AIR app installs cross a billion

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We are extremely pleased to announce that earlier this month the number of AIR applications installed across the world, on different devices and desktops, surpassed the magical “ONE BILLION”* mark!  We’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our entire developer community!  Your work allowed us reach this spectacular milestone.

The Adobe AIR platform is stronger than ever.  The technology which originally started with the desktop, now powers almost a hundred thousand unique applications on desktops and mobile devices.  These applications and games are published on app stores across the globe.

The following chart breaks down the installations based on AIR’s supported desktop and mobile operating systems

Platform Distribution

The number of new AIR apps being published on different application stores (including Google Play Store and Apple App Store) increases each month.  More than 70% of those applications belong to the Gaming, Education and Entertainment categories.

Category Distribution

AIR apps are in use across the world.  In the chart below we break down the installation distribution by language.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 4.17.15 PM











Adobe AIR is the most highly used cross platform technology for creating applications on both desktop and mobile platforms.  With such a massive reach, the Adobe AIR team plans to continue providing new features not only for creating better applications and games, but to also help promote those applications in a crowded and competitive space.

Congratulations everybody!


* The stats above include only those AIR applications that use AIR Runtime 3.8 and higher.

45 Responses to AIR app installs cross a billion

  1. Anton Azarov says:

    Users really glad to see that your team doing Adobe Air and continue to improve it 🙂

  2. Ben Leffler says:

    Fantastic stats. Adobe Air has and continues to be a joy to work with on a daily basis. Keep pumping out those releases, team! You have an army of passionate developers behind you, creating some amazing experiences.

  3. Ben says:

    Awesome! Thanks for creating such a successful platform.

    I do feel there is sometimes confusion in the public’s mind (and even the tech community) about what Adobe AIR is and what it does. Many people see it as the runtime that sits on their device and powers some AIR apps. Many don’t see it has a cross-platform solution that compiles to native code with it’s completely standalone captive runtime.

    I think it would be helpful if somehow it could be described more often as a cross-platform solution like Unity is, you don’t install ‘Unity’ on your device you just use it to compile and create Apps for various platforms.
    Not sure if this makes sense but it might help clear up some confusion in people’s minds about what Adobe AIR actually is capable of.

    Thanks again for giving such a versatile, creative platform to the community, for free.

  4. Fréderic Cox says:

    Looking good! Thanks for sharing this. It is good that Adobe is showing how good AIR really is. In this way not only the developers will know 😉

  5. Excellent news AIR team. All we need now is Windows Phone 8 and the world truly is our oyster!

  6. Yeahman says:

    and adobe air for intel processor ?

  7. Jonsi says:

    Impressive ! AIR is an incredible platform for a wide range of apps. I’ve yet to find a better toolset for the range of content we create.

  8. This is really great news for everyone :).
    It’s there a chance to know how you collect data and elaborate those charts. It could be very beneficial to dig some further into this data. I know raw data is private, but a list of Adobe AIR built apps could be very useful for our commercial teams to push forwards Adobe AIR tech to some reluctant clients.


  9. Sean says:

    Adobe, please begin promoting AIR and Flash back as Application solution, HTML5 can’t do everything as well as AIR, and… please bring back Flash to Android… u rock!

  10. hsantos says:

    That is great… But…. When will se have support for windows store?

  11. seyfx says:

    very great news, thanks Adobe.

  12. Carlos Henrique Zinato says:

    Let’s improve this for GAMES!

  13. Bentr0n says:

    Awesome news! Big thanks to the Adobe AIR team for all their hard work in getting AIR to this point and all the recent updates. AIR is a fantastic technology and I look forward to more good news like this!

  14. YopSolo says:

    wow such an achivement !

  15. Zwick says:

    Can’t wait for WP8 support! 🙂

  16. Joel says:

    “The Adobe AIR team plans to continue providing new features not only for creating better applications and games, but to also help promote those applications in a crowded and competitive space.”

    Yes! Apple has App Store. Google has Play Store, Adobe should have AIR Store!!!

  17. sanjeev says:

    good to see the growth of AIR, it is slow in comparison with flash but impressive. Hope Adobe to get the confidence back which they lost during flash in past couple of year

  18. Wonderful 🙂
    I have been to a big event at Google Campus lately, aimed to Apps Enthusiasts, developers and entrepreneurs, funny thing is, both developers and entrepreneurs, were amazed when they learned about AIR unique features and the boost it can give to productivity. They just didn’t know!
    So there’s a glitch somewhere… it’s up to us to communicate and communicate it well 🙂
    Immence love

  19. Growing strong! House AIR.

  20. ryan says:

    Do you see this Adobe?!?!?! PLEASE STOP SAYING AIR IS FOR VIDEO AND GAMES ONLY…. CLEARLY there are other applications.

  21. Ami says:

    great news!
    and now we just need Windows Phone 8

  22. Amorn A. says:

    Good thing to hear good news once in a while after a lot of Adobe flash/Air platform bad news.

    From my opinion, Adobe air is an awesome platform that bring Flash developer to mobile developer in a short way but it should be a lot better if they support more ANE.

    Too little ANE that support from Adobe and important ANE is supported by third-party!!! like in app purchase, notification which this is very important core of mobile developing but it’s not supply by Adobe. 🙁

    I think what Adobe wants is target on core developing, Air, and let’s 3 person doing ANE for them. You could do this in the old time when you have no competitors like Haxe, Appcelerator, Xamarin etc. but now you’re challengers. Please understand your position. The last thing is, Unity3d is an very awesome platform and i believe that Adobe is big enough to do something about it and I would love to hear about it. Adobe unity3d 🙂

    From one of Adobe fan boy.

  23. radu birsan says:

    glad to hear that I am just disappointed that Adobe dose not see the actual power of this.

  24. luca says:

    Great news and congratulations! Please, concentrate on Windows, we really need it now, to provide truly crossplatform apps.

  25. faisal says:

    Simple Awesome 🙂

  26. Andrius says:

    Amazing news. Waiting to hear more things like that in the future!

  27. George Webb says:

    Great news! And here’s a good idea for a new feature:

  28. Awesome news, I work with AIR on a daily basis and I’m just delighted about what this technology can do. Way to go Team AIR!

  29. lee says:

    Very good

  30. Villmer says:

    Please vote to have Bug 3744843 evaluated by Adobe!! Thank you!

  31. Dave says:

    I’ve been working with Air since it’s pre-release days years ago and absolutely love it.
    Thanks for supporting it so well Adobe…hoping these stats show the rest of the world how amazing Air is and that they’re missing out by using PhoneGap 😉
    Keep up the good work!

    Just one question…will you be publishing an updated roadmap soon with those potential ideas surrounding new features? Would be great if us, as a community, could see that roadmap and get involved helping to feedback and add to it.

  32. Andrea Sella says:


    i always believed in ADOBE and AIR is an excellent framework.
    Continue to support it so that we can create wonderful applications

    Thank’s a lot.

  33. Prasanna says:

    Great news!
    Waiting to hear for another big news shortly.

  34. Congrats to the Adobe AIR and Flash Player Teams and all community to get this huge milestone!

    btw, the world outside us is very big and they know little to nothing about this important news.

    So Go Adobe and show your commitment to your own technology and spend money making a good marketing!. So Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player come back to be a great and respected technology for all the world outside our own community.

    It’s your responsibility to make good marketing so your community base of supporters and developers could make our work and sell that this is a long term technology in which our clients could trust for the years to come.

    Hope to see main media all over the world to echo this great news! (and us the community must do the same in blogs and social media sites)

    Carlos Rovira

  35. bricemg says:

    error -24 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. papaakira says:


  37. Dipak says:

    Congratulations Adobe for your hard work. Also developers need your support so that air can successfully run on windows phone .
    Your continues support will inspire developers to make a lot of tremendous application in near future.

  38. Prabodh R Bhatt says:

    Its really really GR8
    Well Done AIR and also all Air/as3 developers and supporters.

  39. Vijay Kumar says:

    It’s really nice. AIR is really very powerful cross platform technology. Even i we have developed a 2 app for one of the bigger brand in the world they are quite happy. It’s really sad to see the way market this product. Wake up Adobe…

  40. Excelente, a mi me gusta mucho Adobe Air

  41. Vicente says:

    And what about Air for Linux….? when?

  42. Pratik says:

    Really happy to read this. I love to work in adobe air.
    Thanks adobe for providing such a good platform. My all developer team is happy with this.

    pratik b.
    skype : pratik.bagrecha