Flash Runtime 17 and more!

Flash Player and AIR 17 have arrived!  With this new release we’ve added some excellent features requested by our development community.  We recommend everyone check out the official release notes but I’ll cover some of the highlights below.  We’re also in the process of updating our public roadmap, for those interested in checking out an early preview read past the break!

 The VideoTexture API has been one of the most requested features from our community of AIR developers.  We’ve heard you and we started work last year to bring this to desktop and mobile platforms.  With AIR 17, the VideoTexture API is now available on Windows, Mac, and iOS!  We haven’t forgotten about Android, so expect this to show up in our beta channel in a future release.  I recommend anyone interested in this feature take a look at the excellent blog post from Jason Lee, a senior computer scientist and one of the key engineers on our team.   For those that haven’t seen this feature in action, check out the iOS demo that our mobile team threw together.  Very cool and absolutely rock solid FPS!

For those interested we’ve made the above project source code available, just bring your own media!

AIR 17 also includes huge ADT packaging time improvements.  For iOS projects, we can now compile 32 and 64 bit architecture in parallel to cut packaging times up to 50 percent!

Add in the new AGAL3 Standard Extended profile plus a ton of bug fixes and we’ve got a great release!

We’re not going to stop now.  We’re hard at work on our upcoming releases and we’ve been making a list of items we’d like to add to our public roadmap.  The official update will be out next week, but here’s the list of some of the runtime features we have lined up:

  • AIR – Concurrency for iOS
  • AIR – Packaging time improvements with support for parallel compilation
  • AIR – Support for hardware decoded video in Stage3D content with the new VideoTexture class
  • AIR – 64-bit support for Windows and Mac applications
  • AIR – Improved HTML5 support
  • Flash Player – Improved installation and settings UI workflows
  • Flash Player – Hardware video decoding for Mac Chrome (PPAPI)
  • Flash Player – Multicast video support for Chrome (PPAPI)
  • Stage3D – Standard “extended” profile support for the latest generations of 3D hardware (AGAL3)
  • Stage3D – ETC2 support for the Adobe Texture Format (ATF)
  • Stage3D – Support for ATF (JPEG-XR compression) for rectangular textures
  • Stage3D – Runtime compression of textures

This isn’t a complete list but it should give you an idea of what we’ll be working on.  As always, we’ll continue to monitor feedback from the community and feature requests posted and voted on in bugbase.adobe.com.  We encourage you to let us know what you think by opening feature requests and then letting the community know so they can provide their feedback too.

We hope you enjoy this update!

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