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Flex Builder on the Mac

There have been many questions over the last few days as to Adobe’s intentions for releasing Flex Builder on the Mac. As part of our continuing effort at transparency here is a short list of questions and attempts at answers. Let us preface this by saying that we have only begun the planning phases of the next release(s), so many of these answers will be incomplete until we’ve had some more time (and sleep).

Q: Is there going to be a Flex Builder release for the Mac?
A: Yes

Q: Why wasn’t it released with the Windows version?
A: We began by developing Flex Builder for both Mac and Windows at the same time. However during development we ran into a number of issues that were specific to OS X and needed to be addressed in Eclipse itself. Fixing those issues would have meant delaying the overall schedule, so we decided to focus on finishing the Windows release before returning to the Mac in a follow-up. In the meantime the Eclipse community has been working on Eclipse 3.2 which fixes a number of the issues we ran into earlier. This makes the likelihood of a timely Mac release that much better, and we’re looking forward to continuing to improve Eclipse on the Mac.

Q: When will Flex Builder for the Mac be available?
A: We are still in our planning phases but we are hoping to have a public beta on Labs this year and the production release early next year. One can imagine a particular event in October where we’d be thrilled if we could launch the beta, but we simply don’t know our timelines yet. We can say that a whole lot of Flex Builder engineers just received shiny new toys to help in this pursuit, while Product Management received nothing. Not that Product Management is jealous.

Q: If I buy Flex Builder for Windows can I transfer that license to the Mac when it comes out?
A: Honestly we’re not sure yet, we still need to figure this out. We’ll need another few weeks to answer this, hopefully before the trial expires.

Q: Will Flex Builder for Mac run on PPC, Intel, or both?
A: We’re very excited about the new Intel-based Macs (at least the engineers who received them are, PM is still not jealous) and at minimum we will be supporting that platform. We’d be interested in getting your feedback on the importance of supporting PPC given how quickly the Intel is getting adopted. Feel free to leave feedback here.

Q: What about Flash Player 9 on the Intel for Mac?
A: You can grab a beta version of that Player here:

Q: What do I do in the meantime if I have a Mac?
A: Download and use the free SDK. A number of developers have come up with workflows for building Flex applications using the Mac; we’ll try to put together a more comprehensive list of them in the next few days.

Flex 2 changes between Beta 3 and Release

Sorry these aren’t coming out in a more official document but here are many of the changes we made between Beta 3 and the Released product. The formatting may not be perfect here because it’s from a different HTML doc that may not be blog friendly 🙂

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Flex 2 Released

The Flex team is proud to announce the release of the Flex 2 product line. Well over 100 people have been involved in building the Flex 2 SDK, Flex Builder 2, Flex Data Services 2, ColdFusion Updater, and Flash Player 9. Their work is now available for your downloading pleasure. As part of the Flex 2 launch we are pleased to simultaneously start the Flex team’s weblog. Flex 2 has been a massive undertaking and there’s a lot to talk about (and possibly some issues you’ll encounter). We’ll use this blog to communicate information that can’t be found in the regular docs or on

Our main objective with this blog is to begin a dialog with our users. As you experience problems please log the issues here. As we hear your issues and as we see patterns we’ll report on the most significant ones, post any workarounds and let you know how and when we can fix the issues and get the new bits pushed publicly. We want to be responsive and we want to be transparent. So, please check back here and please stay involved.

We’ll also try to share some of our plans for future releases and get feedback from the community as to where we should be focusing. This just the beginning of the open relationship we’d like to have with the Flex community.

In the meantime, here’s a few places for you to go:

Download Flex 2!
Check out a new gateway to all things Flex at
View all the new material at the Flex Developer Center.
File feature requests and bugs on the wish form.

Continue to check back at this blog in the coming days. We look forward to sharing with you!