Update on Flash Player 10.3 and IE9 issues

Thanks to everyone who has provided information on their system and driver versions. This has helped us work on identifying a fix for the SWF rendering issue.  This bug was exposed due to some changes we made to blocklist certain incompatible drivers from using hardware acceleration in Flash Player.

We have a pre-release build ready for testing, which is available in the updated technote.

We have confirmed this fixes the SWF rendering in the wrong location on the machines where we have reproduced the problem. As there are many configurations and driver combinations that we don’t have in our testing lab, your feedback is important to ensure we have a good resolution. If your system has this issue, please download the pre-release and let us know either through the bug or on the forums if it resolves the issue. Make sure you re-enable IE9 hardware acceleration when you try the player.

The issue where the SWF rendering problem re-appears after exiting full screen mode now seems to occur sporadically, so please report your system information if you still experience this problem with the pre-release build. We are working with Microsoft to determine the cause of the full screen issue.

If you encounter any new issues please also report these, along with your feedback, through the Adobe Flash Player Bug Management System. Please review the instructions on this page for details on generating the information we’ll need for further investigation.

Update 5.25.2011 Folks that still see the top-left SWF issue, please verify that your installation was successful by selecting right click on SWF content and viewing the version in the “About Flash Player…” menu item or go here.

Update 5.26.2011 We will be releasing an update next week to address both issues (top-left and in/out full screen). We also continue to follow up on reports that the pre-release build doesn’t resolve the problem on some computers. The dxdiag info is very helpful, and also please post the URL where you are experiencing these problems.

Update 5.31.11 Flash Player has been released and is available on adobe.com and through the auto-update notification. It addresses the Intel HD graphics and Internet Explorer 9 issue.

136 Responses to Update on Flash Player 10.3 and IE9 issues

  1. Sreekanth says:

    This fix is NOT working completely. I have Windows 7, IE9 and latest fix on May 24th. This is better on banner ads, but has issues when seeing videos on hulu, abc, cbs etc. The ad windows goes out of the main video window and makes it difficult to watch and control.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Thanks, I’ll have someone contact you directly about your config.

    • Austin says:

      Ok is everyone below a 32bit; because some say it is working on YouTube..J it does not work at all; unless you have hardware acceleration off I think it works sometimes? Im a 64-bit I have the latest patch for by Intel Graphics and it still does not work and also Nvidia Geforce GT 325M Cuda 1G Memory; basically it does not work at all with Internet 9. Also your download does not respond well to download and download well at all with the Active-X filtering off just so you can download it; by luck I got it once. I go to Youtube its says update your Adobe Flash and I did-so nothing WORKS ALL!!! Where is your Flash 10.2, also i don’t trust downloading from other sites and C-NET does not have it anymore.

      • Austin says:

        In case your wondering how I have two graphics cards (ASUS N61Jv)-I tried switching them both….NOTHING!!!

      • maverickhawk 5 says:

        ok you need shockwave player 11.6 to make it work…Weird? Works for 32bit browsers on windows 7 IE9. Im a 64 bit, but im running on a 32bit browser so don’t confuse it. I have not tested on the 64bit browser-Austin

        • Emmy Huang says:

          No, this is not the case. Shockwave Player is not required to run Flash Player and there is no reason why installing it would fix any Flash Player issues.

      • Austin says:

        Ok maybe not…I really don’t know why it worked for a sec once I downloaded shockwave player 11.6? I think IE9 does not pick up the manage add-ons…I been doing research and I don’t know I can help any longer but its got to be a “shockwave flash object”? what are they combined. I trying to help and I don’t work for this company one bit. I just frustrated that I can’t watch videos anymore…especially 3Dsmax tutorials on youtube from some viewers. I give up…All I got to say is get into a meeting with creators of IE9 and intel graphics for petes sake if you have not all ready…most likely you can come together and discuss how you can put this together, because something is telling me you have not.

    • B Dabroski says:

      I could not get Flash Player to work on Windows 7 64 bit processor system. Once I uninstalled Explorer 9 and installed Explorer 8, the downloaded FP 11 version worked perfectly. Oh yes, I paid $150 to find this out. thanks everybody.

    • B Dabroski says:

      to get Flash Player working on your Win 7 64bit processor, uninstall Explorer 9 and reinstall Explorer 8

  2. J says:

    No issues so far with Had same problems as other’s. Fox News, CNBC, and YouTube video are all fine. Running Win 7, IE9, Intel HD Graphics Drv. Ver. on a Fujitsu Lifebook AH530

  3. Hans Huisman says:

    Problem solved with the pre-release15. (Windows7, IE9 and Intel Gr.). Everything at the right place….so far, so good.

  4. edavis says:

    The 24May “fix” did not fix the problem. According to Intel, my graphics driver is up to date. The main problem I am having is with pictures and videos either appearing in the wrong place or popping up multiple times on the same page.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Can you verify you have the right version installed (right click and look at About… for the version number Want to make sure the updated player installed correctly for those of you still reporting an issue.

  5. PapaB says:

    This fix worked for me. Flashing in left corner gone. I have a HP-G72 Notebook, W7(HomePremium 64bit), I3, IE9. Thank you.

    • RNJ79 says:

      i also have an HP-G72 Notebook, W7(HomePremium 64bit), I3, IE9. and my issue seems to be fixed. The yahoo homepage was one of the worst to navigate but seems fixed now.

  6. Chanel J says:

    I am also having the same issue and the information provided did not help fix my problem. It is still showing the videos in the top left hand corner and will not allow me to control anything. Please help

  7. PapaB says:

    Thank you for the fix. Worked great……no flashing in left corner of screen. I have HP-G72 Notebook, W7 (64bit), I3, IE9. Thanks again.

  8. Kelly says:

    I’m also still having the same problem. I have a Sony Vaio VPCEB42FM with Windows 7 and IE 9. ESPN.com shows the flash updates in the top left hand corner instead of in the flash window.

  9. Michael says:

    The update didn’t fix it on my systems
    Lenovo Thinkpad X1
    Lenovo Thinkpad edge 420s
    both IE 9 and Win7
    same problem on HP Probook

  10. Hans says:

    The update fixed the problem for me. Lenovo Thinkpad X201, Windows 7 64bit, IE 9

  11. LBRo says:

    The fix didn’t fix my problem either! Still getting the video in the upper left corner and it scrolls down somewhat with me when I scroll down.

  12. Greg says:

    I downloaded the fix and it worked for but a moment and then after I went to another page it started happening again. I checked and I have Flash Player 10,3,181,15 installed, but it is supposed to be marked with commas and not periods? I found that odd. I have a Toshiba Satellite C655 with Windows 7 64-bit and a intel Core i3. Is there a way to get this fixed yet? This is getting ridiculous.

  13. Donte says:

    Fix did not work for me. I have a HP Touchsmart PC 600 with Intel HD graphics card. My symptoms are – ads that pop up out of place – also as I scroll down the screen the ads follow. Especially when I visit http://www.usatoday.com. Graphics problems seem to like the top left hand portion of my screen. Sad.

  14. Jimmy says:

    This fix isnt working for me, I have an Alienware M11X , IE9 Win 7 64 bit. 1gb GPU

    Iam getting frustated. I have tried most options

  15. Khalid says:

    IE9 on Windows7 (64)

    All the flash videos and banner ads are playing/flickering out on the left side of the browser, whereas the page is centered on the screen.

    I tried resetting the setting, but nothing helped.

    Looks like I would have to uninstall flash player altogether.

  16. Marc says:

    I have the same problem than all of the above.

  17. Venkat says:

    This fix did not solve the problem, I still have flashing ads. I am running Windows 7 64 bit on Lenovo T510 and i5 processor. I verified the version of flash player, it is

  18. MarkB says:

    Started by checking my Intel HD Graphics driver and got a confirmation that the driver version is the most recent available. I verified that I have Flash Player installed, and the flashing, flickering video window in the upper left corner makes it impossible to navigate some websites; I have to end up shutting down IE and going back into it. Running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on a Sony Vaio Vaio VPCEB47GM, with i5 processor. Also tried installing the Flash workaround. The things that I have not tried are: disabling hardware accelleration, rolling back to IE8, or uninstalling Flash Player. None of these are appealing to me, but neither is the annoying flickering window.

  19. Howard says:

    The interim update of the flash player issued this week solved the problem on my system. I am running Windows 7 on an HP Pavilion dv6 with a 15 inch touch screen.

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  21. patty says:

    I downloaded the flash player update but the flashing video is still appearing in the upper left corner.

  22. RoyM says:

    “TechNote” link above (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/904/cpsid_90416.html) contains solution 3 which updates the Adobe Flash Player to version (http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplatformruntimes/flashplayer10-3/flashplayer10-3_b3_activex_052311.exe).

    This solved the very frustrating/annoying problem/bug for me. I saw the ad-popup flickering in the IE browser, and in hotmail, and also saw the offset window in pandora.com. Everything appears to be working appropriately now.

  23. Darren says:

    i use to have the problem of the video trying to play in odd places, but now sinc installing the fix – instead of the video trying to play – it just says i need to upgrade to adobe flash 10.3 and thats the 1 i have installed. i’m using a HP dv6 64 bit wit windows 7

  24. Mark G says:

    i have a problem with the new driver version 181.15

    with nVidia graphics cards (2x 285gtx)

    the flash player works ok until i make it full screen. then the screen blacks out except for a line or two of pixels on the top.

    turned off hw acceleration, same issue.

    so the interim update didnt fix my problem, but i dont even have an intel graphics chip in my computer

    • Emmy Huang says:

      If you don’t have an Intel card, then you have a new issue. Can you file a bug?

  25. Juli says:

    I have installed this program and it has reallly messed with any flash player programs on the websites I visit. I saw that there was a work around to go back to version 10.2 until this is fixed, but that didn’t work either. Any suggestions so I can go back to enjoying my websites again?

  26. ChuckM says:

    I found that the latest Intel driver fixed the issue on my system. The driver version is My system is an HP dv6t laptop with intel Core I3 M370 CPU and Intel HD Grahphics running Windows 7 64 bit with SP1. I obtained the driver from Intel since HP does not appear to be offering this version of the driver on their support site yet. It appears that the .exe version of the driver update from Intel will not function properly and aborts the installation, possibly because of an HP/Intel compatibility issue, although I did not investigate it completely. If you download the zip version and use Control Panel to install the driver from the .inf file per the Intel installation readme, the driver appears to install properly and fix the issue.

  27. Santhiyaa says:

    All Videos are flashing, flickering,and moving. It has never happened to me before and i have had it for a long time. I dont know a lot about computers. So could you please tell me if it has to do anything with the flash player and how i can fix it? Thanks

  28. Yvonne says:

    Ravenwood fair is not loading period for the last 3 days, pleas help?

  29. Richard says:

    Fix did not work. IEP9 and Win7.

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  31. Balu says:

    25th May fix did not work for me. I have windows 7 and IE9 (downloaded on 24th May). I am using Dell INSPIRAN N4010 (Intel Core i5). I updated the flash player, but the issue (flash appearing on the left-hand top corner still persists. Please Help – Thanks

  32. Atreidez says:

    The update worked for me. I had version and my flash was all over the place, but mainly in the top left corner. After installing the 24may patch I had to close active browsers but after that newly opened browsers don’t have the issue anymore.

    System HP notebook 6540b, basic.
    Windows 7 Pro
    Internet Explorer 9 according to windows update

    Thanks, and kind regards,

  33. Vedrit says:

    Running latest version and still dealing with SWF in the wrong place. Uninstalled and re-installed

  34. MISS N says:

    hi ireally have an annoying problem which is that videos and advertisements never appear instead there is an ad in the upper left side plz plz help me and this is a very common problem plz help 🙁

  35. Jeanne Greven says:

    Having all the problems listed above, all the flickering and flashing outsidethe box,
    can’t play the games which need the flash player.

  36. Rod says:

    IE9 will not show the embeded video on just 1 web site, BUT the Download bar can see it and will play the video and allow me to d/l it.
    My Equipment: HP dv7-1025nr, Vista home premium 64 bit, IE9.

  37. Mark says:

    This is still not fixed. The new version is still throwing windows outside the page. I have uninstalled and reinstalled from direct link above and STILL nothing. How about testing this with all browsers prior to roll out!!!

    • Mark says:

      Can I please get the direct link for the previous version of the flash player?

    • Emmy Huang says:

      “throwing windows outside the page” doesn’t sound like this specific bug. Can you file a bug or post to the forums with a screenshot or more detailed description of your issue?

  38. mikem says:

    I have a Dell N5010 with Intel HD Graphics driver. After updating the graphics driver I started noticing the same Flash problem on IE8 mentioned by others on this post. Upgrade to IE9, same problem. I just installed Flash and the problem appears to have been fixed. Thanks!

  39. E.B. says:

    I first uninstalled, deleted its mention in the registry and re-installed . Then rolled back to IE 8, which I like much better than IE 9 (except for being somewhat slower), and I got the bug problem solved. The only setback is some flash games (a few) dont work right, or at all. I believe I’ll wait for a full release of flash instead of using a fix… never liked the testing and fixing stuff, then maybe I’ll re-install IE9.
    Config: i5, 4GB ram, Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

  40. AJ says:

    the patch for the flickering ads on may31 worked for me thanks ! i was about one sec away from a freaking seizure

  41. Shannan C says:

    OMG this fix did not work my computer is less than a month old and ie is useless oh and the fix so nicely downloaded chrome against my wishes…thanks adobe for that…now i get to waste more of my time getting the new comuper to work the way i want it to

  42. Bill says:

    I went to adobe.com and the download page says “Flash Player 10.1 is not currently available for Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit) Beta.” Then, when I click on “Download a preview release of Flash Player,” I get a page that says, “Flash Player 10.1 is not currently available for Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit) Beta” on the AdobeLabs website. From this page I click on a link that says “Download the Flash Player “Square” preview for use on 64-bit operating systems” which takes me to a page on that says “Adobe Flash Player “Square” Preview Release” and is dated November 30, 2010!

    Emmy, since you seem to work for Adobe and seem to be monitoring this page, can you please provide a link to the fix you mention above? Don’t just point us to adobe.com, as they haven’t caught up yet, obviously.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Flash Player does not yet have native support for 64-bit browsers. For Windows, you can run the 32-bit version of IE (that should be the default browser on your system) and install Flash Player 10.3.

      • Bill says:

        And how do I get there? At work, where I was having the same problem, I just went to adobe.com and clicked on the download link for Flash Player, downloaded, and the problem disappeared. This was also on IE9. No idea whether it was 32-bit or 64-bit.

        I can see that you’re trying to help, but just give us links where we can download the latest version/fix. I use IE9, and have no clue whether it’s 32-bit or 64-bit. It’s whatever it is when I downloaded it. We’re not all techies here. I didn’t specifically do anything other than disable the Bing bar when I downloaded it directly from Microsoft.

        And, more to the point, when everything is moving to 64-bit (no issues with any other software), why is Adobe behind the eight ball?

        • Emmy Huang says:

          Hi Bill,

          Sorry! get.adobe.com/flashplayer

          When you launch IE9 from your program files or start menu, the entry that reads “Internet Explorer” is the 32-bit one, and 64-bit reads “Internet Explorer (64-bit)”.

          • Bill says:

            Okay, I figured out the 32-bit versus 64-bit version of IE, and have downloaded the latest version of Flash Player. It seems to work fine on the 32-bit version.

            I’ve always used the 64-bit version and never had a problem before. Why is that?

          • Terri says:

            Hi Emmy

            Scuse me ‘joining in’ but i have same issue as Bill and still goi g in circles. I went to get.adobe.com/flashplayer as you stated but still going in circles and nothing to download?

            what do i do? thanks

          • Emmy Huang says:

            Hi Terri,

            Sorry to hear about your troubles. Can you go to the support center and follow the troubleshooting technote to do a clean uninstall and see if that resolves your issue? http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/


  43. RickS says:

    I’m running Intel Graphics on a new Dell laptop 64bit. Windows 7 , IE9 32 bit. I’ve installed/uninstalled at least 8 times the last 5 days. It’s not working at all. Symptom..it is not recognizing that Adobe Flash Player 10 is installed although it’s listed in programs in the Control Panel

    • Emmy Huang says:

      I’m assuming you’ve done the clean uninstall method, but in case here is the trouble shooting technote that has instructions for a clean uninstall: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/191/tn_19166.html#main_Uninstall

      Also, after you update, make sure you close your browser or restart your machine. If this is still happening for you, please post on the Adobe forums. There are folks there that can help gather the info we need to follow up.

  44. Deep says:

    My config: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, Intel Graphics, IE9


    I used to have problems with videos floating to top left of screen after exiting full-screen. That is fixed with this update. I notice all remaining issues happen only when zoom set to anything other than 100% in IE9. Folks having problems should reset zoom to 100% and see if that fixes their issues.

    Adobe: Please research the zoom issue. E.g.,
    – set IE9 zoom to 200%
    – View any video in CNN WITHOUT full screen
    – Now scroll over to the volume icon on the video window and see it fly all over the place
    – Reset the zoom to100%. Problem goes away.

    It seems to me that IE9 or Flash is not accounting for zoom setting in positioning.

  45. Lawson says:

    time to switch browsers???

  46. R.A.Hill says:

    Fix not working IE9 Win7

  47. Kevin says:

    This still doesn’t work with the latest ( NVidia graphics drivers in IE9 on 2008 R2 (and yes, I’m running the 32-bit version of IE9). I’ve tried checking/unchecking the GPU setting to no avail. Uninstalled/reinstalled Flash to no avail. Basically, there are sites that just plain don’t work at all with flash in IE9.

    If you’re going to be the industry standard, you might want to verify the product actually works on all platforms/graphics drivers before you distribute, and make sure that the code websites are supposed to use to script the player actually works in all browsers.

    You also might want to make sure your posting methods work and don’t throw 405 errors in IE!

  48. Guru says:

    Thank you for the fix. It worked fine for my HP EliteBook running Win 7 with IE 9. I guess it would help if this could be pushed as part of the auto update. It took me a while to go thru the forums to understand the relatively simple fix.


  49. James Read says:

    Installed the latest release as recommended and so far that has corrected the problem.

  50. La vida sin problemas es como un beso sin lengua

  51. Crystal Hill says:

    I am having the same issues with blinking screens. I have only started having this problem since we started on IE9. I tried the update to Adobe but it did not work. I am not even sure I got the right Adobe. This is driving me crazy. How do I fix this???

  52. Menna says:

    I don’t have any of the mobiles that they told us about I have a IPhone so how I Adobe Flash Player

  53. Menna says:

    I have a iPhone so how can I Adobe Flash Player ?

  54. ben ameur says:

    merci pour ouverteur cet video

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  56. jp says:

    Ive tried every troubleshooting info on installing adobe flash player and with no resolve. Anyone else having problems installing this to thier Window Vista? When I look to uninstiall the early version its there but still can watch videos etc. Really frustrating

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  58. Jack says:

    The time for Flash is gone, all the time troubles. With the latest release the computer slow down (the mouse make pause of 1 sec after the cursor moves) if someone show a video or on a website a few flash banner exist. I have decided to remove Flash from all of our computer (230 hosts) by next update distribution then I will wait too see if the user will missing it 🙂

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  60. Shena Griffith says:

    I have a Dell Inspiron 546 desktop computer with 2 users & IE9. The problem – on my part of the computer Flash Player does not work. I recently downloaded the latest software. I use the computer for my college and it requires Adobe Flash Player. My husband uses the computer and his account has Flash Player working super fine. What is the problem?

  61. Rok says:

    Dude, awesome. just upgraded to and the problem is gone. my laptop uses NVIDIA OPTIMUS technology(which uses Intel HD for ie9) operating in win7 x64. i can confirm that its been solved.
    Thank you

  62. Rex says:

    I am running an Acer Aspire/Win7 home premium /IE9 32system. The Inte HD Graphic version is Using Flash everything tests out OK.
    The installation does not seem to have installed the System32\Macromedia folders.
    However if I go to https://reserve.albertaparks.ca/crrs/public/reservation/findCampsite.htm
    I cannot see the Flash info & the site hangs because it wants me to install thelatest Flash version.
    Any idea what I can do?

  63. JR says: doesn’t work for me in IE9. The screen flashes and it doesn’t show ads or video; it jumps around. I have Windows 7 64-bit I5 chip. I believe my graphics card is on the motherboard. It works fine in Firefox 4. Please fix it or let us download 16 which was the last release that worked for me.

  64. Mickey Finn says:

    This is more than not good enough, I’ve been experiencing this problem to far too long, IE is all but unuseable to me. The flashing banners etc in the top right corner also apply to those “you have won” virus messages etc and because the image blinks and stutters you don’t see that “click here” until you’ve done so…nice guys, really nice. Who can I sue? WE don’t have to fix this, those lazy, incompetent sods at adobe do. And fix it now. I won’t be using IE again either, firefox for me.

  65. Gary says:

    Still having problems on my HP Pavilion DV9-2150US (Intel HD Graphics) with IE9 and the latest Adobe Flash update.

  66. Diana Frattarelli says:

    I have 2 computers.

    1 laptop win 7, IE 9, 64 bit op. Flash player does not work on FB. If I use the 32 bit IE9, I can see youtube videos. But not my uploaded personal ones.

    On my desktop it’s win 7, IE 9, 32 bit ops Everything works well, flash player and all. I can see everything.

    64 bit and flash player do not get along at all.

  67. Tracy Landers says:

    The fix didn’t fix my problem either. Still having all the same video streaming problems as before and some sites will not load properly that use Flash.

  68. Ed says:

    Adobe Flash Player 10.3 DOES NOT work with Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit).
    It does work on same computer with Google Chrome 12.0.742.100 m.
    Can anyone explain this?

  69. Gerarda says:

    I guess that my comment from a few days ago has been removed. I will repeat what I said. This is not rocket science. You people at Adobe don’t know what you’re doing.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      If you used inappropriate language, I probably deleted it. this one has been approved.

  70. Mike says:

    when i try to up load pitures like onto face book it says i need to up date flash player so i do but every time i try to upload a picture the same thing comes up. i have windows 7 ,ie9. i never had this problem before. can anyone help me

  71. HOWARD ORR says:


  72. Kristy says:

    . I want to look at cvs and walmart flyers and it says i have to upload the current flash player and when i do i get this message Flash Player 10.1 is not currently available for Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit) Beta Can someone assit me with this

    • Chris Campbell says:

      Hi Kristy,
      It sounds like you’re using the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer. Can you verify this by clicking the “gear” icon in the upper right corner of the browser window and selecting “About Internet Explorer” from the menu?

      If you see that the version contains 64-bit, please either install the beta version of Flash Player from the following link or close IE and restart the 32 bit version.


  73. Christopher says:

    I have downloaded the latest flash player and it does not run at all. It shows up as downloaded but everytime I am on a site it says need flash and tells me to download it. I am running Windows 7 and IE9 ??????????? it does work if I run chrome so it is definitely downloaded ???????????????

    • Chris Campbell says:

      Hi Christopher,
      It sounds like you might be running into a problem with ActiveX Filtering or enabling the ActiveX control. Please take a look at the following two links that describe how to resolve these common issues:


      Please note, if you’re running the 64bit version of Internet Explorer, you’ll need to have the 64bit Flash Player control installed from the labs link I posted below.

  74. Christopher says:

    I am running 64 bit and I guess I am about done with flash as is almost all other IE9 and Windows7 64 people … sheesh get on the ball adobe already

  75. Laurie says:

    when I am on facebook games it will not allow me to play. None of the games are coming up it just says if it hasnt loaded in 10 seconds you need to upload the latest version of flash player. I have uninstalled the older version. followed instructions to the letter. it says downloaded. and still will not let me play games. says i need to upload the newest version….. havent been able to play my games in 4 days ….. NOT HAPPY….. PLEASE HELP

  76. Dan says:

    When using IE9 to access Youtube etc I still get told that I have to install the latest Flash update. I have Flash and the latest graphic driver. I will check back from time to time to see if there is some IE9 fix that will work for me but I am now using Mozilla Firefox as it plays flash files no problem.

  77. JJ says:

    I was called to remedy the redering issue at a family members’ pc. They could not play videos at all and could not download the latest Adobe Flash Player. They were using Win 7 and IE 9. The resolution of the problem was: Under IE Tools, they had the “Disable the ActiveX” feature checked, which I unchecked allowing the Flash Player to be downloaded and installed, but then came the rendering issues. YouTube would play, but not CNN and NY Times embedded videos. I went into the IE 9 Tools advanced settings and checked ” Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” and restarted IE. Every thig worked properly. Please reference the following link for more information.
    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2528233 Hope this helps you out. JJ.

  78. Charles says:

    Sorry Adobe® Flash® Player is not available from Adobe.com for your device’s operating system or browser.

    View the system requirements for supported operating systems and browsers >

    Copyright © 2010 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.
    I use IE9 32bit version on Windows 7 any help would nice (my flash player version is 10,3,181,26 )

  79. Kristen says:

    So I was forced to install the newest flash player while watching Youtube videos yesterday. Everything was fine until today. I have installed the 10.3 probably 4 or more times. Last time I restarted my computer and then had to install again even though all the other times it was it was installed (and i troubleshooted and 10.3 is installed) and I got to watch a few videos. Then I tried to watch another video and it stopped working. Completely blank screen where the video should be. I tried other videos on Youtube and the same thing occured. NOTHING. I really did not want to update flash player, and now knowing that the update does nothing I am really upset.

  80. Louise says:

    I have Vista and IE 9, can not download Adobe Flash Player, If I go back to IE8 some on-line programs tell me I need IE9. Considering buying Windows 7.

  81. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
    Lenovo Thinkpad W520
    All patches current, for Windows, Thinkpad, and Adobe
    NYTimes site fails “Internet Explorer has stopped working …”
    Uninstall Flash
    NYTimes site works fine
    Reinstall Adobe flash
    NYTimes site fails
    Uninstall Flash
    NYTimes site works

  82. Randy says:

    I cannot get Adobe Flash Player to work on my system. Chatted with an Adobe technician who gave me an Install file – shich didn’t work either. Please Advise?

  83. Alicia says:

    I have a problem with the adobe flash player 10.3 whenever i got on youtube.
    I originally and still cannot download adobe flash player 10.3 on http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/, because whenever I click the download button, it just simply refreshes the page and does not do anything. I have refreshed the page myself, but it still does the same thing when I try to click the download button once agian, and repeatedly does this.

    While on youtube, I can see the videos, but I cannot see the images for the related videos.
    I use Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7, 32 bit. I cannot upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 because CA security does not support it. I already did try to troubleshoot the issue by using the site provided on the adobe website.

    • Emmy Huang says:

      Have you done the clean uninstall and reinstall?

      • Alicia says:

        Yes, I did. I actually have 3 browsers, Google chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. I tried to download adobe flash player 10.3 on each browser, but they all do the same thing.
        I have already downloaded it, but it does not work. For websites, it still says “please upgrade to the latest version of adobe flash.”
        Except on this website, http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/, it does say that I have version

  84. Alicia says:

    I downloaded adobe by using the manual download.

  85. william says:

    ATTENTION adobe

    Hi. i have the same problem as most other users are experiencing. i’m not very comp literate but here goes – i have a IE9, 64 bit laptop (dell i1764) windows 7, core i3. i cannot watch videos on certain sights (eg liverpool fc.tv) neither can i see the images. when the page loads, there is something that flashes on the top left of the screen also.
    is there a final fix to this problem?
    like i said i’m not v good with computers and will appreciate it if some1 can kindly direct me to a site with the permament solution. is there a permanent solution to this or is it temporary from what i am reading?
    also i have tried the uninstall/reinstall – did not help
    i have also tried to view sites using windows using IE (64 bit) – did not help iether

    thank u

  86. william says:

    oh yes, i have flash player 11, 0, 1 98 installed

  87. Mag says:

    Flash Player upgrade required, IE 9 keep asking me to download Flash player

  88. Paul says:

    Why does this problem persist? I go to flash.com and the flash portion is a blithering mess. FYI, I am running version 183.7 with the latest Intel HD Graphics for the HP 6330f machine. This is driving me to Firefox!

  89. Debbie says:

    I’ve been trying to download Flash to watch some videos on MSNBC. I’ve downloaded three times (uninstalling/reinstalling each time) and it still tells me I need the current version. I have installed which is what the site keeps telling me is the current version. Every time, I get the ‘yes it installed’ screen, but the Flash movie isn’t playing – which to me says it is not working. I’ve rebooted, I’ve reinstalled, I’m looking for something else to use. It doesn’t work in IE9 or FireFox on my system.

    I’d appreciate any suggestions.

  90. JB says:

    I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 34-bit, Internet Explorer 9. Whenever I try to play a video on facebook or http://www.youtube.com it says I need to update Flash Player. I have updated Flash Player and still having same issue. Please HELP!!

  91. Kianna says:

    The fix doesn’t work my laptop too. I have Acer Aspire,basically nothing works.

  92. itchibahn says:

    Flash works fine in FireFox, but neither IE8 nor IE9 will work. I’m using Win7 32bit. Followed Microsoft support instructions and other various blog with no luck. I’ve tried Flash v10.2.152.32 to latest version v11.01.152, but having not luck at all. The website the flash won’t come up on IE is http://www.apgsonline.com.

  93. Diana Frattarelli says:

    I have win 7 64 bit operating system. If I use the 32 bit browser, It says to get a updated flash player.
    If I use the 64 bit browser, it lets me hear the video, but the video flashes costantly and you can’t watch it.

    I have all the updated version of the adobe flash player and shockwave player. 🙁