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Jun 23, 2015/Webinar/

Webinar Video #3: An Introduction to Flash Professional’s WebGL Runtime API

We had a great session with Christopher Caleb on the 17th of June where he went over the WebGL Project type in Flash Professional and how you can leverage your existing skill-set to target a completely new platform.  Christopher is the author of the popular book “Flash iOS Apps Cookbook” and his attention to details is quite evident in the video.  He regularly blogs at

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For those who missed the webinar, here is the raw video –

We look forward to your feedback.


Ajay Shukla, Sr. Product Manager, Flash CC

Jun 15, 2015/General/

Flash Professional CC June 2015 Release – Available Now!!!


Upgrade to the June 2015 release of Flash Professional CC Now!!!

Continuing on our efforts to make Flash Professional richer, better, and more powerful, we have loaded the new release with a bunch of cool new features.  These features are designed to make your life as a designer, animator, or developer a lot easier.

The stage has been set for taking your animation to the next-level with the reintroduction of the bone tool. The bone tool that is much more than what it used to be, with a rich list of on-stage controls neatly laid out to make armature creation a breeze. You can also import H.264 videos to stage for design-time use.  If you are worried about the large number of bitmaps in your HTML5 Canvas document hampering performance, you can just export them as sprite sheets.  You also wanted some scaling options for the brushes & we’ve delivered! Brush in this release of Flash Pro scale according to your wish – zoom them with the stage or keep them constant.  That’s not all–we have a new converter that will convert your projects to any document type you want.  An improved audio workflow, and much more!

Here is a brief list of what’s on offer:

For more information check out our what’s new section.

Look forward to hear your feedback on the latest release!!

Ajay Shukla, Sr. Product Manager, Flash Professional

May 24, 2015/Webinar/

LIVE WEBINAR #3: An Introduction to Flash Professional’s WebGL Runtime API



Please join Christopher Caleb, the author of the best selling book – ‘Flash iOS Apps Cookbook’, as he goes through an introduction of the Flash Professional’s WebGL project type and deep dives into the WebGL runtime API.

Date – 17th June 2015

Time – 8:00 AM PST – US Pacific Time (Check your local time)

Where – Join Here (Please join 15 minutes before the session. Enter as guest with your email id)

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About Christopher Caleb – He is a freelance developer and author of Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. He has been developing rich interactive experiences with the Flash platform for over a decade, having worked on projects that encompass film, games, education, and children’s entertainment.  For eight years Christopher was lead developer at WeeWorld – an avatar-based social network and virtual world for teens. There his skills were split across web and mobile, contributing to WeeWorld’s Flash and HTML5 components as well as building native and cross-platform mobile apps.  He blogs at and tweets as @chriscaleb.


May 12, 2015/HTML5/

HTML5 Canvas: Building the Dragon Age Interactive Story Summary

Grant Skinner did an excellent presentation at FITC Toronto on how he used Flash Professional’s HTML5 Canvas Document to create the “Dragon Age Interactive Story Summary” – an end user online customized interactive overview of choices they’ve made in Dragon Age games.  He is the creator of CreateJS which powers the HTML5 Canvas document type in Flash Professional CC.

Here is the video of the talk –

Ajay Shukla, Sr. Product Manager, Flash Professional CC