A Sweet Update: Flash Player 11.1 and AIR 3.1 for Android 4.0

We’re excited to announce the updated Flash Player 11.1 for Android devices, which will be followed by an AIR 3.1 update shipping next week. These introduce full support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), including the new Galaxy Nexus. These updates will be available on the Android Market.

AIR 3.1 brings immersive, beautiful apps powered by Flash to iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry PlayBook, Barnes and Noble Nook tablets, and the Amazon Kindle Fire (whew!). As a developer, you can use Flash to create brilliant interactive experiences, games, and video and seamlessly deliver them to over 1 billion people: in the browser on 99% of PCs and via app stores to over 350 million iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re focusing on enabling amazing Flash based experiences via apps on phones and tablets, and this release will be the last major version of the mobile browser plug-in. The most stunning, innovative content and games for mobile devices are delivered and consumed through apps. The most impactful, engaging experiences on the desktop are delivered through the browser. With Flash Player for desktop and AIR apps for mobile, Flash allows you to craft and deliver beautiful experiences for both.

Flash developers are taking us on adventures across breathtaking worlds in best-selling games like Machinarium, a Flash-enabled game that became the best-selling app across the iTunes App StoreBlackBerry App World, and Mac App Store.

We’ve seen kids (and kids at heart) find hidden treasure bringing their drawings to life in interactive books like Kidoodle Apps’ Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure for iPad and Android tablets.

And we’ve had delightful fun getting lost in helping a sheep find his way in Aardman Animations’ Home Sheep Home 2 for iPad.

You guys are crafting experiences that show how creative, fun, and amazing mobile apps can be. And we know you’re just getting started.

Tom Nguyen
Sr. Product Manager, Flash Runtime

3 Responses to A Sweet Update: Flash Player 11.1 and AIR 3.1 for Android 4.0

  1. Sean says:

    When will the AIR 3.1 be available on Amazon for the Fire Kindle?



  2. jenn says:

    Seriously my kindle fire is very annoying with no flash player, when will this change!? I need this to be fixed!!! I can’t be the only one!!! And how will I know when it’s available?!?