash Player), it also gives developers a way to more rapidly target other mobile and desktop environments.

Today we reach another important milestone by posting the Adobe AIR runtime to the Android Market thus enabling our developers to distribute their applications to Android smartphone and tablets.  Some of these apps are already available as AIR applications running on the desktop and iOS.  We are also on track to deliver the next version of the AIR SDK  by the end of 2010.  Additional information regarding Adobe AIR for Android is available at Adobe Labs.

With the support of our Open Screen Project ™ partners, soon Adobe Flash Platform tools will allow for AIR apps to be compiled and delivered to Android, iOS, BlackBerry™ Tablet OS devices and more.    Come see us at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles on October 23-27 for first access to industry leading tools that enable the development of applications across multiple screens, devices and platforms.

Android Device Requirements for Adobe AIR

  • Google Android 2.2 Operating system
  • ARMv7-A Processor
  • OpenGL ES2.0
  • H.264 & AAC H/W Decoders
  • 256 MB of RAM

Downloading Adobe AIR for your Android device.

You only need to download Adobe AIR once from the Android Market and it will work with any AIR based application on your device. If you download an AIR application to your Android device and AIR is not already installed, the application will take you directly to download the AIR runtime.  In the future, AIR will be preinstalled on many newer smartphones and tablets therefore eliminating the need for the initial download.

16 Responses to Adobe AIR Apps Available on Android Market

  1. Hi (think AIR + Android will become the great equalizer, congrats).

    But I am a bit confused (somewhat due to Android fragmentation)…

    On what devices will AIR be available pre-installed (will this be preinstalled on gingerbread?) AND be installable on ‘older’ handsets.

    I am pretty sure v2.2 will be necessary for your AIR runtime enviro to run within, fair enough. However, will you need to ‘root’ the phones to get your apps installed?

    And are there implications for new handsets (G2 phone from tmobile, for example), Since they (for a lack of a better term) re-flash the OS back to its ‘startup state’ once you have powered off, will you lose your AIR apps on every power off.

    Or am I missing something fundamental here (perhaps its just the conflicting terminology thats flying around in the internet)

    Guess what I am asking in disguise does Adobe have a public policy on this ‘trend’ and how/will it effect AIR apps post deployment?

    TIA //GregH

  2. Zane says:

    I tried to download a tumblr air app and received an error that it was not supported om my phone (the new G2). Do developers have to modify code to support android?

  3. lem says:

    Would the Adobe AIR Runtime for Android have a smaller feature set (API) compared to the desktop version? Or would it be identical? E.g.. Should I expect that existing desktop AIR applications such as Sessmic Desktop to run on Android?

  4. Asi Epshtain says:


    I’m a bit confused, so now my nexus one can run air apps, but how do I publish?
    My CS5 doesn’t have air for android setting and when I try to download it from your site it says it’s not available for prerelease anymore. So what? I can run it now but I missed the boat on developing for it and now I have to wait until a future release?
    Or have I completely missed something?

  5. Marc says:

    Any idea when an update to PFI will be released so that we can create iPhone/iPad apps with AIR 2.5?

  6. Android Gingerbread Expected to be Released in a Matter of Days

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  8. So… I have AIR installed on an Archos 10.1 Tablet running Android 2.2. (AIR version I have a bunch of .air files. How do I install them?

  9. is the Air for Android available from somewhere other than the Android Marketplace. Using a 10 inch tablet that has no access to the Android marketplace, so cannot access AIR .. so created the apk file and installed that but that is far as I can get

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  11. Dmitry says:

    AIR on iPad? Please!
    Android has an outstanding SDK and AIR is just to complex and slow.

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  15. i can’t download from adobe market on my android tablet pc
    probably because they oblige you to take a telephone number

  16. Amit says:

    How can I install Adobe AIr on my samsung I5510. It has android 2.2 and internal memory 256 but still Android Market does not allow me to install it.