Flash Professional CS6 Update2 | Now Available

We are happy to announce the availability of Flash Professional CS6 Update 2 (Ver:12.0.2)! As promised earlier, the update brings you several exciting features, but importantly, Flash Professional CS6 will now extend support for AIR 3.4 and Flash Player 11.4, courtesy the Update! Quite an incentive to revise your target versions when developing AIR applications, no?

  • The Direct Deployment to iOS Devices feature allows you to deploy an AIR application on iOS devices without having to use iTunes. (Please note that iTunes 10.5.0 or greater must be installed on the user’s machine to use this feature.)
  • The Native iOS Simulator Support feature facilitates testing and debugging AIR applications for iOS devices on the native iOS Simulator. This is a MAC only feature, where Flash Pro can be integrated with the Simulator by installing XCode.
  • The High Resolution Retina Display Support feature provides High-resolution Retina Display support for newly introduced iOS devices like iPAD3. Earlier, this feature was available only for iPhone and iPod devices but now richer content, with the concept of pixel doubling, is available for iPAD devices too.

Detailed descriptions for the new features is available in the What’s New for Flash Professional CS6 doc. Also, look at the Release Notes and Known Issues docs to avoid surprises, should you encounter any issues while trying the new and exciting features. The update also has Toolkit for CreateJS 1.1 bundled along with it. Soon as the update completes installing, the Adobe Extension Manager CS6 is launched to install Toolkit for CreateJS 1.1. The new version of the Toolkit has added support for converting Shape Tweens, Motion Tweens, Mask Layers, and Multiframe bounds to HTML5. The update includes fixes for several critical bugs you reported to us on Adobe Flash forums and various other channels:

  • Flash Professional CS6 crashes on launching – without warnings! An issue that occurred due to the presence of corrupt fonts, and one that several users reported on forums.
  • Rendering content using Stage 3D targeting Starling framework rendered content inappropriately.
  • ANEs would go unrecognized when referenced using relative paths in Flash Professional CS6, throwing compilation errors.
  • XML files generated by XFL files have an inconsistent end of lines between the CDATA section and the rest of the file.
  • Adobe Debug Launcher crashes when publishing AIR application for desktop with AIR 3.2.

For a complete list of all issues fixed in this Update, see this link.

[Updated on October 19th, 2012]  The Flash Professional CS6 Update 2 now facilitates silent installation. See this link.

29 Responses to Flash Professional CS6 Update2 | Now Available

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  2. Tim says:

    “Soon as the update completes installing, the Adobe Extension Manager CS6 is launched to install Toolkit for CreateJS 1.1.”

    Unfortunately this also affects enterprise deployments that are installing silently – at the end of installation Adobe Extension Manager launches which is not desired and ruind the silent installation.

    Any information to make this happen silently would be appreciated.

    • meenakshi says:


      The launch of the Adobe Extension Manager at the end of the installation of Flash Pro CS6 Update is intentional, because we want the users to accept/decline the EULA before installing Toolkit for CreateJS.


      • James says:

        Tim is correct in the post above. Having Adobe Extension Manager automatically launch at the end of installation makes silent installation impossible.

        Any information to make this happen silently would be appreciated.


      • James says:

        Hi meenakshi,
        I think you are missing the point of a silent install. Most of the time these are rolled out to PCs while they are not logged in (lights out deployment) so there is no user to click Accept/decline. Instead it tries to open a dialogue fails, and the entire deployment reports back as failed.
        While a popup may be fine for an interactive user updating, it causes many problems when the software is getting silently rolled out to multiple PCs.

    • Meenakshi says:


      Silent Installer for Flash CS6 Updater2 is available. It can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html.

      Please note that this is a manual download and will not show up through Adobe Application Manager.


  3. Martin says:

    Update fails: Error: U44M1P7 and I can’t find help so now a comment here in hope of some help…

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  5. james says:

    Where is the actual upgrade link? I have searched all over…

  6. KyuWoo Choi says:

    hi. I’m having trouble after flash cs6 update2 has been applied.

    It disabled my local language on system IME, I mean I can’t type in korean characters on “Text tool”, “Actionscript Editor” etc, soon after I updated it.

    I confirmed it happens on mac os lion and mountain lion.

    • Meenakshi says:


      This issue mentioned existed in CS6 GM build and it is not because of the CS6 Update2.
      So once the properties panel is activated in Flash CS6, all IME’s get disabled and cannot be used in flash.
      In windows, IME is disabled only when the focus is in the project windows.

      IME can be enabled in following ways(workaround):
      • Restart flash and don’t open Project panel
      • Another workaround is: Open panel preferences for project panel and click on any of the input fields where all IME’s get enabled like Save Classes in textbox under classes tab, Change Default filters under filters tab etc so that IME’s are enabled and without clicking on Ok click on stage. IME would remain enabled.(Panel Preferences would still be open in Project preferences which can be seen when panel is expanded).


  7. James says:

    All I want to know is… did they ever fix that unacceptable “FLASH CANNOT SAVE TO NETWORK SHARES” problem?

    Requiring all work to be done on the local file system is truly unacceptable.

    Forum discussion: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4689993
    Technote: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/000/d9bbd9d4.html

  8. seamus68 says:

    Does this fix the code hints not working with AS3 issue in cs6?
    Please say it does.

    • sujai says:

      Can you elaborate on the code hints issue that you are seeing or point to any forum thread on this?

  9. basem says:

    i can’t complete any site really Because of crashhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . i want solution nwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww plz

  10. luban says:

    I got this web site from my friend who informed me
    about this web page and now this time I am browsing this website and reading very informative articles at this place.

  11. Helen says:

    I wonder when Flash Pro CS6 will work on windows 8? How can that be that it´s not fixed yet? Please reply, have tried to get an answer to this everywhere.

  12. Konstantin Elstner says:

    Again sometimes broken embed font support when using IPA test mode.
    And once again when publishing to AIR >= 3.x Flash bug CS6 uses the version tag instead the versionNumber tag in the app-descriptor-xml.
    I think it shows everything about QM by Adobe if a software product can not work together with a embedded software solution of the same company …


  13. Harpreet singh says:


    I was working on my adoble flash cs6 according to working on my adobel flash has crashed .
    And when i open it again then which font(Myriad Pro) i was using that has hidden. nw it’s not showing i done many efforts for this i re-download n change to window font directory. But still not got any solution. If u have any solution so please help me out.
    To looking my problem see the below attached link files
    pic1 = http://imgur.com/Fqcqm (in this pic u can see when i select myriad pro font it’s hidden)
    pic2 = http://imgur.com/LJeRP (in the same text below i select other font its showing properly)

    Best Regards
    Harpreet Singh

  14. russell says:

    Are there any known solutions/workarounds for the Known Issues?

    I’m experiencing this Known Issue:
    [Reference #3309545]: Error stating Not enough space available on device when publishing AIR applications to Android or iOS devices.

    The above issue can be found on the Adobe web page:

    In my case, I am using Flash CS6 12.0.2 and Adobe Air 3.6 for publishing to iOS using a production (push) certificate and an ad hoc provisioning profile. In the publish settings, I also have selected to install the app to my connected device, hence the error. Publishing WITHOUT selecting to install the app on the device gives me a successful confirmation message. However, when trying to install the app using iTunes using the mobile provision ing profile and the ipa, the app fails to install. The error message appears on the iPhone device, saying “iTunes sync: failed to install”. I’m certain that the provisioning profile and certificate are correct. I even tried deleting all of the files and reissued them with the device UDIDs, but no luck.

    I also tried publishing using AIR 3.5 and 3.4 to no avail. Same error.

    The first time I published, I used the development certificates and provisioning profile, and under the publish settings, I used “Quick Publishing for device testing” and install on the device. This worked fine and I had the app on my device. But when I switched to the settings for ad hoc (along with selecting the right certificate and profile), the error appeared. When I switched all my settings back for development publishing, using the development certificate and profile and install on device (which WAS working fine), the error remained!!!

    Any ideas? Anyone?

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  16. drumwhacker says:

    CS6 is unfortunately repeating a CS5, CS5.5 problem: the corruption of .fla file upon saving. Just this morning I had to rebuild an activity due to a problem I hoped was fixed in CS6. The file was opened across drives. From what I understand this is considered one of the “triggers” but I don’t understand why this has become an issue when FlashPro used to be one of the most stable applications we used. Will this update help with the dreaded “Unexpected File Format” destruction? Thanks.

  17. James Spielvogel says:

    Yes, there is corruption with the FLA files. I think the problem is with the ZIP compression routines they are using. For example, a brand new FLA opens fine in 7-zip, but my larger project will not open at all. Meanwhile, it will open in Windows Explorer and WinRAR, but they both report corruption in the archive. 7-zip web site suggests that 99% of the time, it’s because non-standard headers were used. WinRAR reports the error during extraction, while Windows Explorer suppresses errors until you try to update the archive by dragging an updated file into the folder view. I also noticed there were multiple XFL files in the root of the archive after doing a “save as” (one with the old filename, and one with the new). There were also duplicate XML files in the LIBRARY folder of the archive, which differed only in case (e.g. “nextpage.xml” and “nextPage.xml”) which I noticed when tryign to extract the archive to a brand new folder I was getting asked if i wanted to replace files, which makes sense because Windows doesn’t support case-sensitive file names. I tried copying all my library assets in Flash to a new document, replicated the settings, etc. and when I saved the file for the first time, it actually produced and FLA (zip archive) with no corruption. However, after adding a SWC reference in the AS3 settings, I saved the file, and it was right back to producing a technically corrupt but still usable archive. There are obviously some bugs surrounding how Flash Professional CS6 saves files.

  18. Mike says:

    Exact same problem as Russell above….

    Project published from CS5.5 just fine!

    Recompile in CS6 get and get [Reference #3309545]: Error stating Not enough space available on device
    Compile app and push to device via iTunes manually, and get “iTunes sync: failed to install”

    Win7, CS6, Air SDK 3.2 & 3.4, iOS6, iPad2

    It’s great that this may be a “known issue” but an ETA on the fix would be a bit more helpful!


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