Feathers updates to 2.1.0

Congratulations to Josh Tynjala and the Feathers open source project for the release of Feathers 2.1.0 this week. Feathers offers a large collection of ActionScript UI components and layouts for mobile and desktop. Built on top of Starling, Feathers is a key framework in the Adobe Gaming SDK.


In version 2.1.0, Feathers includes a few new UI components and some new animation options to visually enhance your apps and games.

The AutoComplete component builds on top of the existing TextInput component to display a drop-down list of suggestions that is filtered as the user types.

SpinnerList is a mobile-style list that changes its selected item by scrolling. Items repeat infinitely in both directions – like a reel from a slot machine.

StackScreenNavigator enhances the classic ScreenNavigator component to add a history stack that makes it easier to go back to a previous screen.

The new StackScreenNavigator benefits from a new, expanded collection of animated transitions. In addition to simple transitions that slide screens into view or fade them in and out, Feathers takes advantage of the new Sprite3D feature added in Starling 1.6 to add card-flip and cube transitions that rotate in 3D space. Seven types of transitions are included with Feathers (each offers a number of customization options), and anyone may create custom transitions using familiar Starling animation techniques.

You can find the complete release notes on the project’s Github page. Developers are encouraged to download the latest stable version from the Feathers website.

Flash Runtime 16 Update – New PPAPI Installers and AIR news!

Flash Player 16 was released today with important bug and security fixes.  In this release, we added stand alone installation and plugin support for the PPAPI (“Pepper”) version of Flash Player!  This version was previously only available as an integrated component of Google Chrome.  With the upcoming changes to Chromium, making the PPAPI version of Flash Player available was critical for our customers and a top priority for our team.  With Flash Player 16, customers can now download Flash Player PPAPI for Chromium based applications and developers have access to the official PPAPI content debugger.  Please note, no changes or additional downloads are required for Google Chrome users.

For additional Flash Player release details, please see our forum announcement.

AIR developers, we haven’t forgotten about you!  It’s been all hands on deck getting support into AIR for iOS 64 bit.  Our plan is to shortly (possibly later this week) release an updated AIR 16 beta with iOS 64-bit compatibility along with an early peek at the videoTexture API for iOS.  We’re counting on getting great feedback from you and quickly making improvements.  We’ll continue updating our beta releases on labs.adobe.com to make sure you have the latest code available.  We know its going to be tough for everyone as we approach this holiday season, but we’re committed to making sure we have a solution in place before Apple changes their store requirements.

Adobe AIR and Android 5.0

Google has recently started rolling out an update to Android (OS 5.0 – Lollipop) on select devices. Unfortunately, this operating system upgrade has caused problems with AIR based applications.  We are working closely with Google to fix these issues.  This blog post describes the currently known problems and workarounds that developers can use for new applications.

Update 12/3/2014: Google has reported that this issue has been fixed with Android 5.0.1!  This OTA update is being currently being deployed to devices and we will continue to track the status and welcome your feedback.

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Adobe AIR to support upcoming iOS x64 requirement

Starting February 1st 2015, Apple will be requiring all new iOS applications submitted to the App Store to include support for 64-bit.  The Flash Runtime team is committed to supporting our AIR developers and end users.  Our team recognizes that platform compatibility is crucial to our customers, and supporting new OS versions and requirements are a top priority.

We’re hard at work adding iOS 64-bit compatibility to AIR in an upcoming beta which we look forward to making available in December 2014.

Both AIR and Flash Player have very active public beta programs, with updates made on almost a weekly basis.  We encourage all developers to participate and provide feedback to Adobe.  Updates, release notes and additional information can be found on Adobe Labs.

Adobe AIR Labs Homepage

Adobe Flash Player Labs Homepage

Beta Feature: VideoTexture and Stage3D

Authored by Jason Lee

Flash Player 15 Beta introduces the VideoTexture object, which allows hardware decoded video to be used in Stage3D content. With prior versions of Flash Player, the use of video in Stage3D required the use of the Video object (which is not hardware accelerated), copying of video frame to a BitmapData object, and loading of the data onto the GPU.

With the VideoTexture object introduced in Flash Player 15 Beta, the decode, conversion from YUV to RGB, and texture loading can be completely moved to the GPU.  The textures provided by the VideoTexture object can be used as rectangular, RGB, no mipmap textures in rendering of a Stage3D scene; and can be treated as ARGB texture by the shaders (i.e., the AGAL shaders do not need to provide YUV->RGB conversion).  Thus, standard shaders used with static images can also be used without providing a functionality for YUV-> RGB conversion.

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Improved Resolution of Stage3D Content on Browser Zoom

Authored by Channey Park

Flash Player version 15 (FP 15) introduced a feature whereby the loss of sharpness of Stage3D content upon browser zoom can be avoided.  With prior versions of FP, upon the user’s changing of the browser zoom factor, content that is rendered to a statically sized Stage3D buffer is scaled to match the browser zoom.  As the browser zoom factor increases, the sharpness of the Stage3D content is increasingly lost due to the scaling content. A new functionality introduced in FP 15 provides an event notification to the content when the browser zoom changes, and allows the content an opportunity to change the size of the Stag3D back buffer and re-render the stage3D content.

Browser Zoom Factor for NPAPI, PPAPI, and Active-x Plugins

This feature is extended to support the Firefox browser with Flash Player Version 21 (FP21).

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Detective Grimoire sleuths its way onto desktop and mobile!

Detective Grimoire Logo

We absolutely love to see the amazing examples of what can be accomplished by our Adobe Runtime developers.  Detective Grimoire, from the very talented folks at SFB Games, was recently released on Steam after being greenlit in just 19 days!  Tom Vian took the time to answer a few questions about the game and their development process for our community.  If you haven’t checked this game out, make sure to finish reading the article and then head on over to Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, or their website and pick up a copy!

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Flash Runtime 15 now available for download!

It’s time for our next quarterly, feature bearing, update of the Flash Runtime!  We’re at version 15 for both Flash Player and AIR and we’ve got some great new features and important bug fixes in store for you.  We recommend everyone checks out the official release notes but feel free to read past the break for the high level description of our new features.  We’ve also added some detailed guides to some of these new features in the blog posts further below.

Flash Runtime Version 15 Release Notes

Flash Player Download

AIR Runtime Download

AIR SDK Download

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Guide for Supporting Screen Orientation with Full-Screen Flash Player Content

Authored by David Kim

Prior to version 15, Flash Player (FP) did not provide notification of change in screen orientation.  Starting with FP version 15 (FP 15), notification of screen orientation will be provided through triggering of a resize event if the FP content is playing in full-screen.  Also, FP 15 will allow the Stage.fullScreenSourceRect property to be set even while in full-screen and have the setting take effect without a display state change.  FP contents that support full screen playback should be modified to react to the resize events that are triggered when the screen orientation changes.

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Stage3D “standard” profile


Authored by Cheng Liao

The Stage3D “standard” profile is a high-level function set that contains a lot of advanced graphics features. We introduced it in Flash/AIR14 for desktop platforms, and extended its support to mobile platforms in Flash/AIR15. This is a huge leap for Stage3D and it keeps Flash gaming moving forward.

What’s new in “standard” profile

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