Announcing Flash Professional CS6 updater, coming this September!

Come September and you will see some exciting new features added to Flash Professional CS6 along with several critical bug fixes. By extending support for Flash Player 11.4 and AIR 3.4, Flash Professional CS6 will now have the following new features added to its powerful armory:

  • Support for native iOS Simulator (Mac Only)
  • Direct deployment of AIR for iOS applications to iDevices (bypassing iTunes)
  • iPad retina high-resolution support

As mentioned earlier, the update will also contain several critical bug fixes along with the new features and it is recommended that you install the update when it will be made available. For more information, see Flash Player Blog.

Until September then, wait with that baited breath!

5 Responses to Announcing Flash Professional CS6 updater, coming this September!

  1. Przemysław Stroinski says:

    This is very good news, swc manually adding it is not terrible but the new fp does not work in flash debugger

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  4. gra o tron says:

    This is great post! Thanks for your help.