AIR 2.5.1 (Saltier) Release for Android Gingerbread OS

With the anticipation of the Android Gingerbread OS update, we will be delivering an update release for AIR for Android (2.5.1) that will be available on Android Market on Tuesday November 9th. This new release will address compatibility issues and be optimized to run on the Gingerbread OS update.

If you are interested in helping us drive rapid adoption and proliferation of this latest release, we recommend that you update your application to require AIR 2.5.1 to help drive users back to Android Market for your update and the update release of Adobe AIR.

In cases where a user receives the Gingerbread OS update before updating to the AIR 2.5.1 runtime, they will receive a native dialog on load stating that the application has quit unexpectedly and your application will fail to load. We’d like your assistance in preventing end users from this type of experience on their device.

11 Responses to AIR 2.5.1 (Saltier) Release for Android Gingerbread OS

  1. Matthias says:

    So for whom is this blogpost? Who (usual developer) out there has a device running android os 3.x “gingerbread” already?
    Everyone talks about Android 3 these days. I had to wait until Nov. 5th to get an update to Android 2.2 for my Samsung Galaxy S.
    The time between [Google | Adobe] releases of the [AndroidOS | FlashPlayer and AIR] and when a normal developer in europe gets his hands on that is somewhat frustrating!
    Congrats to your release today, but gingerbread is sadly far away from my horizont.

  2. Lou says:

    I’m sure AIR 2.5.1 is backward compatible, but if I set my application to require 2.5.1 will still running fine on Android 2.2?

    Just making sure.

  3. Antonio Flores says:

    Yes, 2.5.1 is backwards compatible.

    Unfortunately, we do not have more information on Gingerbread’s release timing.



  4. John says:

    For clarification, should we be seeing this update in Froyo (2.2)? Or is this strictly an update for the GingerBread release?

  5. Antonio Flores says:

    Yes, we posted this update for both Froyo and Gingerbread. You may need to clear your Market Cache in order to receive an update notification.

  6. remoran says:

    When will Adobe enable flash to go on the SD Card as the flash app is a big time hog. It works but space is tight and the plugin should go on the SD Card. Ditto for Air.

  7. Daniel says:

    Where could we check release notes for this release? Will be also a SDK update? Has perfomance got improved?

  8. Matthew Fabb says:

    This is a new market, so mistakes happen, but going forward can we expect a better user experience? At least if there are some incompatibilities in future versions of Android, to alert the user that the current version of AIR is incompatible and to prompt the user to update AIR?

    Or perhaps change the default for mobile AIR automatically updates (since I hear the default it is switched off)?

  9. Tom Lawrence says:

    Will an updated version of mobile AIR be released soon that supports UDP (DatagramSocket)? I really need this for an application I have been writing.

  10. John Rosewell says:

    I would also like to know if a future version of air for mobile will support UDP DatagramSocket. It’s a must for the air android app I’m working on. I have found very little information on the web about this. This is really going to suck if I have to develop a native android app.

  11. Tashuan says:

    So what do you do if you have already updated to Gingerbread and did not update the Air.apk first? I am getting those force closes and when I try to update Air from the market, it installs unsuccessfully. I’m a developer thats been testing my air app on my EVO 4g, Gingerbread release just came out, and my Air is crashed on the phone.