Feathers updates to 2.1.0

Congratulations to Josh Tynjala and the Feathers open source project for the release of Feathers 2.1.0 this week. Feathers offers a large collection of ActionScript UI components and layouts for mobile and desktop. Built on top of Starling, Feathers is a key framework in the Adobe Gaming SDK.


In version 2.1.0, Feathers includes a few new UI components and some new animation options to visually enhance your apps and games.

The AutoComplete component builds on top of the existing TextInput component to display a drop-down list of suggestions that is filtered as the user types.

SpinnerList is a mobile-style list that changes its selected item by scrolling. Items repeat infinitely in both directions – like a reel from a slot machine.

StackScreenNavigator enhances the classic ScreenNavigator component to add a history stack that makes it easier to go back to a previous screen.

The new StackScreenNavigator benefits from a new, expanded collection of animated transitions. In addition to simple transitions that slide screens into view or fade them in and out, Feathers takes advantage of the new Sprite3D feature added in Starling 1.6 to add card-flip and cube transitions that rotate in 3D space. Seven types of transitions are included with Feathers (each offers a number of customization options), and anyone may create custom transitions using familiar Starling animation techniques.

You can find the complete release notes on the project’s Github page. Developers are encouraged to download the latest stable version from the Feathers website.

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