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Improving accessibility in Flash Player and the Flash Platform

Andrew Kirpatrick just blogged on the Adobe Accessibility blog about an important upgrade we are planning for accessibility in Flash Player, AIR and Flex. Specifically, we will use IAccessible2 from the Linux Foundation and the WAI-ARIA specification from the W3C. Flash Player already implements Microsoft’s MSAA API ,and IAccessible2 (IA2) is a more modern API that provides improvements to MSAA. Choosing IA2 will enable us to address user and developer needs and to ease interoperability with assistive technology vendors across all three major operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Note this is not a Flash Player 10.1 feature, but we wanted to demonstrate our commitment and identify the specific improvements we are making to improve support for the needs of computer users with disabilities. This work and related accessibility improvements are expected in the next major release* of the player.

* Yep, as always, I can’t provide you with a date on that one

Come meet the Flash Player team at FlashCamp San Francisco!

Mike Chambers posted today about FlashCamp San Francisco, which will be held at the Adobe offices on April 16th. The event is free, and focuses on all of the work we have been doing around Flash Player 10.1 and Flash Professional CS5.
The player team’s own Jim Corbett and Trevor McCauley will be presenting sessions, and members from all of the platform teams will be at the event. This is a great opportunity to get up to speed on the latest in Flash Player 10.1 and Flash Professional CS5…plus you get to to meet and have a beer with product teams.
Registrations for FlashCamps generally fill up fast, so make sure to register if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Register for FlashCamp San Francisco

Welcome to the Flash Player Team Blog

Welcome to the Flash Player Team development team blog. I’m Emmy Huang , a Group Product Manager for Flash Player. The team wanted to start this blog to share with you information about how things work in Flash Player, why they work the way they do, tips, tricks, and other interesting behind-the-scenes details.
While there are several individual team bloggers, such as Tinic, Mike and Trevor, this blog presents an opportunity for the team at large to also contribute to the conversation. And of course, don’t forget about using the public bugbase to file bugs and feature requests!
The team is excited about using this blog to engage with the community, so stay tuned as I start to get various team members blogging here over the coming months.
Emmy Huang
Group Product Manager, Adobe Flash Player
p.s. Not that the engineers are capable of “marketing-speak”, but we’ll do our best to give you the straight story.