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Adobe AIR technology has made it possible for developers around the world to create some of the best and most stunning mobile games available today. You can now use this versatile technology to promote your games to a much larger audience. The new Instant Game Preview capability  (for Android platform only) lets users try your game and experience it first hand without downloading and installing the application.

For a quick demo, open this link in your Android browser –

The fact that AIR would allow users to try your games and applications very quickly, chances of your app getting eventually installed increases manifolds. Instant Game Previews are better than video based previews because they let the user actually ‘play’ the game instead of just ‘watching’ it.

For details on how you can quickly create a preview for your game, refer to the following devnet article –

4 Responses to Instant Game Previews for Mobile

  1. Bryan Rieger says:

    This would be great news if it didn’t require the download of the AIR runtime app (which does absolutely nothing from a user’s POV) – and which also currently has to be contained in the APK itself (aka captive runtimel bloating the download).

    Adobe please reconsider enabling the shared runtime option again when packaging applications for Android (much smaller download size) and provide some actual, immediate value to users who have downloaded the AIR runtime – such as an explanation of what it does, which apps on the device are using it, regular updates of new titles released using it, user runtime preferences and personalization, etc.

  2. says:

    I realy love to join the family

  3. AIR is great but Adobe needs to start listening to what the people are requesting and provide better support for issues.

    Please vote to have Bug 3744843 evaluated by Adobe!! Thank you!

  4. really good point Bryan Rieger –

    maybe Adobe you should consider adopting the steam model into the AIR Runtime App and call it something meaningfull – AIR Game Engine or something – and put content into it a small marketplace and a games browser – Apple would never approve this there fore it is great that its only for Android

    its sort of what you are trying to do here but just better for the understanding and the spreading of the shared runtime