Adobe AIR now supports x86 Android

AIR for Android x86





During the last few months, several device manufacturers have released Intel Atom based mobile phones and tablets. Momentum has been developing in the market for x86-based Android tablets, and with Intel committing that there will be 40 million tablets shipping by the end of the 2014, we knew the time was right to deliver native AIR support.

We have been listening to our AIR developers and we are very excited to announce support for packaging of AIR applications for Intel x86 based Android devices. This support will allow AIR developers to directly target the x86 Android platform, providing the best performance possible from their AIR applications.

With this new support, developers will be able to package their applications in captive mode. This capability will soon be available in the AIR SDK on Adobe Labs, so check back soon! The final version will be made available in one of our upcoming major releases.

The Adobe AIR platform is stronger than ever.  Today, Adobe AIR powers more than 50,000 unique mobile applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These applications have been installed more than a billion times by users across the world. By adding support for x86 based devices, our developers will be able to reach out to even more users, thereby making their applications succeed in this highly fragmented space.

Update (June 10th) – Android x86 support is now available in AIR 14 release.

Update (July 8th) – Before publishing x86 version of your AIR app on Play Store, please refer to this article to understand versioning.

52 Responses to Adobe AIR now supports x86 Android

  1. That’s really good news, thanks for taking prompt action on this feature request and letting us know, Romil.

  2. Flexicious says:

    Thank you Team Air – we’ve got large deployments of Mobile Air apps that we developed for our customers and we were sweating bullets about this one. This helps us tremendously in terms of continuing to build for, and recommending our customers to stick to Adobe Air platform.

  3. Wonderful news! Thanks Adobe

  4. Matse says:

    This is great news, also lots of exciting announcements at the Flash Online Conference ! Improved Stage 3D, AGAL2, new packager etc
    Now we need windows phone support 🙂

    • Anton Azarov says:

      At this moment WP market looks like not growing. It’s paused… or growing but very slowly. Also they demonstrating own power in switching to Android partially. This mean WP is so ugly and not popular, so in the future they will kick off WP OS. Developing Adobe Air for Windows Phone – it’s just time wasting.
      Also in near future we will receive WP 9 and where can be WP 8? )

  5. Gavin McNulty says:

    This is great news. Thanks for the continuing support. Please keep the communication coming though. After months of complaints it will be great to finally have a fix for this issue.

  6. Shawn Skinner says:

    Awesome! When will it be available for download?

  7. ryan says:

    Hooray this is great news!!! Probably my favorite part about this news is learning that Adobe actually reads it’s bug base! Thank you adobe, but keep on reading!!
    We need support for Windows Mobile Now!
    Windows Phone > Blackberry

  8. Jonsi says:

    Wow – fabulous news! Great work guys!

  9. Frédéric Calendini says:

    Thank you so much Adobe for your continued support of this amazing SDK! This is really awesome!

  10. HelenWLee says:

    Thank´s Romi! That is very good news.

  11. Santanu Karar says:

    ooh! Love the AIR! Thank you Adobe!

  12. Hugo says:

    Very, very good news.
    For me that was the number 1 issue (the second 1 with Windows Phone support :D).

    Thank you Adobe.

  13. JoeK says:

    Great news! I won’t fall asleep today!:D

  14. Boreez says:

    Awesome! Thanks, Team AIR!

  15. Izzmeifter says:

    Great news! Keep it up team AIR.

  16. Bob Harrison says:

    Will Adobe AIR for x86 Android support hardware video acceleration (using Intel’s libva librariers) for best video presentation ?

  17. Massimiliano says:

    Yess! God is back.

  18. macintox says:

    Thank you Adobe! very good news!

  19. Sanjay Patel says:

    Awesome! Thanks, Team AIR! this is great news. 🙂

  20. Daniel says:

    Great news, thank you!

  21. Mohammad Goodarzi says:

    Thank you Adobe ! this is very very good news. I will continue developing Air. Your efforts means a lot for us developers.
    The other thing I really love is to pay for flash technologies. In this way we can support you too and be sure you will continue supporting of Flash/Air technologies and developers.

    Thanks Again!

  22. Alejandro Gans Palanca says:

    Great news.
    Thanks Adobe.

  23. Mark says:

    Thanks AIR team, glad to see you are aware of what we need to be successful.

  24. Mathew says:

    Will this version of AIR support / enable Flash content to play within Webkit? Will it be updated to also enable all HTML5 constructs to play within Webkit? (If not, a list of supported/unsupported elements would be useful) Thanks!

  25. Thanks for the Easter good news!
    Adobe AIR Team rocks!

  26. Jason says:

    This is really great news! Thanks Adobe AIR team!

  27. Ged says:

    Thank you Adobe Air Team. This great news – that restores my faith in AIR

  28. Sean says:

    Great Great Great news… Keep it up Adobe…
    I specially like the new that “Adobe recognizes that Flash is good for more than just Gaming and Video” HELL YA!

  29. Greg says:

    Thank you Adobe. That’s great news.

  30. After24 says:

    Great news,

    Thank you for listening to your community.

  31. Peter says:

    Thank you Adobe. Wonderful news 🙂

  32. Antoine says:

    This is great news.
    Can you explain the changes to expect in the way apps and native extensions are packaged ? Do we still produce only one APK ? Do native extensions need to include a new Android-x86 platform ?

  33. Craig Umanoff says:


  34. rots says:

    Great news!

  35. YopSolo says:

    great addition, thx a lot !

  36. YeahMaan says:

    After 5 months… and when this pack are download ?

  37. saeed says:

    Very nice I need it.

  38. sanjeev says:

    Good job Adobe but it will take long time for you to win the confidence of flash community because it was you who create this messup all around you could have keep silent on flash player as others did for other web plugin. Well let see how long you keep AIR alive so far seems good

  39. LJ Meyers says:

    Great! Thank you!

  40. Jason Villmer says:

    Please vote to have Bug 3744843 evaluated by Adobe!! Thank you!

  41. Tobias says:

    Great! Keep up the awesome work on AIR!

  42. wing koo says:


  43. wing koo says:

    So good……..!

  44. Remon Lammers says:

    That’s great news! Thank you for listening!

  45. Jon Knight says:

    Is there any announcement yet on when the Beta version will actually be available from Adobe Labs. Having waited months for a fix with no updates, to have an imminent fix for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 performance issues but no delivery date is leading to a minor F5 addiction on the Adobe Labs page. We understand that Beta releases are “when they are ready”, but a steer as to when that is likely to happen would be very appreciated.

    • Yeahman says:

      I totally agree with you, it is unfortunate to depend on adobe for certain applications …

  46. Great! Thanks Adobe!

  47. Dave says:

    Absolutely flipping amazing!

    No news on Windows Mobile support? Due to movements with Nokia releasing an Android mobile, are we expecting MS to go over to Android? 😉 Any latest thoughts from Adobe would help us inform our clients and our strategy for supporting the Windows Mobile platform natively.

  48. Joe says:

    Will this app work on Samsung Galaxy S4?