Rovio Chooses Flash Player 11 with Support for 3D Graphics

Today, Rovio launched Angry Birds for Facebook using Flash Player 11 with support for 3D graphics. The most social version of Angry Birds yet takes advantage of hardware accelerated graphics in Flash Player to bring a silky smooth gaming experience to a wider audience than ever before. More than 130 million people play Angry Birds every day – now with Flash Player, hundreds of millions of Facebook users can do the same. New, enhanced special effects like lighting, smoke and explosions running smoothly at 60 frames per second bring the game to a whole new level and allow players to have a more connected and engaging experience. As we showed you at Adobe MAX in the fall, Rovio’s general manager of North America, Andrew Stalbow provided a sneak peek of this new hardware accelerated version of Angry Birds built on Flash Player 11:

Angry Birds on Facebook game makes it even more exciting to play with friends, offering amazing new power-ups like Sling Scope, Birdquake, King Sling and Super Seed to extend players’ gratifying arsenals. And with new accelerated graphics, the feathery antics have never been more fun to more people. For more information about how to power-up your games using Flash and AIR, please visit the Adobe Gaming Solutions site.


6 Responses to Rovio Chooses Flash Player 11 with Support for 3D Graphics

  1. Peter says:

    To bad its limited to desktop and specific android mobile browsers that support flash as Adobe walked away from a huge market

  2. Sean says:

    Looks great… any word on when multi threading (AS3 workers) and AIR 3.0 for Smart TVs coming out?

  3. Just for the sake of completeness, Angry Birds is powered by the Starling Framework! w00t! 😉

  4. Advokatas says:

    I was waiting for this! Angry birds on Facebook, love it! 🙂

  5. Phuongthanh says:

    Developer Connection
    Open at Adobe