Flash Player 10.2 is Here: Available Now for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Today, we’re launching Flash Player 10.2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We’re especially excited that this release introduces Stage Video, a full hardware accelerated video pipeline for best-in-class, beautiful video across platforms and browsers. Additionally, this version of Flash Player offers all the new capabilities previewed in our beta release, like custom native mouse cursors, multiple monitor full-screen support, Internet Explorer 9 hardware accelerated rendering support, and enhanced sub-pixel rendering for superior text readability.

In The City That Knows How*, A History of Moving Images

The Horse in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge

Here in San Francisco, we’ve had a bit of tradition around changing how folks see the world with images. In the 1870s, a San Francisco photographer named Eadweard Muybridge captured some of the earliest motion pictures. In 1927, Philo Farnsworth transmitted the first electronic television image in his laboratory on 202 Green Street.

And way back in 2002, a small team in San Francisco introduced video in Flash Player, bringing seamless video to 9 in 10 connected computers – allowing video to become an integral part of the web. Three years ago, that team introduced H.264 video to over 93 percent of users, bringing immersive high quality video to more people than ever. Flash Player has helped create a beautiful web that moves and connects. Flash Player 10.2 continues that tradition by introducing Stage Video: smoother, more efficient, more beautiful HD video for the web.

Bringing Beautiful Video to the Stage

Stage Video lets websites take advantage of full hardware acceleration of the entire video pipeline. This builds on the H.264 hardware accelerated decoding in Flash Player 10.1. Stage Video hardware acceleration means that Flash Player can play even higher quality video while using dramatically less processing power, giving users a better experience, greater performance, and longer battery life. In our testing across supported systems, we’ve found it’s up to 34 times more efficient.

Put another way, Flash Player using Stage Video can effortlessly play beautiful 1080p HD video with just 1-15% CPU usage on a common Mac or Windows computer* – working across platforms and browsers, it will enable the best video experience for the most people. Many millions of additional PCs, from netbooks to desktops, can now become slick HD home theaters on the web.

Note that Stage Video performance gains might not be visible right away. Websites and content providers will first need to update their video players before users experience Stage Video playback with Flash Player 10.2 on their sites. For developers, this typically means updating a SWF player file. However, no changes are needed to existing video libraries or infrastructure, and websites just continue to leverage Flash Player benefits including unmatched reach, advanced streaming capabilities, DVR-like playback control, rich interactivity, content protection, and consistency. Since adoption of new Flash Player releases is accelerating, websites can expect that many of the over 1 billion people with Flash Player will be ready to benefit from Stage Video in Flash Player 10.2 soon.

Companies like Vimeo, Brightcove, Epix, and YouTube have already started work to enable support for Stage Video to deliver amazing video playback experiences. You’ll be seeing them enable Stage Video performance in the near future. And you can try examples of Stage Video today after upgrading to Flash Player 10.2. Tens of thousands of sites will be enabled by the Brightcove player, and Jeff Whatcott at Brightcove explains, “Brightcove is continually innovating to deliver great video experiences. We have been blown away by the performance and efficiency of Stage Video and we are truly excited to be working so closely with Adobe to bring this breakthrough technology to customers.” And Ryan Hefner at Vimeo notes, “Since Vimeo’s users upload a lot of high-definition content, being that HD is the default quality for videos viewed on our site, the decision to take advantage of Stage Video in Flash Player 10.2 was a no brainer. We love to keep up on the latest technologies, and if those technologies also enhance the user experience for our users then it’s a win-win.” Folks that want to deliver gorgeous, smooth HD video to more people than ever have reason to be excited, and more and more sites will enable Stage Video in the coming months.

Additional New Capabilities in Flash Player 10.2

Along with the new Stage Video architecture, we’re adding features in Flash Player 10.2 to enable even more polished experiences.

  • Video at its best is immersive, so Flash Player allows you jump to true full screen playback with one click. With multiple display full screen support in Flash Player 10.2, you can now easily watch your favorite videos  in true full screen on one display while you multitask on another and get some work done (or not).
  • Added support for custom native mouse cursors lets designers and developers create their own static or animated cursors with silky smooth responsiveness, enabling richer game and application interfaces.
  • New sub-pixel text rendering enhancements leverage Adobe typography research to further enhance text readability, especially for complex character-based languages.
  • Support is included for the GPU rendering technology in Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser.

Today and the Future

You can install Flash Player 10.2 today. We encourage everyone, developers and users, to try it out and let us know what you think. And hang tight for exciting mobile updates. We’ll be providing more information about the next Flash Platform runtimes – Flash Player and AIR – on phone and tablet devices at Mobile World Congress next week. We’re thrilled about today’s launch, and we hope you enjoy it.

Tom Nguyen
Product Manager, Flash Platform Runtimes

* For example, using Flash Player 10.2 with Stage Video hardware acceleration, we’ve tested a Mac Mini released two years ago and a low-powered GPU-enabled Windows netbook playing smooth full HD 1080p video using less than 8% of the CPU; more powerful computers use even less.

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  2. Incredible just amazing, i really want to see more !!!

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  13. RFB says:

    On pc, Seems to break Youtube, green line through the middle of the videos, with the video being played above, and below the green line, in a sort of stretch split screen’o’vision.
    Right clicking on the video, selecting settings, and disabling hardware acceleration fixes it.

    Well done, great update 🙁

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  15. Webway says:

    It works fine on my iMac 2009. Great work!

  16. Juan says:

    What about native 64bits support on Linux?

    There’s a link to Adobe Labs that bounces you back to the download page (automatically, which leaves you with a bitter taste).

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  27. Stefan Constantinescu says:

    Watching a 1080p YouTube video on a barely 4 month old 17 inch MacBook Pro using the latest version of Google Chrome, which has Flash 10.2, and I’m still hitting 30% CPU usage. Am I doing something wrong?

  28. Fredrik says:

    Where can I find more specific information on the hardware requirements for the HW-acceleration? Especially for Mac, what graphics cards are supported?

  29. d2kx says:

    Stage Video support for Linux (especially AMD Fusion APUs), and we are talking.

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  31. Tibi says:

    Thank you adobe for this amazing update, it seam that this year will be a good year for flash!

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  33. Ola says:

    Will the Flash Player downgrade the Stage Video property to using regular hardware acceleration if a user is on 10.1?

    • Tom Nguyen says:

      Sites with Stage Video -enabled players will be able to fall back to the classic video pipeline while still taking advantage of the H.264 hardware accelerated decoding introduced in Flash Player 10.1. From an end-user perspective, video just plays.

  34. Bob says:

    Can’t wait to see how it transforms my ibook G4 or my mac mini G4… Oh, wait.

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  36. Forrest Fisher says:

    When I attempt to download 10.2 from the 64bit version of IE I just get the page telling me that 10.1 is not available for 64 bit browsers.

    Does 10.2 work with 64bit browsers and if so how can I get it?

  37. joe says:

    Stage video is nice, cpu usage of flash is way down, but the kernel_task is still eating loads of cpu, at least on the latest MBP 13″ and MBAs.
    kernel_task using 15-25% cpu while playing back youtube stagevideo, even after having waited for the whole file to load, which means its not due to the airport driver while downloading.

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  40. Andrey says:

    Here (http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html) in Flash Player 10.2 Projector content debugger archive for Linux (tar.gz) packed for some reason. Please fix this.

  41. Lance Drake says:

    Why does Adobe not also publish the link to download the standalone Flash Player App? What they are providing here is the web-plugin – not the standalone app.

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  46. pazz says:

    Does this release suppoert 64-bit IE9?

    • Tom Nguyen says:

      Flash Player 10.2 runs on 64-bit operating systems, but folks using 64-bit browsers, including 64-bit IE9, should continue to use Flash Player “Square” (which also includes the enhanced IE9 GPU support in Flash Player 10.2).

      • SacredCultivator says:

        Was just wondering as to whether or not you’d know the status of “Square” as it’s definitely been quite some time since there was an Update.


  47. Robert FC Utrecht says:

    Why can’t I download it? The page keeps re-directing me to the Dutch page, telling me there is only 10.1 and 10.2 is in the lab. How do I get to the US site or somewhere else where I CAN download the 64 bit version?

  48. Rich says:

    Still no love for 64bit Linux?

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  53. Boot Sector says:

    Its brilliant to have new features. I am really impressed with all of the great new features in recent Flash Players (and Molehill due in FP 11). But what about the bugs? Did any of them get fixed in this update? That’s what Flash developers really want. So that we can be truly proud of the Flash Platform again.

    Please, please, *just fix the bugs* – especially all the audio streaming bugs.

  54. Carol K. says:

    Can Flash Player 10.2 be used on an iPad?

  55. allen says:

    this better do some decent stuff on a mac

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  58. WarpKat says:

    Ummmmmmmmmm…that’s all fine and dandy, but where’s that commitment to WebM and VP8 you guys hoopla’d about last year?

    Or was that just pacifying PR?

    Good grief – HTML5 is already upon us and you’re missing out on taking advantage of the tag not working with anything ubiquitously chosen as far as codecs go.

    I want to be able to do WebM AND that OTHER codec – but I can’t support WebM until YOU do…so quit messing around with hardware stuff and just include the flippin’ decoder for WebM already!

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  65. Joe says:

    Just updated, but I have a question? Is the Stage Video hardware acceleration limited to certain GPUs?

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  67. M.Catalan says:

    What about PowerMac?

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  69. Greg says:

    0-1% CPU usage on 1080p! Unbelievable. Great update!

  70. Currawong says:

    About time! The bunny was amusing too. Focus on making great software and everyone will be happy.

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  72. Zed says:

    Does Flash Player 10.2 include WebM support?

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  74. Linda says:

    Any chance of the Ipod Touch being able to use Flash Player any time in the near future?

  75. Chas4 says:

    Does not work in Safari 64 bit (10.6.6) “To view this demonstration of Stage Video, please install Flash Player 10.2 Beta. To download it, please click the link below.” It loads in Opera 11.01

    From the flash content I test it is better

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  77. rhonin says:

    Running great on Chrome, not so good on ie9.
    Some flash intensive sites and game sites are lagging and display shows a stutter (example: Kingdoms at War)

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  79. Phantom says:

    Yeah, thanks for this fantastic update, but it’s useless to me cause i’m on 64bit. I’m wondering if this comment will be censored…

  80. dave says:

    Not sure what you mean by “best in class”. There is precisely ONE Flash plugin, produced by you, so whatever you ship automatically is ‘the best’.

  81. dave says:

    And to follow up, your installer seems broken on my Mac (on 10.6.7). It just gets to 95% and then just sits there (I’ve left it for more than an hour). Force quitting and then rerunning the installer then results in an immediate ‘installation failed’ message with no actual information on what fails or how to possibly fix it. I had to manually uninstall Flash, then restart my computer before your installer would complete.

    I will be so happy once Flash content completely disappears from the internet.

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  83. Robert K. says:

    This worked fine on 2007 MacBook Pro, but caused my 2007 Mac Mini’s display to go bonkers while playing FarmVille in full screen mode. Then the machine froze and I had to do the PMU reset procedure to bring the machine back.

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  90. It made a big improvement in the load times of my flash website. Thanks so much guys!

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  92. Jeremy says:

    Nice. But what about Linux? The slideshow that is fullscreen flash video is getting quite tiresome, especially considering the high end Nvidia card I have.

  93. nikavelli says:

    installed the update, still getting 1 fps during 1080p video playback.

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  102. Is there an article that describes the font-rendering changes? That sounds like an interesting feature to me.

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  104. Igor says:

    What about linux?

  105. Igor says:

    I forgot to add, what about the hardware acceleration for linux? thanks

    • Tom Nguyen says:

      Because there is no common, agreed-upon H.264 hardware decoding API for Linux, it’s difficult to support H.264 acceleration across fragmented Linux graphics hardware and drivers.

      However, the team has added some experimental support for H.264 hardware accelerated decoding on Linux in this release (tested on NVidia GT 330 and Broadcom BCM70015 hardware). See the release notes for more details.

      In addition, with Flash Player 10.2 many Linux users can benefit from other parts of the Stage Video pipeline, specifically, hardware accelerated rendering, on sites with Stage Video -enabled players.

  106. Chris says:

    Hi Tom,
    Can you tell me what’s the name of this player ? Spicy ? or Square ?

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  114. Diego Calleja says:

    No 64 bit support, latest update to the (buggy) square preview release was on November 30. Dissapointing :/

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  122. Ulrich Bogun says:

    In my case, on a Mac Pro 2009 model, I experience rhythmical stops in video display. Every second or so the picture hangs shortly, while audio plays uninterrupted, no matter if fullscreen or small display is chosen. None of the previous betas did this on may Mac. Think I’ll revert to Square beta.

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  126. WEL16 says:

    Flash 10.2 doesn’t lets you watch full screen video in Optimus laptops. This is something that has been broken since when Flash 10.2 was in beta version and lots of people reported it yet Adobe did nothing to fix it.

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  128. Cowabanga says:

    Awesome, works smoothly on Windows 7.

  129. ar says:

    where is the native 64 bit version (ubuntu 10.10)?

  130. Parvez Satter says:

    Additional Note:

    Flash Player 10.2 no longer supports Microsoft Windows 2000 and Macintosh PowerPC-based computers.

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  137. Bernhard says:

    Tom, How come I can not download and install correctly Flashplayer 10.2? I kept running around and around. I have Win-XP. Can you help?
    Thanks, Bernhrd.

  138. Georges says:

    Running Firefox 3.6.13 on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat 64 bits, I’ve updated the flash player from APT and can’t no longer read flash files. YouTube videos are not available for example, Firefox keeps asking if I want to install the Flash plugin (despite already being installed).

    Here’s the installed version from APT :

    $ sudo apt-cache policy flashplugin-nonfree
    Version table:
    *** 0
    500 http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick-updates/multiverse amd64 Packages
    500 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick-security/multiverse amd64 Packages
    100 /var/lib/dpkg/status 0
    500 http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick/multiverse amd64 Packages

    Does it comes from the Flash player or from Firefox ?

  139. kris says:

    What does ths mean:

    “H.264 Hardware decoding on Linux is available as an experimental feature and has
    been tested on NVidia GT 330 and Broadcom BCM70015 GPUs. Users may choose to
    enable hardware decoding by adding EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=1 in an mms.cfg
    configuration file. Users may experiance instability and crashes while watching
    hardware accelerated video. Please report any issues to

    Where do I find this mms.cfg file? How do I know it is working? Will I experience lesser quality video with the gf card doing the decoding?

  140. ran says:

    I still get the annoying dual screen full screen problem in linux, the fullscreen is cancel as soon as I click on some other window, is there an option somewhere or this feature is not in the linux version yet?

  141. Rory McNamara says:

    Fullscreen STILL does not work on Linux, I think adobe should put a little more effort into the 64bit Linux versions of flash, as currently, it are appalling.

  142. Karim says:

    Did you do something to improve the multithreading of the 10.2 release ?

    Flash 10.2 is using more of both cores on my mac. I am working on some audio visualisation for a show (so tying to push things a little), I have never seen flash using much more than 1 core (and a tidbit). Not sure what you did but it’s working.

  143. TigeersPaws says:

    I download the new player, and that evening, found out that my childs games that
    use Flash would either not work at all are would have screen resolution problems.

    Also, when we exited out of the game (Hidden Relics) it had also changed my
    desktop resolution so that I had to reset it.

    I tried un-installing the game and re-installed it, but same results.

    Some games that use flash would not load at all.

    I used system restore, and converted back to Flash 10.1 and all the games then
    worked fine.

    Am I the only one that has had this problem?? Is there perhaps a setting that I
    need to use with the new flash player??

    I am useing Win 7, 64 bit, Nvidia GT 420 2gb, 6 gigs ram.

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  151. HannibalKing says:

    When i watch a video the video area split in 2 halfs…with a green line between them…how i can repair it?

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  155. Richard R says:

    This player will not work in full screen on this comp,version 9 works just fine,what could be the problem? explorer 8,xp

  156. Musafir_86 says:


    -Firstly, thanks for your great work. Here I’ve some questions I hope could be answered by the team:

    1. Is there any benefit for users that has GPU without H.264 hardware acceleration built-in? Like pre-UVD2 GPUs (AMD/ATi) or pre-GeForce 8 GPUs (nVidia)?

    2. I currently use Radeon X1250 IGP on Windows XP, is there any possibility for Adobe to leverage the AVIVO feature to help parts of the H.264 decoding?

    3. When was the last time the CPU-only (software decoder) portion of the H.264 decoder in Flash Player get updated for performance/efficiency (rather than security bugfixes)? Is the decoder developed by Adobe in-house or licensed from 3rd-party? Or would you license the H.264 decoder from CoreAVC, maybe?

    4. In my own test, a same H.264 video file (from YouTube) played using MPlayer uses between half to two-thirds of CPU power (less CPU usage) when compared to being played in YouTube player with Flash Player 10.2. And that’s with post-processing filter turned-on! How much YUV-to-RGB overhead cost CPU time? Is the overhead proportionally increase with the overlay objects on the video being played (e.g. progress/seek bar)?

    5. IMHO, the numbers of users with HW-acceleration enabled GPU is still pretty small compared to users without it (they are using non-HW accelerated GPU, like me). Is there any plan for Adobe to regularly improve/update the CPU-only H.264 decoder (may includes other formats too, such as FLV1/Sorenson, and also audio decoders) so that it will be better/efficient (in terms of CPU usage) as time progresses (like other standalone decoders out there)? Or is it already being done/in progress?

    -On another note, I’d like to request something like “CPU usage/priority control” option in Flash Player Global Settings so users with single-core CPU wouldn’t be choked with 100% CPU usage when they play Farmville or similar games (or complex Flash apps for that matter). Is this possible?

    -I thinks that’s all for now, and keep up your good work!


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  160. mohan veerama says:

    If I am running Linux/Ubuntu/MeeGo/Android do I need to have NVIDIA graphics card to take advantage of this. Would Intel internal graphics card would work?

  161. Pingback: Adobe prevê ampla adoção do Flash Player e do AIR em dispositivos móveis neste ano | F2 - Sistemas

  162. scott says:

    does not work in full screen after last update if i try to watch more than 1 video on utube firt works fine next is blank screen with volume whats up?

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  164. Pingback: Adobe Flash Player 10.2 | Gea-Suan Lin's BLOG

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  166. Jim Gilfillan says:

    Had to turn off the hardware accelerator choice in Flash Settings as Youtube videos were displaying in black and green (very dark). Videos on other websites were functioning with correct colors (CNN).

    Problem only came with upgrade to most recent 10.2 version.

    First time ever a problem with Flash Player and videos in years…

  167. Pingback: Adobe reporta gran adopción de Flash Player y AIR en móviles | IsopixCell

  168. Fernando says:

    Hi, the new player blocks my computer!!!! this has been downloaded automatically in Chrome, and when one video begin to star (youtube, vimeo, etc), my computer bolcks and shut down the monitor signal. :-(((
    I only have the option to reset it.
    I will have to donwgrade now. 🙁

    Intel core 2
    Windows XP


  169. Ron says:

    On Linux (Ubuntu 10.04, Nvidia 8400GS, 32-bit, nvidia “blob” driver, FF 3.6.13), I just upgraded from 10.1 to 10.2 and my wife is thrilled that /Desperate Housewives/ video looks *much* crisper. Both is window mode and full-screen mode. (Still uses 50+% of CPU, though.)

    Kudos to the developers for doing such a good job and management for not forgetting about us!

  170. sadperson says:

    sucks. installed it on windows 7 and now i cant watch youtube. some videos from other sites work but i cant watch any video on youtube.

  171. Giuseppe Vadalà says:

    I have problems with YouTube. I can’t see no video, just a black box.
    Has this something to do with my MacBook late ’07?
    I use the latest update of Snow Leopard.
    It works only if I let run Safari in 32bit mode.
    Any help?

  172. Erik says:

    The new dual monitor full-screen support does not seem to be working in linux (Ubuntu 10.10). Maximized video still goes to the wrong screen and is still minimized when clicking in another window. Are there any fixes that can be done or settings that need to be changed to get this working?

  173. Pingback: Aggiornamento Flash Adobe Player 10.2, notevoli cambiamenti

  174. wookie says:

    Thanks, flash is now unusable with linux. Settings dialog can no longer be used with a mouse and e.g youtube videos show up on every workspace. the best part is a reboot is needed to get rid of the floating flash windows!

  175. GonzO says:

    Multi-monitor full screen support doesn’t seem to work at all in Linux… so how is that part of the new feature set?

  176. Karl Erselius says:

    I am having trouble downloading (upgrading) Adobe 10.2 from Adobe 9. can you please help me. Karl

  177. junh1024 says:

    Will there be any performance benefit to people with no hardware acceleration available?

  178. Petter Haavin says:

    Does Adobe Flash Player 10.2 support 48Khz audio sampling?

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  180. SAMUEL says:

    Is the adobe flash player 10.2 already downloaded on my computer? I do not see where?

  181. Por favor,todo estaba bien en mi computador hasta hace aproximadamente una semana y media cuando por error removi de mi computador el servicio de ustedes que me permitia hasta entonces poder ver videos musicales y videos de juegos de mi nino pero no se mucho de computadora y ahora no puedo poner de regreso el sistema. Por favor necesito que alguien me ayude… Gracias!!

  182. Razor says:

    I may be being stupid here but trying to download flash player and it keeps telling me to close internet explorer to install, I do and it won’t install. Any help?

  183. Pingback: My extension reached 1,000 installs… just in time for extinction « JAWS

  184. Michael says:

    No OS X PowerPC support in Flash 10.2 and because of security flaws in Flash 10.1 we are required to delete Flash from all our older machines. It’s not a Universal Binary unless it includes support for both Intel and PowerPC cpus.

  185. SacredCultivator says:

    Sorry to ask it here, but would you happen to know any sort of Update on “Square” since there hasn’t been any updates since the end of November.


  186. mamadou ba says:

    téléchargé logiciel flash player 10.2 pour la radio et télévision diffusion direct sur le net

  187. ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΜΑΧΑΙΡΑΣ says:

    I want to update from previous version

  188. Manik Bambha says:

    Did you solve the echo cancellation problem for live video chat in this release?

  189. rupert says:

    still uses over 100% of CPU – USELESS !

  190. It works fine on my mac book pro. Great work!

  191. Zenitur says:

    Where are a links to 64-bit versions? It was moved from here: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/square/ (please remove my previous comment)

  192. Pingback: Flash Player 10.2 disponible en version définitive « La Boîte à Flash, développement Flash Actionscript 3

  193. Joel G D says:

    Does this release include the HoneyComb version for Android?

  194. Elnora fernandez says:

    What is the alternate to adobe flash that I can use to watch video in my iPad.

  195. Rob Rackstraw says:


    You might enjoy this. It’s slightly rude though.

  196. costi says:

    Hello Adobe team, you make nice products but you don’t think that people don’t just UPGRADE their laptops for the sake of adobe flash player…I work fine on my Intel 1700 Pentium laptop and I just need flash player 9 for the you tube to work…i don’t want to buy another laptop with dual core just for your adobe flash player 10.2. YOU DON’T FORCE PEOPLE TO UPGRADE THEIR COMPUTER JUST TO WATCH YOU TUBE VIDEOS. THIS IS NOT FREEDOM. JUST RELEASE A AVERSION FOR XP WITH ONE CORE!! I’M ON YOU TUBE AND I CAN’T SEE ALL THE VIDEOS. I stay with with flash player 9 and this is just my opinion. iNVENT SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY.INTERNET IS FOR EVERYBODY.

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  199. Roger Wood says:

    I have the latest version of Flash Player but can no longer watch in Full Screen. Suggestions please.

  200. darrell bailey says:

    Does anyone know when it is going to hit the motorola xoom

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  203. user says:

    youtube aint working after i upgraded to 10.2 version. help please?

  204. ofelia perez says:

    would love to down load adobe fllash player into my new mac but can not do it please help me

  205. gem says:

    I’m having trouble with seeing the video in downloads from You-tube. I did a adobe un-install and reinstall but still no go. a few videos work but most don’t meaning I get the audio but not the video. I’ve had trouble in the past with adobe installing than a day or so later saying it wasn’t. The latest version installs in seconds with no apparent problems. I’m running XP Home on a older computer. 1 gb ram. This just came up, it has been working fine in the past.

  206. Jolie O says:

    This is a disaster — I uninstalled the old Flash Player to install this because 10.2 wouldn’t install. Now nothing installs, and no videos will play on my Mac. I’m using OS 10.6 & the most recent version of Firefox (which insisted I upgrade Flash Player). Why did you replace something that worked with something that doesn’t. I’ve tried reinstalling an older version, but that won’t install either.

  207. I don’t like to sound like an old record, but when it will be available for my iPad. Or should I ask Apple guys?

    • Sylvia says:

      Lots a luck with the Apple guys, they’ve been NO help whatsoever thus far in my experience or a friend of mine.

  208. These are only comments.There is nothing relevant to my problem.

  209. Broady says:

    The lastest version of Flash sucks. It completely wrecked my computer’s ability play any facebook games and Evony. The previous version worked fine on a 5 year old laptop and a 2 yr old laptop. I’ve reverted to an old version of flash which seems to have corrected the problem. I can’t use Google Chrome anymore because it auto updates to the newest version of Flash which will not allow any flash rich sites to open correctly. What the heck did you do to Adobe?

  210. poyntek says:

    I must admit HTML5 is the future. However, I welcome this new Flash 10.2 for all the sites that do need it like Hulu and other online video sites.There is a new “virtual media center” site that will be great to use on tablets. It aggregates movies and shows from many different sites, some that use Flash, so Flash 10.2 will help, take a look …


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  212. Nick O. E. says:

    Still no RTSP/RTP support?

  213. Pingback: Adobe Flash Player Final

  214. Ozkan says:

    My phone nokia 2700 but ı have not flash player. How can have flash player

  215. Pingback: Anonymous

  216. joe pria says:

    The auto installer doesn’t run automatically because it tries to access the internet on startup before the wireless connection is up. This is on win xp for me. The software needs to add a “try again” button to allow the user to restart the download when internet is actually there.

  217. flash player 10.2 the newest release is bugy says:

    The final verision has serius problems wiht final Internet Explorer 9 which just about week ago hit world wide.

    Problem specially with youtube full screen mode, when hitting video into full screen mode i will see first time only black screen no picture but music is, after exciting full sreen it works fine again, and when i again switch to full screen it works fine then.

    so please fix the problem quickly

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  219. Pingback: Adobe Reporta Fuerte Adopción Móvil de Flash Player y AIR y Anuncia Grandes Expectativas para 2011 | Estamos en Línea

  220. Sylvia says:

    Good morning Mr Tom Nguyen, I tried downloading flash player 10.2 and all was going well, in fact it downloaded 100%, however…when it was time I think to install, I got a message telling me “installation or download will continue when internet explorer is closed”. I’m still not real saavy on the pc yet, but love learning. And I would especially love to learn what’s going on here. My operating system is w/vista, with the great desire to ‘upgrade’ to w7 ((: l Thanks so much in advance for your help.

  221. Michael says:

    i have being trying to download for Windows 7 (64-bit) using IE9 and it will not work why is this

  222. Bill says:

    Hi. Thanks for all these nice efficiency improvements in Flash Player 10.1 and 10.2!

    I have 2 questions.

    1. How does Flash Player determine whether or not to use HW-acceleration with GPU’s that use both a “fixed” and (in addition) a “dynamically variable” amount of graphics RAM, such as the Intel Mobile series 4 chipset graphics (4500M HD)?

    For example, on such an Intel based laptop configured with 64 MB of “fixed” graphics RAM and (in addition) allowing usage of up to 1.0GB of “dynamic” graphics RAM, would Flash Player 10.2 use hardware acceleration or not?

    The 10.2 Desktop system requirements appears to be vague for this situation. It seems to imply that you need 128 MB of “fixed” graphics RAM for the player to enable HW acceleration. Is this interpretation of the System Requirements correct?

    2. Is there a place one can easily check to see what HW accelartion decision(s) Flash Player has made for a given task on a given platform? If not, could this be added as an “Info” tab along with the other Settings tabs?


  223. Sylvia says:

    I should have specified in my previous comment/question that I’m running a 64 bit operating system on a 32 bit browser; IE. With 4096 memory, 500 gb hd. I prefer not to use the ‘square’ if i really don’t have to.

  224. LE HIEN says:

    hi… TOM
    i have a new MAC BOOK PRO will it work with this adobe flash player?? or which one is good for mine.. THANKS

  225. Sooz says:

    When are you going to iron out the problems with Adobe Flash Player 10 for Windows XP??? I have loaded and reloaded per your instruct but keep getting the message “Adobe Flash Player” upgrade needed.

  226. brendan says:

    flash 10.2 is destoying my computer

  227. brendan says:

    128 bit IE8 just wont play anything with FLASH 10.2

  228. 문충길 says:

    정말 고마워요 .
    원도우 7에 환상적인 매력 수고한 이들에게 하나님의 “영원한’ 축복과 함께 하심이
    남은 사람으로 인하여 함께 하시길…… 항상 기도로 보답 하겠읍니다 ?

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  230. pat b says:

    please tell me how to down load ,i have a visa 64bit it will not let me install ,tells me to close internet explorer ? how do you do this?

  231. Johnnie says:

    I keep getting a popup window saying Flash 10.2 is available. When I start the process of updating I have to assure that I have read the license agreement. Fair enough. But when I try to read it, it won’t open. Has anyone actually seen it? Is it my computer, or is there something wrong on the other end?

  232. sam lyttle says:

    i need flash player 10.2 cause lots of stuff dont work

  233. rossisen says:

    It looks like the Flash Player has started to automatically downgrade the quality from HIGH to LOW under certain circumstances (and never upgrade again). Is this my imagination? It provides a very poor viewing experience for some our our pages. We have coded a _quality = “HIGH” in an onEnterFrame to get around it for now – which is embarrassing.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Do you have more details? Can you log a bug at bugs.adobe.com/flashplayer with config info and url so we can look at it?

  234. enid says:

    i can’t get abobe flash to work.

  235. Niomy says:

    i would like install the flash player

  236. Marlon says:

    I just installed Abode Flash Player 10.2. I won’t be able to test this thing out until later on in the day but I am looking forward to some really great news. Cheers!

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  238. Ксения Алексеева says:

    Очень хочу…

  239. nitish ashta says:

    hey i wnt to updte my flash player

  240. Kwechero says:

    Thank you for making motion technology more convenient and shares it through out the web for FREE…

  241. Pingback: 我期待!!! » Blog Archive » —-Flash player 10.2->10.3

  242. David says:

    The new multiple monitor full-screen support works really great. I’m using windows 7 64 bit. Thanks for the update. 🙂 Before this version some flash video streams stayed only full screen until you did somethin on the other monitor, which was really annoying.

  243. niazamzami says:

    I want to download adobe flash player because I want to download all video from browser my BB torch 9800.can you help me please….thank you very much.

  244. Ravi says:

    this adobe flash is real NONSENSE………….!!
    How can a product develope with checking it’s own compatibility w.r.t differerenet Browsers that r most popular in the world & release in the internet to use for the users.
    Even developers should take this a pint as all the Browsers are becoming non resposive with the automatic update of flash & thus making the laptop of all the users on Win 7 with Firefox/Chrome/Maxthon/Avant browsers…………

    This is ralyy a serious threat for Adobe Flask….if this is not rectified the company is going to shutdown as if not u someother company will find a solution soon , thus adobe will fail in the market if they do not solve the above problem.

  245. the youtube videos/program is bloc, please i want all youtube program/videos,please i want youtube videos
    i want youtube programs

  246. DEE says:

    Why does it keep “timing out” while downloading Adobe flash 10.3?

  247. Deanne says:

    Why does it keep “timing out” while downloading Adobe flash 10.3?

  248. Alan says:

    What about the tool for mac lion os x?