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Jan 18, 2015/Webinar/

Webinar Video: The Future of Animation

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the overwhelming presence at this first webinar.  We had a full house way before the session started.  My sincere apologies for those who were not able to join as the room was full.  We will arrange for larger rooms in the future.  Yes, we are going to have these webinars on a regular basis.  :-)

Below, please find the raw video from the webinar.


Ajay Shukla, Sr. Product Manager, Flash CC

Jan 7, 2015/Animation, General/

Tip: Audio synchronization settings in Flash

Question: The sound clip continues to play till the end even after the movie has ended. How can I stop the sound along with the image?

Answer: If the sound is embedded in the timeline, select the keyframe on which the sound starts and then, in the Properties window, set the Sync property for the selected sound to “Stream.”

Here is a complete list of synchronization settings in Flash for your reference:

Event: Synchronizes the sound to the occurrence of an event. An event sound plays when its starting keyframe first appears and the plays in its entirety, independently of the playhead in the Timeline, even if the SWF file stops playing.

Start: The same as Event, except that if the sound is already playing, no new instance of the sound plays.

Stop: Silences the specified sound.

Stream: Synchronizes the sound for playing on a website. Flash Professional forces animation to keep pace with stream sounds. If Flash Professional can’t draw animation frames quickly enough, it skips frames. Unlike event sounds, stream sounds stop if the SWF file stops playing. Also, a stream sound can never play longer than the length of the frames it occupies.

Note: Stream setting is not supported in WebGL and HTML5 Canvas documents.

For a detailed help article on the topic, see Using sounds in Flash

Jan 4, 2015/Webinar/

Live WEBINAR – Flash Professional: The Future of Animation

January 13, 2015 @ 8:00 AM PST (Check your local time)

Join Here

Please join us for a tour of the latest features in Flash Professional CC, such as native support for HTML5 Canvas & WebGL, Custom Platform Support (Cocos2D, Starling, AwayJS, OpenFL etc.) and much more.

Joining us will be some of the most established members in the digital animation industry:
• Grant Skinner, CEO & Creator CreateJS
• Joshua Granick, CEO, OpenFL Technologies
• Rob Bateman, Founder & Managing Director, Away Studios
• Denis Balon, COO GAF Media

Join here a few moments before the start time. Select the guest option and sign in with your full name. Check your local time here.

Ajay Shukla, Sr. Product Manager, Flash Professional

Dec 17, 2014/Custom Platform Support/

Publish to new platforms with the new Custom Platform Support SDK

You probably know that Flash Professional CC lets you create content beyond Flash Player for HTML5 and WebGL.  But did you know that we recently added support for Cocos2d, Unity and Starling?  Using the “Custom Platform Support” SDK, you can extend Flash for additional platforms. Our friends at GAF Media have introduced a free plug-in that lets you take advantage of the platforms mentioned above.

How does the extension work? 

To install the GAF Media plug-in, all you need to do is to go here and install.  The Adobe Creative Cloud application will automatically add the extension to Flash Professional.  The next time you launch it, the new platforms can be found under “Create New”.  You create the content just the way you used to for any of the native platforms.  When you publish, you will publish to the specific platform you’ve chosen.

If you’re a platform developer, the SDK  provides you a great authoring platform.  All you have to do is to add support for a few APIs, wrap your plug-in as an extension and host it on the Creative Cloud add-ons site.  You can find the documentation for Custom Platform Support here.

Watch this video to get more information about Custom Platform Support –

Try it now!

We encourage you to try the GAF Media plug-in for Cocos2d, Unity and Starling formats.  In the near future, we, plan to add support for a couple open sourced projects with OpenFL and Away3D.  Feel free to get involved!

You can get more information about the cool new features in Flash Pro CC here.

Ajay Shukla, Sr. Product Manager, Flash Professional