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May 14, 2013/General/

What is Flash Professional CC?


Although I said that casually, but I am sure the word means something unique to each one of you. For those who think the term sounds alien, before you pop-open Google, Renaissance means rebirth or reincarnation. Commonly, it refers to the cultural movement that began (roughly during 14th century) in Italy and spread right across Europe. Renaissance was that rare phenomenon, which laid a foundation for revolution, restructuring, progress, and ultimately, prosperity.

Adobe Flash Professional CC, a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud offering, has been completely re-engineered, quite literally from ground-zero. Effectively, it’s the true renaissance of your very own Flash Pro. It’s been in the making for a few years now, and we are extremely pleased and proud to present it along with other stunning applications of Creative Cloud.

That said, a pertinent question, what is Adobe Flash Professional CC all about, really? Well, here’s a dip-stick view of it.



fl_64bitThe Architecture, MAC-friendliness, and the Boost (a la NOS!)

Flash Pro CC is a comprehensively refactored, modular, 64-bit application. During the course of this release, the entire code-base was refreshed to turn Flash Pro in to a native cocoa application.

This refactoring brings in dramatic changes to how Flash Pro performs. It now delivers unprecedented speed and stability. Large files are not only easily manageable, but can also be published ever so quickly. You will also observe that the timeline is highly-responsive, as you begin to work with Flash Pro CC.




We’re HD, and quite gloriously so

Ever considered exporting all the rich content you create to a full HD output? Well, you can more than just consider, now. Flash Pro CC allows you to export all content, from nested timelines to script-driven animations, to an HD output seamlessly. All this, with zero loss of frames!




HTML5, from within

The Toolkit for CreateJS is now fully integrated with Flash Pro, and is enhanced to support publishing of buttons, motion curves, and hit-areas to HTML5. Your content can now be completely seamlessly converted to HTML5 (thanks to umpteen bug fixes on Toolkit for CreateJS), and yet, preserve the richness and interactivity.




It’s black or white

Choose to work with dark or light user-interface themes with Flash Pro CC. The streamlined user-interface, with intuitive dialogs and panels, centers your focus fully on the stage and content.




Rich, crisp, and a lot of detail with Hi-DPI
The Flash Professional user-interface supports Hi-DPI displays, including high resolution retina display available with MacBook Pro. This dramatically improves visual fidelity and screen resolution adding a lot more detail to how Flash Pro is displayed.




Work with multiple devices

Imagine being able to work with multiple devices of varying screen sizes, configurations, and capabilities – simultaneously. Flash Pro CC enables seamless publishing of AIR applications to iOS devices connected via USB.




Unlimited, unending, and infinite

With unlimited pasteboard/work-area you can manage infinitely large backgrounds and off-stage. While working with unlimited work-area, you can also shift your focus back to the stage using the Center-to-stage option.




Efficient beyond measure

With several key enhancements made to timeline and drawing tools, Flash Pro CC brings in a high degree of workflow efficiency, particularly for designers and animators.

  • Distribute objects on Stage to individual keyframes each with the click of a button
  • Swap multiple symbol instances or bitmaps with any other symbol or bitmap preserved in the library or created on Stage
  • Set properties to multiple layers simultaneously
  • Mark multiple layers as guides or masks
  • Work in full screen mode without panels or toolbars to distract you
  • Proportionally expand or contract timeline ranges
  • Move Timeline ranges across the timeline with the length intact
  • Preview colors live when using drawing tools and color picker
  • Use the time-saving in-line controls for graphic filters



Comment, uncomment, comment

Take full advantage of intelligent code commenting along with the completely simplified ActionScript Editor interface.



SyncSettings_flWhere ever you go, your settings follow you

You can now sync preference (s) settings to Creative Cloud and download across two machines when working with Flash Pro. This allows you to apply all your preferences on two different machines at one-go! (for example, computers at work and home.)

May 6, 2013/General/

Flash Pro CC aka “Hellcat” is coming in June!

Flash Professional CC
Today was a big day for Adobe fans and customers — at our MAX conference this morning, we announced that major updates are coming in June for all of our most popular tools, from Photoshop to — you guessed it, Flash Pro!

At the end of March, senior product manager Tom Barclay gave you a first glimpse at Hellcat, the next generation Flash Professional. We’re proud to announce that Hellcat will be released as Flash Professional CC, representing years of development and a huge leap forward.

In addition to being faster and more reliable thanks to a completely new 64-bit modularized architecture, and having a new user interface, we’ve added some really powerful new features:

  • Full HD audio and video export without dropping frames
  • Improved HTML publishing
  • New code editor
  • Real-time drawing and live color preview
  • Unlimited paste board size
  • Native iOS simulator support
  • Advanced content profiling with Adobe Scout
  • Custom metadata support

More details about the new features are listed here. Flash Pro CC and all the other updated tools will be here in June – come back for more updates!

Best Regards,

Rich Lee
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Mar 28, 2013/General/

Video: First look at the next generation Flash Professional

In December, I promised to give you more details about the next generation of Flash Professional, codenamed Hellcat. Our team has been hard at work on this for the past few years, and we’re (finally) ready to show you the proverbial fruits of our labor. Check out this quick tour from from senior product manager Tom Barclay:

As Tom showed you, Hellcat is completely re-engineered, modernizing Flash Pro for the next generation. Here’s a quick recap of just some of the work we’ve done so far:

  • 64-bit architecture, native cocoa: modularized, faster, more reliable so you can be more efficient
  • Faster start time, file opening and saving, timeline scrubbing, and more
  • New user interface with light and dark themes, plus support for HiDPI displays (aka MacBook Pro Retina displays).

If you’re a game developer and going to GDC, come visit us to learn more. For everyone else, stay tuned for even more news at Adobe MAX!

Thanks for your support, and ’til next time!

Rich Lee
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Dec 18, 2012/ActionScript, General/

Exciting changes to Flash Professional in 2013

Hi Everyone,

In 2013, you’ll see dramatic changes to the next version of Flash Professional. We’ve been hard at work making the next generation of Flash Pro faster, more reliable, and more extensible. These and many other changes are paving the way for the tool to stay ahead of the curve, for many years to come.

The changes include making Flash Pro more focused and efficient. With twelve releases under our belt, there are a number of legacy features and support for older technologies that are losing relevance. In order to make Flash Pro more streamlined, we had to make some tough decisions based on customer usage and feedback, on what we should no longer support.

One of the key changes in the next version of Flash Pro is dropping support for AS2. As you may know, we introduced AS3 six and a half years ago, and today it is the most widely used language for the Flash Platform. Given AS2’s dwindling usage and misalignment with the future of the Flash runtime such as AIR mobile app development and Stage3D, we felt it made sense to move forward with AS3 only.

We understand this change impacts those of you who continue to use AS2, and hope this gives you time to prepare for the transition. Please note that AS2 content will still work in Flash Player (and future versions of it).

We’re really excited about what’s coming for Flash Pro, and can’t wait to share more details with you. Stay tuned to this blog for sneak peeks and more after the holiday break.

Rich Lee
Product Marketing Manager