April Flash Runtime Updates

Both Flash Player 17 and AIR 17 were updated on April 14th during our planned April release.  This release focuses on security and functional improvements and does not include new functionality.  Flash Player customers that have opted into our automatic update process will receive this release within 24 hours.  AIR runtime customers will see a notification update dialog within 7 days (or the next time you run your AIR based application).  Full details for this release can be found in the our release notes and security bulletin.

Flash Player and AIR 17 Release Notes

Security Bulletin APSB15-06

Attention AIR iOS developers – If you would like to learn how you can use the Adobe Gaming SDK ANE’s in your universal iOS applications, please check out this recent article by our own Abhinav Dhandh!

Gaming SDK ANE’s – Universal 64-bit support

Abhinav provides the reader a high level overview of the included ANE’s and then step by step instructions on how you can modify and rebuild these ANE’s for your projects.

Finally, for those that read the Get AIR blog post by Philomena Dolla back in January, you might have noted that we were at 2.5 billion installations of AIR applications.  A monumental achievement to say the least!  It’s a little less than 3 months later and we’re now at 3.3 billion installations (and over 4 billion installs and updates!)  Congratulations to all of the amazing AIR developers and the enormous success your applications have had across the globe!

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