Away3D makes its way to Typescript!

10-9-2013-11-27-12-AM1Today our partners at Away3D have introduced their first official alpha release of Away3D for Typescript!  Away3D is an open source 3D framework available in Adobe’s Gaming SDK.  Initially available for ActionScript developers, this new alpha available on Away3D’s website opens the framework up to the Typescript language and Javascript developers everywhere.

We’d like to congratulate the team at Away3D!  This is a major milestone and a huge leap forward for hardware accelerated graphics on the web for both desktop and mobile platforms!

For full details, please see the Away3D Typescript 4.1 Alpha blog post by Rob Bateman.  For examples, test tools, and source files please visit

Video tutorials are available here:

Getting Started
Recompiling the core
Live debugging with Google Chrome

3 Responses to Away3D makes its way to Typescript!

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  2. Name says:

    great adobe, you post on the air/fp blog about frameworks being ported to other platforms, but didnt even mention your air/fp update released a few days ago. how about an update to the roadmap?

  3. n0a says:

    For details about the development of the Away3D TypeScript library, check out