Flex 2 Released

The Flex team is proud to announce the release of the Flex 2 product line. Well over 100 people have been involved in building the Flex 2 SDK, Flex Builder 2, Flex Data Services 2, ColdFusion Updater, and Flash Player 9. Their work is now available for your downloading pleasure. As part of the Flex 2 launch we are pleased to simultaneously start the Flex team’s weblog. Flex 2 has been a massive undertaking and there’s a lot to talk about (and possibly some issues you’ll encounter). We’ll use this blog to communicate information that can’t be found in the regular docs or on adobe.com.

Our main objective with this blog is to begin a dialog with our users. As you experience problems please log the issues here. As we hear your issues and as we see patterns we’ll report on the most significant ones, post any workarounds and let you know how and when we can fix the issues and get the new bits pushed publicly. We want to be responsive and we want to be transparent. So, please check back here and please stay involved.

We’ll also try to share some of our plans for future releases and get feedback from the community as to where we should be focusing. This just the beginning of the open relationship we’d like to have with the Flex community.

In the meantime, here’s a few places for you to go:

Download Flex 2!
Check out a new gateway to all things Flex at flex.org.
View all the new material at the Flex Developer Center.
File feature requests and bugs on the wish form.

Continue to check back at this blog in the coming days. We look forward to sharing with you!

25 Responses to Flex 2 Released

  1. Octavio says:

    I hope you don’t mind the question, but what is the time horizon to have the hosting issue resolved? And while it is being resolved, has Adobe considered offering hosting services? I like what I’ve seen. I have my Flex 2 book right in front of me. I have pre-ordered a book on actionscript 3. I have my credit card ready to buy flex builder. I cleaned up my desk. I’m ready to invest time on flex and figuring out how to connect to an EJB3 backend. But the big question is, what happens when I’m done if there are no hosting services? This is a show-stopper, and –as others have stated– this would be a very good show.

  2. James Gardiner says:

    Face it Developers. Macromedia is brain dead in prices for application server software.There as many FREE back end technologies that will do nearly as good. And are usually easier to deploy. So just let Macromedia sit on its arse and think its gods gift with such cool technology. Let the world pass it by.Just get on with the job with FREE software and forget the greedy Marketeers.James

  3. Matt Chotin says:

    We’re still working on getting this arranged.

  4. Steve says:

    I agree with Dirk regarding the hosting. We just can’t afford to do it all by ourselves.Have any Flex 2 hosting solutions come about since his post on July 2?

  5. Any updates on the Mac release of Flex2?

  6. Matt Chotin says:

    It’s taking us longer than expected to work out the hosting details. We are working on it though.

  7. Robbie Moore says:

    ============================ MISSING OUT ON A NICHE MARKET ============================I was on the Adobe website today to update my ColdFusion server and decided to give Flex a try while I was “in the neighborhood.” I immediately fell in love with it. By keeping a constant connection with the server, you can basically deploy a mini C++ app.I decided to check out the possibilities of getting a hosting account to deploy an app via the web… I was amazed when HostMySite explained they can’t offer it due to licensing restrictions.I personally can’t afford to lease a dedicated server, stock it with ColdFusion, Flex and the like, dedicate 1/2 my time to managing server side issues instead of coding, and then expect to survive for any length of time. Adobe is sitting on a goldmine if they would scrap this policy and allow hosting companies to deploy Flex… what a waste.

  8. Dirk says:

    Hi can anyone from ADOBE please explain the term CPU to me. It is used in some of the documentation in different ways. It would be good if in future you can refer to Processor’s installed or Server. There is talk about CPU cluster for example, I have heard of clustered server and of multi processor server however clustered CPU’s is new to me and if we talk about $20.000 for a ‘CPU’ or processor in my language it would be good to have a clear understanding.

  9. Dirk says:

    I don’t understand the concept?? We have been building a complex flex2 application over the last 4 month. We have trusted ADOBE to do the right thing and bring RIA somewhat closer to world. Congratulation to a great product! Now that many developer are ready to deploy there realize that you need an extremely lucrative application to make this feasible. I have only one web server and this server happened to have 2 CPU’s so if I understand right I would have to spend $40.000 US to run my application. You ask your self how many people will spend $40.000 US to run a web application this is surely out or the reach of most people and difficult to justify for most smaller companies. It is the complexity of the application and the amount of data exchanged which makes your application CPU heavy not the amount of money it makes.

  10. Eric says:

    FDS Express will allow you to deploy any number of Flex applications on a single physical CPU (we only license physical CPUs not virtual CPUs). You cannot deploy FDS on multi-CPU machines or deploy the application in a clustered or loadbalnced environment.Flex applications that interact with CF are licensed in an identical way. CF is licensed seperatly from FDS and visa-versa. Flex applications using FDS and talking with CF for data connectivity through CFCs will need a valid FDS license (Express or otherwise depending on the number of CPUs FDS is deployed on) and a valid CF license.If you have further questions feel free to email me directly at eranders@adobe.com.Eric AndersonFlex Product ManagerAdobe

  11. jerryhamby says:

    Could you please give me the real scoop on the FDS Express.1- is it one App per CPU or one App on one CPU only?2- will Express run on a dual-processor server?3- Is a Coldfusion FlexMessage gateway instance considered the one Express App?

  12. BillyWarhol says:

    I luvv the Flickr Flash Widget!I would luvv to develop my own AdWidget based on that!Look forward to seeing Flex2!!Cheers! Billy ;))

  13. Matt Chotin says:

    Hi Michael,I believe we indicated a while ago that we wouldn’t ship the Mac version with the first release because we needed to focus on getting the Windows version right. Now that that’s done we’ll be working hard to get the Mac version out as soon as possible. As I said on flexcoders the timing is unknown and there are still chances we could run into setbacks, but we’re trying.

  14. Unfortunately there seems to be a big empty space where I was expecting to buy the OSX version of FlexBuilder. I was really excited today when I heard about the release, because even though Mac users had been left out in the cold in the public alpha/beta, we had been promised a cross platform release.And no, I still don’t care about LightRoom.

  15. Frank Cefalu says:

    Great Work Like Always and AS Expected!

  16. Denys JOURDANT says:

    Thanks a lot from France.Go ahead on delivering such great opportunities for us to deliver what our clients deserve.Thanks again,Denys

  17. milan says:

    I want to say a big THANKS to all talented people which made this product available (and will hopefuly continue to make it even better). Congratulations!Milan

  18. Daniel R. says:

    Congratulations. It’s great to see a wonderful product finally ship. Everyone on the team should be very proud.

  19. Larry says:

    Thank you Matt!

  20. Congratulations to those 100 people that make this dream come true :). Flex 2 and Flash Player 9 are really awesome and the possibility to play with such great technology from alpha – to beta – to final release was a real pleasure.This day marks the start of Web 3.0 in the Internet!! 😉

  21. Bryan Choi says:

    Thank Flex team.I have waited to hear from you for months.Congratulation!I hope you to enlarge your business.Good luck!

  22. Suketu Vyas says:

    Congratulations Adobe Flex Team.This is great move toward RIA Application development.I am very happy that I have contributed to this product as a part of flash player 9 team.

  23. Abdul Qabiz says:

    Congrats Matt and team. It was really hardwork and dedication behind this release. I feel great that I was part of it for almost entire cycle and could contribute to Flex 2.0.Party time…-abdul

  24. Hi Matt and the rest;I would like to thank you all for creating such a revolutionary product.After visiting Adobe and seeing you guys in action, it’s pure enthusiasm that takes you higher.For those that don’t know, these are real people trying to make a real difference in the world through their innovation and dreams. They tell jokes with the best of them.Keep up the great work and it will be fun to see where this ride takes us all.Peace, Mike

  25. This is good to hear. The flex.org looks like a nice starting point. We’ll are sure to help pitch in of course.