Flash Pro CC | User Interface | Then and Now

The UI of Flash Pro CC has been completely redesigned to provide a crisp, focused, and fresh experience. Some of the key changes are:

Dark UI Theme

The dark UI theme allows you to focus completely on the stage and your content when working with Flash Pro. Although you can switch over to a lighter theme, Flash Pro CC is available to you with the Dark UI enabled.


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • (A) The Keyboard Shortcuts panel is now equipped with a Search facility that allows you to drill-down to the right Command, easily.
  • (B) You can also copy the entire list of Keyboard Shortcuts to the clipboard and then, to a text editor for quick reference.
  • (C) In a conflict, when setting a keyboard shortcut for a command, a warning message is displayed. And you can quickly navigate to the conflicting command, modify it to resolve the conflict.
  • (D) You can modify a set of shortcuts and save them as a preset. You can then select and use the preset per your convenience.


Preferences Panel

  • Sync Prefernces to Creative Cloud and download on another machine.
  • Fully streamlined options for handling Flash Pro Warnings.
  • Code editor related preferences integrated into one tab.


ActionScript Editor

  • New and completely streamlined editor
  • Intelligent commenting
  • Integration with Scintilla

Find and Replace dialog

  • Ability to search across all open documents(both  fla’s and scripts)
  • Ability search test fields and code (i.e in actions panel and in scripts) separately
  • Limit search to current frame
  • Streamlined UI for better usability


7 Responses to Flash Pro CC | User Interface | Then and Now

  1. PBB says:

    Is there still motion editor? I didn’t find it under windows menu anymore.

    • meenakshi says:

      Motion editor has been dropped in Flash Pro CC


      • sb says:

        Terrible regression since there is nothing to replace it.
        The motion presets system is a baby’s toy.
        The easing for motion tweens is unreliable.

  2. Ferri says:

    We can’t find in ouput window. Why?

  3. allocater says:

    Where is the authoring-time sharing export/import?

  4. Mark says:

    Strange that none of the motion graphics on this blog are flash??? What gives?

    • Suhas says:

      Hi Mark,

      They were indeed created in Flash, but the graphics just display Flash’s capability publishing to HTML5, that’s all.

      Suhas Yogin