Reported issues with Flash Player 10.3 and Internet Explorer 9

We are tracking and actively investigating the issues reported with Flash Player 10.3 and Internet Explorer 9. Users are reporting that SWF content is being displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. We want to give those of who are encountering these issues an update.

First, we apologize to everyone affected — we know you count on Flash Player as an integral component of the web and we strive for high quality and performance in each release.  We are actively looking into the root cause and best fix for this issue, and many thanks to those of you who have submitted the necessary information via email and our online bug database which has given us the solid leads we are pursuing.

Flash Player 10 and later can use your system’s graphics hardware to accelerate video decoding, and can also accelerate video presentation on some sites. Starting with Flash Player 10.2, Flash Player also takes advantage of hardware accelerated graphics in Internet Explorer 9, utilizing hardware rendering surfaces to improve graphics performance.

The reports for Flash Player 10.3 indicate that systems with Intel HD Graphics adapters running Internet Explorer 9 are the systems being impacted by this particular bug.  However, if you are encountering this issue and have a different configuration we’d love to hear from you.  Please review the instructions on this page for details on generating the information we’ll need for further investigation.

There are a few workarounds that you can do on your end until this issue is resolved:

  1. On some systems, you may be able to resolve this issue by updating the Intel HD Graphics drivers .  It has been reported that driver versions and above do not exhibit this bug.  Unfortunately, some systems might require updates directly from your system manufacturer.  We’re working with system manufacturers to make sure they include the latest drivers in future releases.
  2. You can disable hardware acceleration in Internet Explorer 9 using the instructions on this page .  Please note that you should re-enable hardware acceleration once this problem has been resolved to enjoy the full benefits of hardware acceleration.

We will continue provide updates as new information becomes available.

5.19.2011 Update: Thanks for those of you that provided feedback on making this available on We just posted it as a technote: We are working on a hotfix release for this issue.

5.24.2011 Update: We have posted a build with a fix for this issue for testing in the technote above. See this update for more details.

217 Responses to Reported issues with Flash Player 10.3 and Internet Explorer 9

  1. T Campbell says:

    Same problem a s noted in this Flash Player 10.3 blog

    What a bunch of MORONS!!!!!!

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Have you tried the workarounds?

      • Alex Matthews says:


        Uninstall Windows Internet 9 and in the updates part of ur pc and go back to using windows internet 8 I tried this and it workz much better! it workz 85 % – 90% better!

    • Austin says:

      Ok the 10.3 player is like the other before updates; WORTHLESS. I installed it and why in the world when I go to youtube it says you need the following update of adobe. Also seriously ADOBE IM SICK OF WAITING. I am only harsh to give you some advice. GET WITH INTEL GRAPHICS, CREATORS OF IE9, AND ETC. If you have not had a meeting with discussion with them, your not thinking as a company. AND WHAT THE HECK IS AIRAPPINSTALLER DOING IN THE FLASH FOLDER? IDK but one question where does it install to as of means..I can’t find it anywhere. I go to my uninstall/programs list tab on my computer it says its there, but where is it?

      • The BEST says:

        This is so ridiculous! I looked for ways to solve this problem for hours and it still probably isn’t going to work. They need to fix this NOW because most of us need Flash Player for work, etc.!

    • M. Mayo says:

      Since upgrading to Flash player 10.3 I can no longer watch any videos in IE8/9 or Firefox. I installed Safari to test it out and it plays everything perfectly so what is the problem. You know you distribute these updates and until this one everyone has been fine but all of a sudden you put out this update which I freely installed when prompted and after installation I can no longer use IE or Firefox to view videos reliably. Thank god for Safari but I have clients that are having the same issue and using Safari screws them up because they are not very technically proficient and are very use to using IE not Safari so it is a frustrating work around on my end. Please fix this problem or at least post something that explains why this is happening.

    • Scott Sowers says:

      I don’t get it, what was broken? Sell

    • tm says:

      on ie9 go to the gear on the right/click internet options/ advanced tab. click reset, click apply.close ie9 start over watching videos.

  2. Confirmed workaround. Enabling software rendering instead of GPU rendering fixes the issue. Any timeframe on update to FIX the issue?

  3. This fix should be posted as an announcement on and Flash Player related sites.

  4. Adobe User says:

    This and future updates should be posted on the main Adobe Flash Player web page. I found this blog page by doing an internet search trying to identify what the problem is with the latest update (Flash Player 10.3).

    This update should have been tested better. Quality product and service means the end user should NEVER have to worry about “workarounds”.

    What is the time estimate for an updated download with the bug resolved?

  5. softwarefail says:

    yep i found this page through a google search – i sure didnt find it usung the search engine on – i tried for over an hour though including a failed attempt to register for online help.
    where is the headline on the first page of that should say ALERT: ADOBE FLASHPLAYER IS CRAP – SO SORRY WORLD – WE DIDNT CHECK IT FIRST

  6. Neo says:

    Same here, found this page when googling for the issue.

    As there is no issue with Chrome, I focus the troubleshooting on IE9 only, ie. almost done all the resetting of IE9 configus until I realized this might be an issue with Adobe.

  7. Diego says:

    Hi, I have the same problem, I am running IE9 with Flash Player 10.3 and Intel HD Graphics, If anybody find a solution, please let me know.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      As described in the post, you can temporarily disable hardware acceleration in IE9.

    • Tom Rock says:

      I really don’t know if I have actually solved the problem, but I find that by putting the the swf component in the Shockware Player will put the flash component properly and correctly on the web page and works very well in IE9.

      The only thing I don’t know is how this may be displayed in the furure. I have placed a notice on my website for all viewers to download both Adobe Flash and Shockwave players on their harddrives.

      • Emmy Huang says:

        Shockwave Player and Flash Player are different plugins, so if you have switched your site to rely on Shockwave Player. This issue is in Flash Player, and we are working to resolve it asap.

  8. Nicholas says:

    Found this page by google search.

    Please get a fix out asap.

  9. Bill Jamison says:

    It took me a while to figure it my problems started only after the 10.3 update was installed. For now I’ve uninstalled Flash and that has solved my problems.

  10. Park says:

    Why don’t you provide lower version of Flash plyer?
    instead recommanding disable hardware acceleration.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      You can do that, but it is not recommended from a security perspective. There are active vulnerabilities in 10.2 that were fixed in 10.3

  11. Bill Jamison says:

    I updated my Intel HD Driver to as recommended (it was relatively current since it was upgraded with the Windows 7 SP1 installation) and that resolved the problem.

    One of the problem is that it’s such an odd behavior that I thought I had a virus or spyware infection. I bet most people won’t even realize it’s a Flash issue.

    • Ann Stutsman says:

      Thanks for your info… I had the same thoughts that you had about a possible virus, etc. installed the driver you mentioned and that seemed to solve the problem

  12. Carl Andrysiak says:

    This info should be at the top of the list on the ADOBE FLASH/Windows 7/IE9 problem list. The user should noy have to search via Google to find a solution.

    • Emlyn Williams says:

      Why not remove this level (10.3.181) until problem identified and avoided. Surely those of us with the latest hardware should not have to suffer in this way. How do we trust future updates from Adobe. In this instance I have reverted to level 10.2 but will the average use know ho to do this I wonder ?

  13. Emlyn Williams says:

    Adobe should be ashamed of themselves releasing level 10.3.181 without checking compatibility with all hardware. Surely the short term fix is to revert to 10.2.

  14. Ali says:

    I too had to search extensively until I found this buried in the search results while looking up a solution to this problem. I would think Adobe would have posted this on their homepage by now as it seems to have affected almost all users of intel I3 and I5 processors on IE9. I had the latest driver update so that wasn’t the problem. I found it was easiest to just uninstall IE9 from the control panel as it rolls it back to IE8 and actually resolves the issue. Until they come up with a fix though, I’ll be using Mozilla Firefox.

  15. jay says:

    2 days of searching the internet!! i found out its actually the flash player 10.3 i downloaded!!!
    No info about this until you search n search n search.

  16. Ted says:

    Not only did I get the display bug (fixed by changing to software rendering), but the installation somehow wiped out all of my restore points. I have Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 and IE 9, both with all updates. (I haven’t seen my restore point issue reported anywhere, so perhaps it is specific to my configuration.)

    • Bob says:

      I lost all my system retore points too! This Flash 10.3 is causing mayhem, get a grip adobe!

  17. Duane says:

    Yeah man, this is stupid!!!! That means this bug exists on most modern business class laptops!!!!

  18. I too recently, just accept adobe update, and all website that flash player is needed flicker…I try to go back to previous version of flash player, but it doesnt let me….This latest version has serious bug, but need help to go back to older version of flash player

  19. Carl says:

    I just uninstalled Adobe flash and it fixed this problem.
    How annoying.

  20. Taz says:

    They should fix it and we should not have to do workarounds. I will not do a workaround. That is crazy.

  21. Delano says:

    I have a HP Pavilon g7 send me the troubleshooting via E-Mail

  22. Todd Reifsteck says:

    This issue has been reported to the IE9 team, but I’d like to ensure that the Flash team is aware of it.

    I’ve had issues with the XFinity (Comcast) website’s video player using Internet Explorer 9 and Flash 10.2 and Flash 10.3 on a Lenovo W500 laptop. It uses a very high amount of CPU and the video does not play in the expected HD. When I use other browsers, it works fine with the same version of Flash.

    This sounds like a Flash/IE9 issue as Silverlight performs perfectly at high quality with very low CPU usage on sites such as Netflix.

  23. rob says:

    My Intel HD driver is up too date and the problem still exists, so ignore the “update your driver” suggestion. I am using a Dell Latitude E4310.

    I have diabled the Flash plug-in so my websites aren’t all messed up with flickering adverts and other annoying flash driven advertising. Is there a way to uninstall the latest 10.3 flash and go back to v10.2 which worked?

  24. Roger says:

    Just updated the driver for the Intel HD graphic and everything is back to normal, with the hardware acceleration enabled.

  25. John says:

    Flashing in the upper left corner, on many sites but only when flash is running.
    Happened after an update from 10.2 to 10.3.x
    Running i.e.9
    Running intel graphic driver supplied by Microsoft dated 8/25/2010

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  27. Hank says:

    God damn it guys, and I am on team adobe! Please ensure the quality of each of you dozens of updates per month, things like this is gonna make it harder for me to defend you guys! Please, pull it together…

  28. Rob says:

    My problem has been already stated earlier with the flickering and inproper placing of ads. To add to it, I can not uninstall ie9, it does not show up in programs as being installed, but it is. When I try to re-install ie9, it gives an error that it can not install ie9 because I have a newer version of ie on my system. I’ve tried to go back to a Restore point, but they are now gone, except for the Restore point that my computer did right after installing ie9.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      There is no need to uninstall IE9. Please follow the workaround to temporarily disable hardware acceleration and we will be providing a fix asap.

  29. Taylor says:

    Found this by google search after 2 and a half hours of trying to figure out why i could see my test answer boxes. I tried all suggested workarounds but my online schooling system only works with the newest version of flash player. So now i have no way of completing my classes online.

    I’m sorry but i shouldn’t have to uninstall my IE9 to finish school.

  30. joe says:

    I tried both workarounds and I still have this issue. Very annoying.

  31. Bill says:

    I switched from IE9 to Google Chrome, no issues there,

  32. Jan says:

    I also have same problem Flash Banners out of sync. ads flashing on left hand side of web page, I will try suggestions. Revert to Adobe Flash 10.2 and or uninstall IE9 many thanks

  33. Tim says:

    Another example of why Steve Jobs is correct to not support flash. If its not one problem, its another problem coming from Adobe. People need to be fired.

  34. Tim says:

    And I forgot to add, that Adobe has their head stuck so deep in the sand, that you can still download this update so they can spread more problems to more systems. Muppets!!!

    • Emmy Huang says:

      We turned off the auto-update notification on Friday for Internet Explorer. But user can still go to and get Flash Player 10.3. Note that 10.3 also includes security updates, so users that do not have this issue on their machine still need to get it.

  35. C Martin says:

    Upgrading the Intel HD Graphics driver as recommended above resolved the issue for me.

  36. Milenko Rivas says:

    El problema efectivamente pasa con IE9 y y graficos HD e intel, ahora al intentar instalar la version 10.2, definitivamente no deja hacerlo por lo cual obliga a usar otro navigador como Mozilla o Chrome, sera esta una estrategia de Adobe contra Microsoft???.

    Esperemos como evoluciona esto, y ojala una pronta solucion.

    good bye

  37. Brian says:

    I updated my Intel HD graphics driver with version (Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, running IE9). I had previously went thru my control panel to update the driver and it said it was current. However, that “current” version” didn’t match what was available on (newer version), so I installed the the afore-mentioned driver. I had previously uninstalled adobe flash player before starting this process, so after updating to the new Intel driver, I then re-installed adobe flash player 10.3 and I’m no longer experiencing the upper left corner issue.

  38. D.M Moore says:

    I had been playing online doubledowncasino for several months no problems, then it started posting error #2032–up grade adobe flashplayer,the game would not open at all, I updated adobe flash play as it requested now have error #2046 that has popped up, what is this and how do I fix problem? I have a 4 month old new laptop with windows 7 home premium -64bit, I also downloaded explorer 9 upgrade to see if it would help, now nothing but problems…HELP!!!!!!!!!

  39. Frustrated User says:

    Infuriated by the amount of time I wasted trying to identify and fix this problem, and at how long it is taking the team to come up with a suitable resolution (your “workarounds” are as inconvenient to the user as the issues caused by your incomptency) ! Simply unacceptable.

  40. Wolf says:

    Come on Adobe-where is the fix?! With all the stupid ads embedded in blogs these days this ‘little’ bug makes it impossible to read the opening paragraphs of webpages which use flash. Hurry up and fix it!

  41. Samuel Miguel says:

    Ya desinstale la version 10.3, pero ahora no encuentro la version 10.2 para descargarla. Creo que esa es mejor solucion, regresar a la version anterior.

  42. Ruben says:

    Installing the most recent graphics drivers worked well for me! Therefore I don’t blame Adobe but Intel, for them making faulty drivers.

  43. Tom Gardner says:

    I’ve tried disabling hardware accelaration as suggested – Makes no difference. My hd driver is the latest version according to Intel.

    Works fine in Firefox.

  44. Robert says:

    I too only found the real issue by an exhaustive search and actually surprised the logical method when a KNOWN problem exists would be to have a line item warning displayed on Flash Player 10 – 10_3_181_14 update that one would have to check an “ok” box acknowledging known issue to prevent so much wasted time. I was confident that it was NOT a virus with what I run for protection but since it emulated viral characteristics, wonder how many people are still in the “flashy dark”?
    Does anyone know if Adobe has looked into further issues beyond the Intel HD Graphics + IE9 combo as in the faster processors such as the i3, i5, and i7CORE? I have the i5CORE and that was my next suspect after IE9. Lastly, I let Adobe know that by disabling webslicing TOTALLY, it got rid of the epillepsy-activating, upper-left corner insane flashing.
    How could Adobe NOT test this update on system configurations of most up-to-date consumer technology and why is there still no media/consumer release?

  45. Alfredo says:

    FIX THIS MESS !!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE THE END OF THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emmy Huang says:

      I thought the world was supposed to end on Saturday? 😉 Yes, we have a pending fix we are about to provide for testing.

  46. Karl says:

    So, my Toshiba doesn’t suport the intel HD update. My other option disable hardware exceleration. Not likely… I’m suppose to have a crappy browser experience because you software sucks? How about a roll back option? If your update sucks let me roll it back.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Unfortunately, we really can’t recommend you roll back to 10.2 as 10.3 contains security updates that are important for you to have. That is why we recommended temporarily disabling hardware acceleration until an updated player is available.

  47. Brenda says:

    I thought i was the only one with this problem, this is so frustrating. Random things popping up and the fact that i can no watch video properly really displeases me. Please fix this problem soon and have an update

  48. AG says:

    Now you know why Steve Jobs refuses to allow Flash on Apple devices!! Adobe’s software regularly tops the list of the buggiest and least secure on the net. Add crappy customer service to the list of failures–thanks for letting your millions of users know about the problem!!

  49. Rahul says:

    Hardware: Lenovo Thinkpad X201T with Intel HD Graphics (Core i7)
    Driver Version:
    Video Bios Ver: 2026.0
    OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1 X64 version 6.1.7601 with DirectX 10.1
    Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 (32 bit edition)
    Adobe Flash Version

    Note: I disabled hardware acceleration from the advanced settings of Internet Explorer 9.

    Issue: This is observed on most sites using flash video streaming.
    Content seems to stream normally at first, after the fix. But, when the full screen feature is used and then exited, the video gets displaced to the top left corner of the screen like it used to before the fix. refreshing the page fixes the issue and video plays normally, but goes back to the top left if the full screen feature is used and exited out again. This is annoying, to say the least.

    I really hope the testing and release of the new fix happens asap, Emmy. It has been decades already (in Internet years). Or, at least notify Lenovo of the issue so they can push the newer version of Intel graphics drivers that fixes this issue.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Rahul – I’m going to have someone contact you directly from QE, since this in-and-out-of-full-screen issue is one we’re trying to track down. We are getting it sporadically, even when we restart the machine.

      Don’t update your driver or anything yet. We are getting a build ready for testing (tomorrow), and it would be great if you can test it on this system to see if the full screen issue still exists with the fix.

  50. Fabio says:

    When is there going to be some sort of fix for this problem? I use lots of websites that currently have this problem, and it is so annoying! It gets in the way of what you are reading and stops you from clicking on links etc.

  51. DRC says:

    Emmy – I’m experiencing the in-and-out-of-full-screen issue, too (as describe by Rahul).

    Hardware: Dell Latitude E5510 with Intel HD Graphics (Core i5)
    IE9, hardware acceleration disabled
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X32

  52. Deane says:

    I too am having this ie9 issue with flash…please give us an update soon. This issue is totally irritating. I have ie9 on windows 7…with intel HD graphics…I am just about to trash this pc and buy an apple!

  53. Qi Lin says:

    I tried disabling the hardward acceleration function and the flickering stopped for now. Have full confidence you guys will have a solution for us soon. Let us know!

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Please try the pre-release build for testing that we posted to the technote today.

  54. Big Daddy says:

    The new Flash Player 10.3 just ain’t going to cut it guys. I will being switching over to Safari until you get your sh!t together.

  55. Todd says:

    I tried to update to Driver Version but couldn’t install. Told me to contact Lenovo.

    Hardware: Lenovo Thinkpad T410 with Intel HD Graphics (Core i5)
    Driver Version:
    Video Bios Ver: 2026.7
    OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1 X64 version 6.1.7601 with DirectX 10.1
    Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 (64 bit edition)
    Adobe Flash Version

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Thank you for the config info! Did you try the updated test build we just posted to the technote today?

  56. Tierd Coder says:

    After installing Flash 10.3 on IE and FireFox my Flash website does not function as it should, 6 separate SWF files are loaded into the main SWF file but they are not attached to DisplayObject. Something is wrong. I’m sure my AS3 code is OK. Probably some new security restrictions that I need to dig in again! Just want to say a final comment, “security” will kill any company including Adobe, because under current circumstances where companies are fighting for their selfish interests and there is nothing unified, complexity brings more and more insecurity and security will be more and more costly. Due to the inefficient foundations, we should address deeper questions. I just want to say that based on current assumptions and accepted “realities” nothing improves for anyone. The problem is not in skill, technique, logic, science, etc… the problem is in the false doctrines that are assumed to be correct. It is at the core rotten.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      please file a bug with the details so we can follow up:

  57. ChuckB says:

    I downloaded fix and it seems to have taken care of my flashing ad problem that I have had sense the last Adobe update

  58. lian says:

    i too have been suffering from this flashing in the corner of every internet page and it has been driving me mad for 2 weeks! i searched all through adobe help pages and there was nothing relating to the problem! i found this page by google search. i have just updated intel graphics as suggested on my brand new only 1 month old laptop! (dont understand why it needed the update) but hay! it worked! i have no more flashing! I do feel that adobe need to put these solutions on their adobe download website though.

  59. jennifer says:

    cant play facebook games properly

  60. Ed says:

    I am getting the upper left corner issue.It happened after an update from 10.2 to 10.3
    Hardware: Lenovo Thinkpad (Core i5)
    Intel HD Graphics Driver Version:

  61. Lynn R says:

    My games on FB arent loading all the way i havent been able to play them since last night. I already have IE9 and tried downgrading but it wont let me so i dont kno what to do? can anyone help me?

    • jay says:

      Join the club lynn, everyone is in the same boat, some of us havnt been able to watch flash based vids/games for two weeks now..

      • Emmy Huang says:

        Have you tried the pre-release test build from the technote link above?

        • jeff says:

          yep. still doesn’t work. any progress? this is ridiculous…going on ten days now. adobe has completely ruined my laptop for use on the internet without doing ‘workarounds’ that I shouldn’t have to do.

  62. vicky says:

    can only get half a screen on my games

  63. jay says:

    Disgusting, i feel sorry for the poeple who know nothing about computers and have taken there laptops into pc world to be fixed thinking there laptops were broken. there should have been more info put around for people who are not tech wise.
    People will not trust adobe again after this..

  64. Frustrated user says:

    I’ve stopped using IE9 (which is also crap) and started using Google Chrome, which is working perfectly. I’ve also had no problem on Firefox.

  65. jennifer williams says:

    i know nothing about computers. i’m 59 yrs old and love the games, but they are only loading on to half the screen and it’s annoying the hell out of me and others.

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  67. jimmy says:

    I am so dissapointed, its been a while and still there is no update frm adobe. Whats the point of it all:(

  68. Ian Casey says:

    Adobe Flash Player has conflict with Skype as well as IE9. Fix available yet?

  69. Ian Casey says:

    suffering quality live-porn withdrawal symptoms

  70. Howard says:

    I am seeing the same problem with Firefox and IE. I have a Pavilion dv6 laptop with a touch screen. I do not see this problem with the Chrome browser.

  71. jeff says:

    I tried the updated test build you posted to the technote as you asked others to do. I am still having the problem. On some pages it seems to have fixed the issue but on others, including my comcast email pages, there is still the problem. This is getting ridiculous. This has been going on for nearly ten days with no fix. How does Adobe not test this on IE9 and Intel HD graphics cards? Seriously? I want my computer fixed! And, no, a workaround that I have to do that has my computer run at less than its potential is ridiculous.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Ok, I’ll have someone reach out to you and get info on your configuration. Can you post URLs where things work and don’t work?

      • JW Adams says:

        My computer: Toshiba AMD Turion II Dual CoreMobile M520 2.30 GHZ 64bit o.s. Everything I try to do requires update for Flashplayer. I have downloaded update,doesn’t work. I unistalled, doesn’t work! After uninstalling, I find a 32 bit Flashplayer in my control panel THAT WON’T GO AWAY. It sure has fun a fun week.

  72. idfma says:

    The fix shouldn’t just be posted, it should be pushed out like any other update. How bout you slow down, and not screw up our machines, if the update isn’t ready next time?

  73. ashley says:

    the zombie pets wont load

  74. tamara jones says:

    cant get it to upload

  75. Ani says:

    DOWNLOAD & INSTALL LATEST DRIVER v15.22.1.2361 [] released 4/13/2011.

    • Hubert Lam says:

      Problem is, you can’t install Intel’s drivers on a Lenovo laptop as the old Lenovo driver is an OEM driver and the Intel installer will simply block you from installing it! 🙁

  76. Juan Del Rio says:

    Updated the driver from lenovo and now it is solved, IE9 is working just fine

  77. TC says:

    …why dont they just go back to the old one till they fix this one…. its been over a week now get your shit straight.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      The release also includes security fixes, and we cannot revert people that are not experiencing this issue and expose them to those vulnerabilities.

  78. Eleanor says:

    New Adobe is not working with Foxfire either. Some of the graphics on pages I visit, (QVC is one of them) do not show up up. I am also unable to use the arrow on my computer to go back a page. Receive a message saying “information needs to be resent for security purposes. ” I’m using Windows Vista Ultimate 32 and a Toshiba Tecra laptop. My computer was also running slower and I too thought it was a virus. The fix did not work. Tried to install it and received a message stating “system does not meet minimum requirements.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      This issue is specific to Intel HD graphics cards and Internet Explorer 9. Please post to the forums, and someone can help you gather the information we need to investigate.

  79. Russ says:

    People are going a bit overboard with their criticisms of Adobe for this issue, when obviously there are multiple possible causes behind this conflict. Anyway, why are you using Internet Explorer in the first place?? And why haven’t you just tried another browser in the meantime – you don’t even have to install it…

    Anyone suffering and not able to play their games, then try a portable version of another browser:

  80. Nick says:

    My partner is doing my head in because none of her games are working properly
    so i.m going to switch to google chrome after a lifetime!! of using IE & adobe….

  81. maze says:

    I updated my Intel HD graphics driver and all looks ok now!

  82. Emily says:

    Okay…so does it work or not? Seriously confused here…:S

  83. BillM says:

    This is just so infuriating. Your damned incompetence. Why shouldn’t we remove your damn program altogether?

  84. Rob says:

    Is there a real fix for this problem yet?

  85. Heather says:

    I still havnt gotten a reply to my answer in fact it looks like it was deleted…when I get to the game i keep getting the update notice and cant get it to go away no matter which button i press…i’m not switching my internet browser just for this stupid game!

  86. Heather says:

    also i tried the game on firefox and it STILL wont do anything, just the stupid update notice….i click play, gifts, etc. but it keeps comming up the same

  87. Bill says:

    Supposedly there’s a fix that you can download from per, but I went to and the download page says “Flash Player 10.1 is not currently available for Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit) Beta.” Then, when I click on “Download a preview release of Flash Player,” I get a page that says, “Flash Player 10.1 is not currently available for Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit) Beta” on the AdobeLabs website. From this page I click on a link that says “Download the Flash Player “Square” preview for use on 64-bit operating systems” which takes me to a page on that says “Adobe Flash Player “Square” Preview Release” and is dated November 30, 2010!

    Emmy, since you seem to work for Adobe and seem to be monitoring these two pages, can you please provide a link to the fix you mention on the other page? Don’t just point us to, as they haven’t caught up yet, obviously.

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  89. Sorinel says:

    After installing Flash Player 10.3 update, Firefox 2.0 crashes :
    Shockwave Flash
    The plug-in performed an illegal operation. You are strobgly advised to restart Firefox.

  90. Etai says:


    After receiving numerous complaints from our users regarding IE9 and finding this thread, I would like to note that although the workaround may be valid for a personal user, this is not a good solution for someone who creates a flash website.

    There’s no way to tell all of your ‘potential’ and future users to use a different browser… as they will never go through that trouble to view your site- and it would not be possible to let them know this before they visit your site, anyways.

    Our users are complaining that their flash site will not even display on IE9 (and one also mentioned IE5.5).

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Hi – please direct users to the fix, which was released on 5/31. Flash Player Auto-update notification has been enabled.

  91. Hubert Lam says:

    Updated my Intel HD drivers — forcibly removed the stupid Lenovo ones that are horrendously out of date and do not enable HW acceleration.

    That’s when it all came crashing down, even with FP acceleration. Wouldn’t even load properly. Yet only when IE9 was released SMH proudly had a advertisement saying “ works faster with IE9”!!!!

  92. Heather says:

    I updated my flash player to 10.3 when I went on adobe site but i still cant play it…and when I searched on for Flash Player i couldnt find anything but an article that said it was released…and then i found a page saying that there was a problem with Flash player and IE9 and that I needed to download but when i clicked on it to download it said it was an older version… the problems still not fixed. Is the a link you can post so that we can download the latest version?

  93. Heather says:

    ok so i just tried again and updated adobe through a link that was on the 5/31 notice at…..still cant play it, ill try firefox but i doubt it will work

  94. Vic says:

    The update appears to work. Too bad that this fix was so hard to find. Fortunately, the Microsoft IE community has a link to this page. It’s also unfortunate that IE is likely to be blamed for this problem — this solution should be easier to find.

  95. Don Collins says:

    I have a Nvidia Gforce 7100 video adapter and Flash 10.3 does not work for me either…
    it simply does not block Flash cookes from being stored

  96. Declan says:

    Download Google Chrome instead and you will not have any of these problems! Far too much grief with IE9 and Adobe. Thank you, Google!

  97. Tom says:

    So what the hell am I suppose to do? I have to read a “novel” of back and forth nonsense, to get the problem fixed?

    Does anybody know what is going on?

  98. Tom says:

    So I just downloaded the latest player, and shockwave for kicks.

    PROBLEM SOLVED! Media is working just like before and no ads coming on in the upper left of the page.

    Thanks folks!

  99. Kathy says:

    IE9 issues–flashing ads on the left side of the screen rendering use of IE9 sites impossible to read. I have gone to google chrome, but that is inconvenient. For those of us who are not techies, what is the easy fix for this?

  100. Heather says:

    now all the games on my facebook along with some web pages are going really slow and sometimes wont load…i didnt have this problem until i updated my flashplayer

  101. F S says:

    zombie pets wont load all i get is the gift play bar what is up with this, please fix fast thank you mr/mrs

  102. S.O. says:

    I’m having a problem, but I’m not using IE9. My scrolling is really choppy, as well as page loads slow and choppy. Also all my screens look too small, squat and wide, even when I’m not online. I tried changing the screen resolution which only made it worse. From what I’ve read unistalling and reinstalling doesn’t help the issue, but I’m going to have to try that next. I’m pretty irritated though, because if you guys knew there was an issue, you shouldn’t be offering this as an update untill you’ve fixed the problem. Grrr.So not happy. Badobe.

  103. Antonio says:

    Maybe this is one of the reasons why Apple don’t want to include “Flash” in their devices, so they don’t have to apologize for the inconvenience, isn’t Adobe.

  104. Warren says:

    I work for a GM dealership and have been having trouble doing online training on my computer. I can’t get IE9 to display pages that use the flash player on the GM website. If I use another computer that runs IE8 the site works properly. I tried turning off the hardware acceleration and it didn’t work. I am running flash player I also have Intel graphics driver 8.17 which isn’t a problem. When I check adobe flash it says it’s installed properly and I can see the animation playing. I have no problems watching videos on YouTube, it seems to be confined to the GM website so far. Again IE8 works fine.

  105. Terry Schubring says:

    Hang in there Internet Explorer, you’re going to be okay. You keep the Flash player and wait here. We’ll be right back…

  106. Robert says:

    I have version installed and I’m still seeing problems; whenever I attempt to use IE9 and the integrated graphics on my I7 processor to view a webpage containing flash, my browser crashes. This only happens when using my Intel graphics chip. I have a Dell XPS laptop which has both an NVidia card and the integrated Intel graphics, and when I use 2 external monitors the NVida is used for one of the monitors and the Intel is used for the other. Opening a web page containing flash on the monitor using the Intel graphics chip crashed IE, opening it on the monitor using the NVidia card does not.

  107. Warren says:

    Problem solved – I uninstalled IE9 and I’m now running IE8 with the 10.3 Flash player and it works perfect. I’ll reinstall IE9 after Adobe fixed the flash player.

  108. its is not working when i try to load a game

  109. DJ says:

    Quit sending me flash updates. The only thing its used for is *** ads. Who wants to update your *** to be better annoyed with?

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Please be aware of recent security exploits on Flash Player. You should keep your Flash Player up to date, and the notification mechanism is designed to help you do so. If you prefer to update manually, you can disable automatic update notification in the settings control panel.

  110. Pat says:

    I’ll apologize forthright for the following…but your problems becoming my problem is not right on any scale.
    You have more problems than just 10.3 with IE9
    10.2 also caused unresolved problems with the Solution Center for HP all-in-one Printer/Faxes/Scanner. After 10.2 download – still cannot delete nor reload HP Solution Center software. After 10.3 download – same problem – AGAIN….So the problems with 10.2 and 10.3 still have not addressed this already reported – and never replied to issues – on-top-of the IE9 issueS.
    Adobe Reader X – “new and improved download” – now I can delete Adobe Reader 9.4.3 from my computer – taking up valuable space.
    Adobe has plummented on my scale of professionalism.
    Is Adobe heavily invested in “uninstall” websites??
    Is Adobe IT testing any of these before they become forced-down-our-throats / mandatory / in order for my computer to operate??
    Is Adobe trying to force people to buy new computers inorder for your programs to run properly??
    I never had these problems before 10.2 and now 10.3, and have been on computers since the early 1980’s.
    Apology accepted…but this is causing people unneeded and sometime expensive out-of-pocket problems and valuable time trying to “fix” YOUR PROBLEM.

  111. John Scarlis says:

    RE: Sirius- XMRadio “Online Listening” sign-on failiure

    When accessing the XMRadio “Online Listening” function, the website presents a “empty box” with a momentary message of;’ you need Flash Player’. At that moment the message box stays blank and does not go to the sign-on process. (Appears to hang)

    My environment is: Windows 7 32-bit, using Internet Explorer
    I recently recall doing a Microsoft Service Patch Update and an IE9 Update.

    When performing the same access function under my Safari browser the access performs without problem.

    I called Sirius-XMRadio customer support and they are of no help. They suggest the user is at fault. One agent quickly pushed the blame on Adobe and would not offer any assistance. (They insisted I call Adobe) Also, Sirius-XMRadio Customer Support and Technical will not return any calls! They are not concerned and “disowned” any responsibiltiy!

  112. brian says:

    yeah i cant watch any videos… and im pissed

  113. t says:

    ever time i load these app i can see messages but not the screen

  114. Danny Dickschat says:

    I downloaded Explorer 9 now my Adobe Flash player is not working why don’t they tell yopu before you download that it will not work it took 2 month the last time before it was fixed wirh the last version of exploer Get on the ball Microsoft.

  115. Gerarda says:

    This shouldn’t be set up like rocket science. What the hell is going on? Why does everything use Adobe Flash Player, if it cannot even be downloaded? This should be set up completely user friendly, and the user should not have to take a jillion steps, which they don’t understand, in order to download this sorry piece of software.

    Get with it or get out of the business.

  116. KG says:

    Same problem. Was suckered in to download the latest version of Flash Player 10.3 181.23 for security and now having the same problems as everyone else. It appears this problem with IE9 and Flash Player 10.3 has been showing up for months. I just downloaded in the last week. What is the latest status? Has Flash given any status report or are they simply stating they are working on it. Adobe has a real problem. Who will ever want to download anything from them in the future?

  117. Olivier says:

    Back down people! You dont know how flash works, dont pretend you know how easy it should be to fix this, your unbiased whining makes my lunch come back. if you dont like flash use silverlight, tho with these attitudes that would prolly be worse.

    @Adobe; much appreciated!

  118. Jorge Leitão says:

    I’m experiencing a similar rendering issue but I’m running Flash’s latest available version

    Do you have any reports of that?

  119. xxx says:

    i hate adobe i cannot wait day with browser who not use adobe flash player

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  121. Kjell says:

    Flash player not working with Windows 7 64-bit and IE9.
    Causes IE to crash. What is the solution?
    Just purchased a loaded MSI GE 620 laptop and unable to watch Utube, etc. due to non-working Flash player.
    Also unable to run ActiveX – but that may be a Windows 7 problem (or IE9).

  122. Cindy says:

    I had to pay Dell to restore my computer so that I could use Flash. Amazing how many programs work using it. I am not a happy camper. Next time test these things before we are forced to download. I will be switching from yahoo as I can’t change to IE 9 and keep Flash.

  123. barry ross says:

    Is there any other flash player that I can download that doesnt have problems like adobe. I have a brand new computer here and I cant play videos because I was stupid enough to accept an update ! You would think you could trust a company like Adobe wouldnt you ?

  124. annoyed says:

    Why has this not been fixed yet?!?!?! You charge an arm and a leg for software but can’t get it working on a browser that is installed on EVERY windows machine? Someone needs to break up the Adobe monoply and let another company that actually cares about their customers have a chance.

  125. I am registered and can’t get to play.

  126. alex says:

    On android tablets there seems to be a proplem with scrollable flash mini windows.For instance when im on a site such as youtube using the desktop mode.I get a bug when you scroll down on a youtubers mainpage.As you look to your right you will see “date added,Most viewed and Top rated” over lap the page as you scroll down.This also happens to sites that contain a chat mini windows.please fix this bug.

    Best of luck

  127. Vicki says:

    I don’t know if this issue is specific to adobe, or if it’s just a compatibility issue between IE9 and adobe. I tried the fixes above, but neither has functioned for me. I still get games and netflix, youtube runs as expected. It’s the PDF files that I cannot open, read or save. I hit a blank page or I get a page that says “unable to connect”. Adobe reader is the only problem I’m having. I do not like IE9 and I wish I could be rid of it, so now I’m forced to try chrome or firefox.
    I wish instead of numerous updates, we would get one update that functions the way it should. Adobe isn’t the only problem here, and it seems like they are struggling to work with the IE9 update. These two need to work together, but IE9 has proven to be the rotten apple for me.

  128. Please fix my Flash player.
    My Graphics Driver No. :…….. If this helps.
    Hurry. B.W.O.

  129. JMac says:

    After accepting the offer to update to Flash Player 10.3, I found with Internet Explorer 9 (on Vista) I couldn’t view any video clips or BBC iPlayer etc. Just got error message “to view this content you need to download FlashPlayer” with link to download location. After uninstalling and re-installing several times with no change, I installed Google Chrome and – surprise, surprise – all worked perfectly!

  130. Marcus says:

    I never had problems with Flash Player not working before, but this morning, before installing 10.3 I started having the problem. I thought I needed to update so I installed 10.3 and are still having this problem. Anything that requires me to use Flash Player doesn’t work, so, trying to watch videos on YouTube just causes them to black-screen, and nothing plays at all. I can’t even see the “play/pause” button or timeline. I can’t seem to play any of the online games that require Flash Player either, the game just crashes without an error notice. Shockwave, however, still works fine.

    Any ETA on this fix?

    • Angela says:

      I am having the same problems and have been searching for a fix for days. I’m not familiar with all the computer tech lingo so I need a dummied down version of the fix!

  131. Chaitanya says:

    Ive installed but vedios aren’t workin……..

  132. jack pshytte says:

    ‘XQZ moi, for the initial sarcasm, but the preceding commentary has been so re-iterative of EXACTLY what was encountered. But nobody said a word about the GOOGLE app that’s being included. That’s WHY seems so-oo buggy. Obliges you to load the Google app. So you figure, Aw, that’s a de-install, then we keep the 10.3 version. But N0-00. If you de-install the Google, the 10.3 goes, too. This not well written source code. Could be a root error or DELIBERATE spawning of the dumb Google app. And YES, the install DID have a virus mode, a mimic of ‘Tha Un-Install Program’;. . No 10.3 version even gets installed, anyway. Only that dumb, bugger So there.’

  133. Kim T. says:

    I’ve tried downloading this like 6 times already and I can’t even download it now. When i get to the run or save windown, it doesn;t even download from the internet, it says would i like to save/run from my hard drive…. everything was working fine until I get on youtube and it tells me I need to download the latest version! THIS SUX!!!!

  134. i have a ? 4 u wen i play my game on facebook my flash player doesnt seem 2 b workin th way it sud it keeps goin slow and breakin up is their anything i can do 2 stop this its gettin a bit annoyin havin 2 reload my page every 5 mins thanx

  135. i have a ? 4 u my flash player doesnt seem 2 b workin th way it sud it keeps breakin up wen im playin th game is their anything i can do 2 stop this its gettin a bit annoyin havin 2 reload my page every 5 mins thanx

  136. Nicko says:

    NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The problem is STILL going on after HOW MANY MONTHS??? Ridiculous. The so-called Fix DOES NOT WORK. I am, however, glad to know so many teams of Professionals are on the case, imagine nobody was doing anything to fix the problem at all. Yes, that was sarcasm. The Adobe people are so competant they should be in politics.

  137. Glenn says:

    Flash player with ie9 expand to full screen and you get a blank screen.

  138. Ed Vedock says:

    I hope this 10.3 problem isn’t just a trick to get millions to pay $39 to get 10.3 to work. I hope I’m just having an untrustful thought about the Adobe company. I can very easily dump this computer and go back to life the way it was. The net, google and youtube and email et al via comuter are just needs that are not actually needed. It’s all a bunch of fluff!

  139. Runing slow. Need to upgrade to fix problealso need best adobe flash player available to me. I can’t seem to get songs like steven tylers newest single As good as it gets. What is the problem? Please email with some answers if you can. Thanks Beverly Goodnight

  140. Thaank you for any help you can give me or if you find anything else pease feel frr to fix upgrade or whatever needs to be done.. thanks again Bev Goodnight

  141. Roshan Singh says:

    ha i also find these problem many time after intalling it say required adobe flash player…i uncheek the activeX flitering on tools and the problem sloved

  142. Tederator says:

    I can’t believe that this thread started back in May and I am having the same issues today at the end of July, with a brand new computer. I am not a computer geek, never have, so I don’t want to try any workarounds. I just need the bloody thing to work when I need it and now a regular update screws up the entire system. If this happened in my career the whole company would be gone.
    Watta bunch of idiots running the show…

  143. kiera snyder says:

    I was trying to get on webkinz but it said that u need Adobe flash player of any kind what a bunch of liars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( ;(

  144. George says:

    I’m having problems of installing it, I newly formatted my PC after that installed latest java and installed an AV, but wont install the adobe flash player, I disabled the AV and close all the other application, it still the same gives an error.

  145. Dale Keily says:

    I also have been having issues where I got error messages which read you need to install Adobe Flash even though I have it installed.
    I have lost count of the number of times I have uninstalled and reinstalled and . . .
    I am using internet explorer 9 and was not able to find a solution online that worked.
    My problem started at least 2 weeks ago #!!%#&
    I have just stumbled onto a solution which has fixed the issues I was having and I am now able to watch ABC video and youtubes.
    This may work for anybody using internet explorer 9.
    Go to the file menu and choose “TOOLS” and from the drop down menu select “INTERNET OPTIONS” then select “ADVANCED” then click on “RESTORE ADVANCED SETTINGS” and then click on “RESET” and finally click on the last “RESET” then OK.
    Hopes this helps.
    May you come to know the glorious riches that you have inherited in Christ.

  146. JW Adams says:

    Everything today has the”RUN AROUND SYNDROME” Who takes credit for that program?

  147. betsy says:

    I just downloaded Firefox and tried to open videos that way from youtube. Did not work. Notice adobe removed my comments about stock going down. Sorry but to not fix a problem like this is serious and decreasing stock values is the result. I just sold mine and the fact you removed my comment makes me believe I did the right thing.

  148. betsy says:

    Now it’s working, found a plug in on one site with a video I wanted to see, clicked on teh plug in, suddenly saw the flash player download finishing, which I hadn’t seen before. I’m no genius but somehow everything is working again. It shouldn’t have taken me 3 hrs. though.

  149. Bethany says:

    This isn’t letting me download it. It keeps saying its failed to download. Now I can’t go on youtube, picnick, videos ect.. And any website!!! Im really not sure what to do.. Does anyone know how I can fix this??? If there is a way.. Please reply 🙂 Thankyou!!!

  150. Jack Carver says:

    Today this problem comes here.Cannot install adobe flash player,because during installation i got this message:The activX control for Flash Player couldn’t be registeres.I have tried out all what you can imagine…Please ppl give some help about this issue

  151. Francois Cleroux says:

    Flash is just NOT working in MSIE9. Reset, re-loaded, re-installed, un-installed, tried again. Some pages do not display required items and You-Tube ALWAYS just says I need to upgrade to version 10.3. Can’t use MSIE9 to admin my firewalls. I am using FoxPro more and more just to do Flash tasks. We change over soon if this keeps up much longer!!!

  152. riggs says:

    i don’t understand this i got 10.3 to work on my laptop but i can’t get it to work on my desktop it sayes it is installed it sayes i am running on adobe flash player 10.3 but i go to watch youtube and wtf do you know i need the update crap still so i am confused i have installed it and uninstalled it probably like 30 times wtf fix this and hurry.

  153. Gary says:

    I can’t play any videos from the CBS web site. The prompt claims that an ad blocker is interfering, but if there is one other than the ones I have disabled, I sure can’t find it. No success on Firefox or Google Chrome either.

  154. fred says:

    I’m having the same problem,when is this going to be fixed? , looking back on the posts it was months ago!

    and does temporarily disable hardware acceleration effect the performance of your system?……

  155. Miguel says:

    I disabled Active X Filtering and installed the latest version of Flash and it is finally working.

  156. Gary says:

    I just resolved the problem by uninstalling Explorer 9. Flashplayer seems to work well now when I try to play a show episode on the CBS web site.

  157. fred says:

    Anyone of the hierarchy at Adobe are going to take ownership and fix this issue!!

    This is getting beyond a joke and and shocking for the lack of professionalism

  158. Brian says:

    It’s now Sept 9, 2011! How many more months until flashplayer works as intended?! Adobe, you suck. I’m sick of trying fixes that don’t work. You know the problem exists, so at least offer 10.2 version of flashplayer and let me choose to accept the “vunerabilities”!

  159. john says:

    Ok i had this problem….. one day i went on youtube and it said ” u need the new adobe flash player update”. I installed it, and nothing worked. unistall and tried again, didnt work out. So i opened up my internet and went to “tools- manage add-ons-toolbar and extension.” Aperrently my “shockwave flash” was disable, to whatever the hell that is. Anyways turned it on and my videos started to work again.

  160. june blevins says:

    i am having flashes of add’s popping up on my pages. Popup is on. i didn’t have this problem until i got internet 9. is it safe to use my computer? If i send an email will it be a virus?

  161. Jordan says:

    Really annoyed by this. I was kinda dumb and started deleting and uninstalling programs I had recently installed on my computer thinking that they caused this problem. Please let me know when this fixed!!

  162. Valrie says:

    So, I’ve installed Flash Player 10.3 but when I try to watch a video or play a game on the internet, I have internet explorer 9, it tells me I need to update my flash player… Anyone know how to fix this?

  163. Kent says:

    Thanks Miguel Disabled active x filtering.

  164. Therese says:

    How do I remove it from my computer?? It won’t uninstall

  165. Ravindra says:


    This is Ravindra Jassal from Mumbai, India. I had the similar problem and SOLVED IT !!! by taking following steps:

    1) Installed latest version of Firefox.

    2) Opened a youtube video IN FIREFOX and played the video in NORMAL MODE (not Fullscreen mode)

    & paused it after 5 seconds.

    3) Then I went to the DESKTOP & right clicked on SCREEN to see SWITCHABLE GRAPHICS mode.

    4) I clicked on it & I saw PLUGINS HOLDER set to HIGH PERFORMANCE mode.

    5) I clicked on HIGH PERFORMANCE mode to change it to POWER SAVING MODE. Then clicked Apply.

    And voila, all my problems with Flash Player got solved.

    Flash Player started working fine BOTH in IE9 & FIREFOX.

    I assure you, try it for once & you will get the result.

    This msg is for entire Adobe Community using Accelerated Graphics Cards & having problems with Flash Player 10.3


    Ravindra Jassal

  166. Glenda says:

    I installed Flash 10×3 on my Mac just this week and immediately I noticed it was causing Safari to crash every time I tried to watch a video. My husband uninstalled it, but every website requires it to watch videos. I re-installed it and Safari still crashes when any video link is clicked. Someone, please tell me how to fix it!

  167. charlie says:

    thank you, your update made my company flash games all bugged because everything became case sensitive. it’s sad but as a tester, at least you made someone happy. Because of you now I have more work then ever!

    But then all flash developpers must be furious. and the customers too.
    good one Flash!

  168. kat says:

    how come when in facebook games it now shuts my computer off when the game has finished loading. this is getting me very angry!

  169. Joan says:

    Where can I get an older version that will work with Windows 7? This aggravating.

  170. nancy says:

    I just wish i had explorer 8 back. I don’t remember installing 9. My restore points only go back a couple weeks. IE 9 isn’t listed in programs in uninstall. (my brain doesn’t like that.)

    I’ve already factory-recovered this puppy once. It has tons of features I don’t need or use, but somebody told me it was too late to uninstall them. It’s an old hp gaming laptop i bought so i could do medical transcription with it. Big, rare and obsolete…this puppy sorta reminds me of my first car. Ah yes…it was 1976…and I was driving a 1965 Fleetwood Cadillac my grandpa passed on to me. A simpler time, it was…sigh.

    I’m at the mercy of you good people.

    “Oh, Miss Scarlett, I dunno NOTHIN’ bout birthin’ BABIES!”

  171. Joan says:

    NOT Fixed !! No you tube and other sites !!!! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  173. Faizal Ahmed says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure if this is Adobe’s fault, but Youtube, or any other websites don’t work properly. I can’t even download anything! Help please!