August Flash Runtime 18, Labs and Documentation Updates

The August update for Flash Runtime is now available!  This monthly update includes both security and functional improvements and is recommended for our Flash Player and AIR customers.

Complete details can be found in our Release Notes.

We’ve also recently released betas for Flash Player and AIR on  With version 19 we’re introducing concurrency on iOS, new vector and array APIs, and more.

Check these features out and let us know what you think in our beta forums!

AIR 19 Beta

Flash Player 19 Beta

Finally, we’re continuing to improve our documentation by releasing new and improved technical articles.  We hope you find these articles useful.

Hello Triangle

Using Advanced Texture Features in Stage3D

Updates to the release and beta AS3 Documentation

In addition, if you’d like some specific topics to be discussed, let us know, and we”ll be happy to cover it.

One Response to August Flash Runtime 18, Labs and Documentation Updates

  1. Gabriel Mariani says:

    When will you take AIR seriously and refocus it on HTML built applications? We shouldn’t need alternatives like when Adobe AIR has been there for YEARS. But they didn’t focus enough on HTML and now need to catch up. When was the last time WebKit was updated?

    I wish I didn’t have to look for alternative frameworks that allow me to build in HTML that deploy to Windows/Linux/OSX and mobile even, in one simple package. Adobe AIR already does that. But since it supports HTML from when it first debuted, it’s useless. PLEASE make Adobe AIR a viable alternative to the likes of NWJS, PLEASE.