Flash Pro CC | User Interface | Then and Now

The UI of Flash Pro CC has been completely redesigned to provide a crisp, focused, and fresh experience. Some of the key changes are:

Dark UI Theme

The dark UI theme allows you to focus completely on the stage and your content when working with Flash Pro. Although you can switch over to a lighter theme, Flash Pro CC is available to you with the Dark UI enabled.


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • (A) The Keyboard Shortcuts panel is now equipped with a Search facility that allows you to drill-down to the right Command, easily.
  • (B) You can also copy the entire list of Keyboard Shortcuts to the clipboard and then, to a text editor for quick reference.
  • (C) In a conflict, when setting a keyboard shortcut for a command, a warning message is displayed. And you can quickly navigate to the conflicting command, modify it to resolve the conflict.
  • (D) You can modify a set of shortcuts and save them as a preset. You can then select and use the preset per your convenience.


Preferences Panel

  • Sync Prefernces to Creative Cloud and download on another machine.
  • Fully streamlined options for handling Flash Pro Warnings.
  • Code editor related preferences integrated into one tab.


ActionScript Editor

  • New and completely streamlined editor
  • Intelligent commenting
  • Integration with Scintilla

Find and Replace dialog

  • Ability to search across all open documents(both  fla’s and scripts)
  • Ability search test fields and code (i.e in actions panel and in scripts) separately
  • Limit search to current frame
  • Streamlined UI for better usability


15 Responses to Flash Pro CC | User Interface | Then and Now

  1. Louis Lionel Arnold says:

    is it possble to get

  2. PBB says:

    Is there still motion editor? I didn’t find it under windows menu anymore.

    • meenakshi says:

      Motion editor has been dropped in Flash Pro CC


      • Nick says:

        Why the heck would Adobe do that? That was one of the most important features of Flash for me..

      • sb says:

        Terrible regression since there is nothing to replace it.
        The motion presets system is a baby’s toy.
        The easing for motion tweens is unreliable.

  3. Ferri says:

    We can’t find in ouput window. Why?

  4. allocater says:

    Where is the authoring-time sharing export/import?

  5. Mark says:

    Strange that none of the motion graphics on this blog are flash??? What gives?

    • Suhas says:

      Hi Mark,

      They were indeed created in Flash, but the graphics just display Flash’s capability publishing to HTML5, that’s all.

      Suhas Yogin

  6. Dani says:

    I agree with others in this thread, the motion editor was an essential feature of
    Flash, and, as it’s not been replaced by any new features, Flash lost a lot I believe…

  7. leo says:

    removing the motion editor was a horrible idea. It’s impossible to know what is happening in each frame. Flash team, seriously.

    Plus the animation in the bottom right corner is horrible. Take it off.

  8. leo says:

    The motion tween is totally buggy. Have to go back to classic tween animation.
    Which is super outdated. The AfterEffect time line logic was much better.
    Not only was removing the motion editor a bad idea, but the motion tween aren’t
    working properly?!?!?