Flash Player Update Now Available

This release addresses compatibility issues that were encountered with Flash Player These include:

  • Flash Player Shared library/gotoAndPlay() or gotoAndStop() bug (2940617)
  • Textfields are displaying text vertically in release (2941694)
  • Massive Animation Slowdown following install of FP (2941759)
  • Flash Player MSI installers do not install Windows Control Panel applet (2940568)
  • Flash player 10.3 displays a black screen (2943064)
  • Sound repeating and building up bug (2941616)
  • Flash applications at certain websites (http://www.justin.tv & http://heylenmichel.de) now load correctly (2939645, 2944081)

For additional information on this release, see the following forum post. The latest version of Flash Player for desktop is The latest version of Flash Player for Android is

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