FarmVille Features Flash Animation in Holiday Film

FarmVille embraces the holiday spirit and helps children in the process! The loveable cast of characters from the addictive Facebook Flash game launched their first-ever Flash animated holiday film. T’is the season for giving! FarmVille has partnered with Save The Children to give players a fun way to contribute to a great cause. Watch “A Very FarmVille Christmas” or go to for a super-cool way to contribute. By making select in-game purchases, you can make a real difference in a child’s life.

For more information on game development using Flash and AIR, please visit the Adobe Gaming Solutions site.


12 Responses to FarmVille Features Flash Animation in Holiday Film

  1. A wonderful effort from Facebook Flash team 🙂 The movie seems much better than the game. Gurr! It was so addictive and even my physics professor would play it for hours.

  2. Curbert Mary says:

    That’s wonderful, in fact.

  3. RachellGrace says:

    It is so wonderful.

  4. James Borden says:

    I hope this will works real well so I can accessing to see my facebook
    And browser, any kinds of the website that will enabled me to accessory
    And video phone to see each others thru window and hopefully
    The windows 7 will appear on my mobile app, Etc.

    Thank you!

  5. njice to watch it thanks a lot for this sharing

  6. tirana says:

    A game that makes people waist a lot of time when playing it while at work.

  7. vlora says:

    Time wasting game.

  8. hruaia boihtlung says:

    good idea

  9. tanz says:

    Its really great!!

  10. kyla says:

    I can not get farmville, cityville, petville, or any other game to load on facebook even though I have the latest version of flash player on my system. Actually I don’t think I have ever got my flashplayer to work. Please help