Adobe AIR and Android 5.0

Google has recently started rolling out an update to Android (OS 5.0 – Lollipop) on select devices. Unfortunately, this operating system upgrade has caused problems with AIR based applications.  We are working closely with Google to fix these issues.  This blog post describes the currently known problems and workarounds that developers can use for new applications.

Update 12/3/2014: Google has reported that this issue has been fixed with Android 5.0.1!  This OTA update is being currently being deployed to devices and we will continue to track the status and welcome your feedback.

Known Problems

We have come across two primary issues

  • After updating to Android 5.0, some of the device’s previously installed AIR based applications will disappear
  • Users receive the following error message while trying to make an in-app purchase in AIR applications installed on the device
Figure 1 - Error while making an in-app purchase

Figure 1 – Error while making an in-app purchase

After investigation, it was found that only AIR applications signed using RSA-1024 certificates generated using the ADT tool (in the AIR packager) were affected.  Apps signed using RSA-2048 certificates were not impacted.

1024-RSA is the default selected key algorithm used by the Adobe AIR packager , all applications packaged using the default settings are affected.

Figure 2 - Generating Self-Signed certificates using Flash Builder

Figure 2 – Generating Self-Signed certificates using Flash Builder

Current Status

For existing affected AIR applications, Adobe is working with Google to fix these issues as soon as possible. Because the root problem is within the OS, a fix will be made available by Google in one of their upcoming OTA updates for Android 5.0.

For developers who intend to publish new AIR applications on the Play Store, Adobe is now providing a patched version of the AIR Packager.  Using this new packager to create certificates for packaging will ensure that new applications will not be effected by this bug regardless of signature type.  Please note that this is a beta version of the packager.


  1. Download:  adt.jar
  2. Replace the existing adt.jar located in your AIR SDK with this new version of adt.jar
  • Mac: /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/ eclipse/plugins/
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7(64 Bit) /eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flash.compiler_x.x.xxxx/AIRSDK/lib

To learn more about packaging AIR applications, please refer to our online documentation.

10 Responses to Adobe AIR and Android 5.0

  1. MrLove says:

    thx a lot !

  2. Hi there,

    We have similar problem with our apps:

    There is definitely one more problem, related two the first issue mentioned above: When an AIR app has been automatically removed during the installation of Lollipop, this app cannot be re-installed. The installation stops with error 505. This is caused by some manifest declarations of air.* identifiers not being removed properly during the app removal. The re-installation fails due to a collision with an already existin identifier. If one changes the app id it is possible to install, but not with the same app id.

    This problem is very serious and is mentioned in a lot of forum threads right now.

    The only workaround we have come up with is to inform users to download a “special” appversion from outside Google Play, an app with a different app id, to avoid the conflict with the previously installed version.

    The only solution I can see is that this identifier being left behind can be removed in some way. Hope you can find a solution really soon with Google.



  3. Linto says:

    Our application ( ) is not working with Lollipop because of these issues. Waiting for the fix from your side. Thanks.

  4. Tech Warn says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. All Android users are expecting Lollipop update so much, but they really know about the Nexus problems after Android 5.0 Lollipop update

  5. Mola says:

    i think you should add to the known problems that after updating to Android 5.0, apps will disappear AND cannot be installed from the Play Store as that generates a 505 error. This is much worse than it just not being there.

  6. Any update on when the fix will be made for the current Adobe AIR applications ?

  7. Linto says:

    Any update on this?

  8. Colin Holgate says:

    I tried the 2048 option in Flash Pro, and the certificate still claims to be 1024. Is the patched ADT file needed even if you have selected 2048 in Flash Pro? Is the ADT file AIR 16 compatible?

  9. Chris Campbell says:

    Hi Colin,
    Here’s the feedback from our QE team. We’ll continue to investigate and I think there’s a forum discussion going on too.

    I tried the 2048 option in Flash Pro, and the certificate still claims to be 1024.
    I have created a 2048 certificate from Flash Pro and verified it, Certificate was 2048 bit only.

    Is the patched ADT file needed even if you have selected 2048 in Flash Pro?
    No, patched ADT is not needed in case of 2048, Inapp purchase bug was only with 1024 certificate.

    Is the ADT file AIR 16 compatible?
    Yes, ADT can be overlaid(copy and replace) on AIR 16 SDK.

  10. Hugo says:

    Android 5.0.1 is out (for devs now).
    Can someone test and confirm that fix this issue ?