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Adobe AIR 2.5 is Now Available!

Adobe is pleased to announce at the Adobe MAX 2010 conference the availability of Adobe AIR 2.5 for televisions, tablets, smartphones and desktop operating systems.  Adobe AIR 2.5 now supports:

  • Smartphones and tablets based on BlackBerry® Tablet OS, Android™ and iOS
  • Desktops running on Windows®, Macintosh and Linux® operating systems
  • Televisions with Samsung as the first television manufacturer to ship Adobe AIR in its line of Samsung SmartTV devices

Also device manufactures Acer, HTC, Motorola, RIM, Samsung and others are expected to ship the AIR runtime pre-installed on a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones later this year and early 2011.   A list of mobile devices that meet the AIR system requirements can be found on

Now with the Flash Platform, developers can use their existing web skills and reuse common code across devices and platforms to develop applications, content and video for the web on both personal computers and mobile devices or build standalone applications that run outside the browser on a wide range of devices, including TVs.

In just two short weeks after the AIR runtime was released on the Android Market, hundreds of AIR apps are already available in the Android Market for smartphones and tablets with AIR currently ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Android Market.  In addition, AIR apps are also available in Apple’s App Store.  You can visit AppBrain for a list of AIR apps for Android currently available on the Android Market.  This is what a few of our customers had to say about AIR 2.5:

Associated Press:  “The Associated Press is very pleased using Adobe AIR to make some of our features covering the upcoming midterm elections available on the iPhone and Android devices.”

– Brian R. Scanlon, Director, Election Services, The Associated Press

Emantras:  The ROI and resource savings to create applications with Adobe AIR and the Flash Platform is truly game changing. It is the only solution available that allows you to reuse code to target smartphones, tablets, desktops, and TV’s. The ability to deliver elearning content on multiple devices makes learning accessible to just about everyone.

– Sesh Kumar, CEO, Emantras Inc.

South Park Digital Studios: “With Adobe AIR 2.5, we were able to leverage existing code to quickly launch a new version of our popular South Park Avatar Creator across multiple platforms, letting our fans create their own South Park alter ego on the web or their Android smartphones and tablets.”

-Greg Kampanis, Senior Vice President of Content Strategy and Operations, South Park Studios

MixMatchMusic: With Adobe AIR we use the same code for desktops, tablets and smart phones, which saves us time, money and provides efficiencies of deployment. Then, we can quickly and efficiently distribute these apps through Adobe’s application distribution service, Adobe InMarket.

– Charles Feinn, CEO and co-founder of MixMatchMusic, developer of the MobBase mobile app service

You can learn more about all the new features for television, mobile and desktop devices in the article “What’s new in AIR 2.5” written by the AIR product management team and if you can’t join us at MAX you can attend MAX virtually by watching the keynote speech live.  Here is the schedule of the MAX live broadcasts:

  • Welcome to the Revolution:  Monday, October 25, 9:30 am-11:30 am PDT
  • User Experience: The Next Generation:  Tuesday, October 26, 10:00 am-12:00 pm PDT

Finally, Adobe also announced two additional pieces of AIR related news.  First, an update to the open source Flex framework and a preview release of Flash Builder that will enable developers to now build applications for mobile devices as well as desktops and TVs.   Also, Adobe InMarket™, a new service that allows developers to easily distribute and sell their applications on app stores across different device types on app stores from Acer, Intel, and others is now available.

Stay tuned this week for more exciting information from the MAX conference and new about AIR.




MAX Spotlight: Samsung Sessions Explore Building and Monetizing Applications for TVs

For AIR developers, it will soon be possible to extend the reach of your applications from smart phones and desktop computers to the living room. If you are innterested in learning more about the emerging TV application market, you will not want to miss the following two sessions presented by our colleagues at Samsung.

Learn about Samsung SDK to distribute your AIR apps to Samsung Smart TVs
Presenter: Jason Han, Product and Service Planning, Samsung Electronics America
Date: Wednesday, 1:30, Room 511C

Distributing and monetizing your AIR applications to millions of Samsung Smart TVs and Internet connected devices is easy with the Samsung SDK. Explore the Samsung SDK, the Samsung Apps, integration with Adobe AIR 2.5 and the app submittal process. Also learn about valuable resources such as test centers which are available to help ensure your success.

Free the TV – The New Opportunity in TV Applications
Presenter: Olivier Manuel, Director of Content
Date: Tuesday, 1:30pm in room 512

Samsung is freeing the TV, with its Samsung Apps line of televisions and Blu-ray players, which can download, install, and run apps. Samsung Apps is built into all Samsung 2010 Blu-ray players, Blu-ray Home Theaters, and most TVs 40’’ and larger. Now distributing content to the $150 billion TV market is as easy as creating an app! And, Samsung is offering $500,000 in cash and prizes for the best looking, most brilliantly conceived, and most functional apps. At this session you’ll learn more about this app contest, the new market for TV applications, and what makes a great TV app.

Watch the “Ask the MAXpert: Adobe AIR for TV” recording

Don Woodward (Adobe) and Aditya Bansod (Adobe) presented an excellent sneak peak today covering the upcoming Adobe AIR for TV sessions at MAX. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please be sure to watch the recording of their talk.

To learn more about AIR for TV, please register for the following sessions at Adobe MAX (now  less than one week away):