Adobe AIR (version 2.5.1) is now available

An update release to Adobe AIR (version 2.5.1) is now available for Android via Android Market and for desktop platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).  This update release addresses a number of important issues described in our developer release notes.

Important: For developers building AIR apps for Android devices, we recommend that you update your application to require AIR 2.5.1.  This requirement will help ensure that your application is optimized to run on future versions of Android OS.

To implement the requirement to upgrade to AIR 2.5.1, please modify the minimum patch level field in your application descriptor file (application.xml) to “17730”.   The “minimumPatchLevel” is an attribute of the <application> element of the application descriptor.


<application xmlns=“” minimumPatchLevel=“17730”>

Additional Information:

These steps will also be available in the Adobe Developer Center:

10 Responses to Adobe AIR (version 2.5.1) is now available

  1. Romain says:

    Ready for the future ! cool 😉

    But I don’t know why the 2.5 application descriptor file contains an “iPhone” node ? because we can’t, for the moment, use the same descriptor for OpenScreen projects and for iOS devices.

    The iOS packager still based on AIR 2.0 isn’t it ?
    A possible 2.5 update for iOS Packager ? I hope ! very exciting 😉


  2. Jeff Battershall says:

    When I try to update the minimumPatchLevel I get an “invalid application descriptor” error????

  3. Jeff Battershall says:

    Additional Info – if I put in 0 there’s no error, but if I use 17730 as recommended above, I get the error.

  4. Jeff Battershall says:

    Additional Info – this does not happen in Burrito.

  5. Antonio Flores says:

    Hi Jeff,

    What platform are you seeing this error on? Mac, Win, Linux, or Android?

    On Android, launching an app with the 17730 minimumPatchLevel should trigger the Google MarketPlace to launch.

    On desktop, you should see this error if you are running the app from ADL. However, if you package up the application as a .air file and then try installing that .air file, it should trigger a download of the new AIR 2.5.1 runtime.

  6. Jeff Battershall says:

    Antonio – I’m trying to run it with ADL on the Mac using Flash Builder 4.0.1 with the AIR 2.5.1 overlay on top of Flex 4.1

    Thanks for the info.

  7. El Zaman says:

    what about the sound delay issue in anroid?

  8. Jeremy says:

    I want to upload video straight from my mobile to facebook and wont let me Im using a nokia if you know how I can use live chat in Facebook etc please send tell me details i need to know.

  9. patty olin says:

    I have the swf ap so that I can run flash player on samsung daughter and iboth purchased these phones partially based on flash player. Anywhere you can suggest I go to be able to program phone to work with flash. Step one of swf fix…download flash….hahaha can’t do that. Desperate in michigan.

  10. Joe DeWenter says:

    Does Adobe Air run on Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5?

    Thank you.