Flash Pro CC aka “Hellcat” is coming in June!

Flash Professional CC
Today was a big day for Adobe fans and customers — at our MAX conference this morning, we announced that major updates are coming in June for all of our most popular tools, from Photoshop to — you guessed it, Flash Pro!

At the end of March, senior product manager Tom Barclay gave you a first glimpse at Hellcat, the next generation Flash Professional. We’re proud to announce that Hellcat will be released as Flash Professional CC, representing years of development and a huge leap forward.

In addition to being faster and more reliable thanks to a completely new 64-bit modularized architecture, and having a new user interface, we’ve added some really powerful new features:

  • Full HD audio and video export without dropping frames
  • Improved HTML publishing
  • New code editor
  • Real-time drawing and live color preview
  • Unlimited paste board size
  • Native iOS simulator support
  • Advanced content profiling with Adobe Scout
  • Custom metadata support

More details about the new features are listed here. Flash Pro CC and all the other updated tools will be here in June – come back for more updates!

Best Regards,

Rich Lee
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

5 Responses to Flash Pro CC aka “Hellcat” is coming in June!

  1. Robbie says:

    This is great news!

  2. Mike Gowan says:

    I’m very interested in this. Could this be a handsome replacement for Flash Builder? Will there be test publishing to mobile devices?

  3. Mike Gowan says:

    Ha! Nevermind. I see it listed as a feature. Can’t wait to get it! Should help immensely in my mobile and kiosk development.

  4. Wow can’t wait until i can work with this list of features! Hopefully a simple way to use rendermode = direct in Adobe Flash.

  5. anamika says:

    Wow cant wait to work on it right away , so much for HTML 5 killing flash :) .