Flex Builder on the Mac

There have been many questions over the last few days as to Adobe’s intentions for releasing Flex Builder on the Mac. As part of our continuing effort at transparency here is a short list of questions and attempts at answers. Let us preface this by saying that we have only begun the planning phases of the next release(s), so many of these answers will be incomplete until we’ve had some more time (and sleep).

Q: Is there going to be a Flex Builder release for the Mac?
A: Yes

Q: Why wasn’t it released with the Windows version?
A: We began by developing Flex Builder for both Mac and Windows at the same time. However during development we ran into a number of issues that were specific to OS X and needed to be addressed in Eclipse itself. Fixing those issues would have meant delaying the overall schedule, so we decided to focus on finishing the Windows release before returning to the Mac in a follow-up. In the meantime the Eclipse community has been working on Eclipse 3.2 which fixes a number of the issues we ran into earlier. This makes the likelihood of a timely Mac release that much better, and we’re looking forward to continuing to improve Eclipse on the Mac.

Q: When will Flex Builder for the Mac be available?
A: We are still in our planning phases but we are hoping to have a public beta on Labs this year and the production release early next year. One can imagine a particular event in October where we’d be thrilled if we could launch the beta, but we simply don’t know our timelines yet. We can say that a whole lot of Flex Builder engineers just received shiny new toys to help in this pursuit, while Product Management received nothing. Not that Product Management is jealous.

Q: If I buy Flex Builder for Windows can I transfer that license to the Mac when it comes out?
A: Honestly we’re not sure yet, we still need to figure this out. We’ll need another few weeks to answer this, hopefully before the trial expires.

Q: Will Flex Builder for Mac run on PPC, Intel, or both?
A: We’re very excited about the new Intel-based Macs (at least the engineers who received them are, PM is still not jealous) and at minimum we will be supporting that platform. We’d be interested in getting your feedback on the importance of supporting PPC given how quickly the Intel is getting adopted. Feel free to leave feedback here.

Q: What about Flash Player 9 on the Intel for Mac?
A: You can grab a beta version of that Player here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/public_beta

Q: What do I do in the meantime if I have a Mac?
A: Download and use the free SDK. A number of developers have come up with workflows for building Flex applications using the Mac; we’ll try to put together a more comprehensive list of them in the next few days.

57 Responses to Flex Builder on the Mac

  1. IsaacDM says:

    ThanksKeep up the excellent workwill keep an eye on flex next yearHappy Holidays, Feel deep, think great, live happyBeWell

  2. Matt Chotin says:

    Very early next year is now our timeframe.

  3. IsaacDM says:

    when i asked if you truly could have a beta or something for mac i was called grasshoper and told that the end of year was as far as 3 months…now i remain with the same doubtguess is part of the strategy to ramain obscure about the release for MAC

  4. Universal is of course better, but if you have to pick, I think it is a lot more important to support Macs for sale today then those released last year earlier..

  5. Matt Chotin says:

    Very well, thanks 🙂 No dates to announce.

  6. LEE says:

    How is this thing coming along?

  7. Jean-Michel Decombe says:

    It would be nice if Adobe could simply post a clear set of instructions on how to develop with Flex 2 on XCode. Is there such a thing? Plus you would not have to toil so hard on the Eclipse deployment. I mean, many Apple developers prefer XCode… Thanks.

  8. [EDIT]Would love to see a universal binary, and also a build for linux systems.

  9. PPC is still VERY IMPORTANT!!Would love to see a universal binary, and also a build for the PPC systems. My TiBook will thank you in advance!Thanks,Adam ColpittsSenior Solution Developertheredspace.com

  10. Mark McCray says:

    Hi guys,Since we are currently “forced” to use an intel version, I would appreciate the opportunity to transfer our licenses from pc to mac when it comes out. We’re a huge mac shop here and would prefer to keep all development on the mac side. But we’re happy that flex is here, even if it’s on parallels.Thanks,MarkTechnical Director, Solutions GroupTBWA\Chiat\Day

  11. 3ric says:

    Another vote for PPC! I got one of the last generation G5 towers not long ago. As a small business owner, I cannot afford to replace all my PPC software with Universal or Intel-native versions. Nor can I afford the productivity decrease of using the newer software on an older machine. Neat stuff, but it just doesn’t make business sense at the moment. Obviously, many people are in the same boat. It definitely makes sense, for now at least, for to release Flex Builder in a form that will run well on the PPC.

  12. Michael Dravnieks says:

    Definitely support PPC. I have a G5 PPC and don’t plan on upgrading just yet. If you only support Intel macs you’ll be alienating a lot of Mac users.

  13. i need some help with flex, is there anyone who would mind giving me a 10 minute run down?If anyone has the time please email me at spicensugargirl1@yahoo.com…thanks

  14. Erik Loehfelm says:

    PPC support would be fantastic! We only have one Intel Mac in house and our development team would love to use FlexBuilder on their G5’s. The transferrable license scheme should definitely be included in the Mac release. The per-user/floating license that we have on apps like Modo are really great! You guys might want to look into those. Thanks in advance for your efforts. Keep up the great work!

  15. Mark Drew says:

    Well, you dont *need* to make it Universal. FlexBuilder is built on Eclipse and unless you are using your own JNI ways of implementing things the plugin is written in Java. If its written for Eclipse it should work on both PPC and Intel. I doubt there is even need to do a Universl Binary since that is for products written using XCode… and Flex Builder isnt.

  16. Robert Stark says:

    I would like to request a transferrable license. I specifically bought an intel mac just for Flex. I am running it on Parallels workstation just so that I could start playing around with the software. It would be nice if you could release a universal app as there are so many people on this list that would benefit from this. However I really don’t know what the complexity of doing this is from a developer standpoint. Thanks for supporting the mac!

  17. Dita V. says:

    Universal please. Been prototyping with the SDK for several weeks and am loving it. Would like to have FB2 for Mac before we go into building the Enterprise version of the app – would prefer to not have to do it in Parallels or BootCamp.Thanks!

  18. Chris S. says:

    I’m excited about FB2 for the Mac. Though my main development machine is a Wintel box (for now), I hope to work on my projects wherever I go using my new PowerBook. Since I won’t be coding on two machines at once, I hope the license model will be per user, not per machine.As for the binaries – universal. I’m sure there are too many NEW PPC owners out there that won’t part with their hard-earned cash for a new Intel Mac any time soon.

  19. Lola Lee Beno says:

    Where’s the comprehensive list? It’s been a month since this post. I’m still clueless as to how to use Flex SDK on my Mac.

  20. josh says:

    I’m gonna throw in a vote for no PPC, because I’m on a PPC now, and that’d be one more reason to convince my boss to get me an intel mac 😉 Also, c’mon guys, you can get an intel mac mini for $300 — less than the cost of flex itself. Heck, use it as a dedicated flex box.At least, get the intel version out, and if you engineers have nothing better to do (like RTL text support…), then put out the PPC version.

  21. stephanie says:


  22. Andrew Blair says:

    You have my vote for a PPC version, and a transferrable license transfer from PC to Mac if I buy earlier than the PPC one is released. Thanks for continuing to support Mac!

  23. Paul says:

    Definitely support the PPC! I have no plans to replace my dual G4 any time soon …

  24. Hasani Hunter says:

    While I applaud the fact that adobe will release flex builder 2 on macosx sometime.. I also have some serious criticism in that area as well.. Especially as a Mac user on the new intel macs I do feel a bit slighted by this development. I personally will not hold my breath for a “wait and see” approach. I want these tools and want them in a reasonable amount of time. I do not run windows for development. as such all of my tools are “universal”; that is, they run under macosx and windows so our development team can choose whatever os that they wish to run on their computers. I am new to flex and as such, if I cannot use it under macosx, I will not run windows to use it either. If you are using the eclipse framwork to create your product to sell, and the eclipse foundation cannot fix their issues for a particular platform, you may lose potential customers while waiting for them to get their act together. I would be a bit more forgiving if flex was a native application, but it is not. As a java developer, I primarily work with Intellij IDEA ide.. and I would be beyond UPSET if they came out with a windows version BEFORE the mac version (which is planned but noone knows when ) and blamed apple or someone else for the “delay”. I want to use flex but in a macosx environment. If I can’t have flex in macosx then I won’t use flex at all. As a fortune 500 company you have the resources ( money comes to mind ) to ensure that your “issues” become top priority. And since Flex isn’t a top priority on the mac.. Flex won’t be for me either.

  25. LEE says:

    Another vote for PPC support. Until Apple unveils the Intel Quad, I’ll remain on the PPC Quad.Very excited about the Flex Builder 2 beta for mac!

  26. Tim says:

    another voice for ppc support. Most of us will still be using ppc for a while (I have a dual G5+PB), and upgrading our machines for 1 app isn’t going to be a polular option for many.

  27. Beverly says:

    Please support the PPC version natively. We all don’t work for Adobe. 🙂 heh. Also, it’s kind of hard to buy a macbook when all my other software doesn’t run natively on the IntelMac versions either… so please support it.

  28. Daniel Sofer says:

    I don’t think you can forget about PPC until CS3 ships.Remember, the Quad G5 PowerMac is still the fastest Mac Apple makes…But if you ship FB2 next spring along with CS3 and Intel Mac Desktops, then… maybe.

  29. Tim Wilson says:

    Another vote for PPC.

  30. Paul Gracie says:

    Great to see this commitment to Mac.Flex 2 is awesome, FB2 for Mac is a must.FB2 is the *only* reason I have to faff around with Windows.BootCamp, Parallels and whatever-Apple-does-in-Leopard are all great – but a Univeral binary FB2 cannot come quickly enough :-)I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  31. Mateo Barraza says:

    yet another voice saying: PPC support please!

  32. Larry says:

    I just got a new 17 inch mac pro. To be honest, I took me a long time to decide to go for a mac not a pc, the main reason is because of Flex builder 2. I love it so much, but it’s the only thing that I can not run on a mac (no problem with cf, flash authoring, dreamweaver, fireworks).It was a hard decision, and I’ve decided to install parallel pc just for flex builder 2.I know it will cost me another $400+ (parallel software + windows os). And I’m really hoping that there will be a mac version of fb2 asap.I love mac, but I love Flex Builder even more. Why can’t I have both……

  33. Karsten Wolf says:

    (1) nice to have some open communication!(2) definitely Universal – I still have a lot of G5s in my organisation, not to mention my G4 Powerbook.(3) great idea to put together a list with SDK workflows. I volunteer to help keeping that current, just contact me. Maybe we should set up a wiki for that purpose, but I first want to see Your efforts and sit on that and relax ;)(4) I am currently checking out TextMate, but maybe using Eclipse would be more in sync with people on Windows using Flex Builder… Mmmmh… other devs – speak up!Cheers, have fun with all the shiny new toys!

  34. Eric Rounds says:

    I think that ANY new application coming out of any developer needs to be Universal. How long was it that developers made version for both PowerMacs and Macs before the PPC? Use that as a guide, but in the meantime, for the next 2 years, make UB and then in 2008, Intel only….

  35. Aaron West says:

    As a ColdFusion developer trying to adopt Flex into a huge ColdFusion + Flash Authoring Tool workflow I definitely want support for a PPC-based Flex Builder plugin for Eclipse. I’ve downloaded the Flex 2 SDK and have begun exploring it’s features, but with no real MXML tag support it’s a bit grueling.I only work in Eclipse and not having a Mac-based Flex Eclipse plugin will slow down my adoption (and my companies adoption) of Flex.

  36. Jensa says:

    Intel version for me as well. If I can transfer my PC license to a Mac version later, that would make it a lot easier. Flex 2 runs ok using Paralells, but it’s a bit sluggish. I really look forward to the Intel version.J

  37. marco says:

    I bought a PPC iMac on december, so I don’t plan to buy a macintel in the short time… PPC support would be very appreciated 🙂

  38. Maxim Porges says:

    I’m thrilled to see this news! Thanks for being open about your plans.Honestly, while I lament the lack of a Mac release, I think you guys did the right thing getting the Windows version out first. I saw the product at CFUNITED and it is jaw-dropping.I have an Intel MacBookPro, and intend to buy Flex Builder 2 to run in Parallels, but I would obviously like to run it natively on OS X.However, to be honest, I will need to run it in both Windows and OS X. We use Windows at work, and have ClearCase source control, which plugs in to Eclipse but only runs on Windows. Then, when I am using my Mac for non-work projects, I will be using Subclipse with Flex Builder on OS X. So, if there is any way you guys can come up with a per-user license that helps me use Flex Builder 2 on the same machine in either OS (without violating my license agreement), I will be the happiest Flex developer on Earth.

  39. Another vote for PPC and transferable licenses. The current PPC Mac towers still have a lot of life in them — even though Intel ones will likely be announced at WWDC, I’m unlikely to replace my dual-core G5 which is less than a year old.I’ll certainly buy Builder for Windows in the meantime, though.

  40. Jeff Self says:

    I just attended my first CFUnited conference and based on the number of Apple laptops there (I’d estimate it 30%, and thats being conservative), I think Adobe would be foolish not to have a Mac version. But the CD should come with both the Mac and Windows version on it. Its only a plugin anyway for Eclipse. And I’ve got Eclipse 3.2 running on my Mac now. But I look forward to giving Flex and try.

  41. Keith says:

    This is very good news. I’ve recently become very interested in Flex. I found the resources for Flex/OS X a bit scant. All my machines are G4 Macs. Any comprehensive developing-Flex-on-a-Mac resources you can collect will be much appreciated. I have the beta SDK. So I guess in the meantime, I can learn more about the internals of Flex, which is probably a really good thing.

  42. John olson says:

    Definitely license per machine. I’ll be buying the new Apple desktop as soon as its released (first week of August hopefully) and I want to buy Flex2 Builder but won’t until I know for sure if the license will transfer to OSX from my current PC workstation.I’d also second (or third or fourth) that there needs to be a PowerPC version. PowerPC is still important and there are plenty of G5 workstations at my current work.

  43. Chris says:

    I second the vote for the licence being per machine. I use both windows and mac, but I strongly prefer mac. I have a dual G5 that I do most of my development on, so also please support power pc.while you’re at it how about linux? 🙂

  44. Josh says:

    PowerPC support is a must – like others have said, there are still plenty of folks using PowerPC based Macs, that will be around for a while. My PowerMac is going to be useful as a development machine for a long time.Also, here’s another vote for transferring licenses from Windows to OSX. I’ve been using Xcode with the SDK, but FlexBuilder is too nice to not use – even if I have to work on Windows to use it. I may pruchase a Windows license of it if I’m going to have to wait until next year for my Mac version. But also for those folks using Intel Macs running FlexBuilder under BootCamp or Parallels – it’s still technically the same machine, just a different OS – why not make the license per machine, not per OS?

  45. Damon Gentry says:

    I just bought one of those ‘shiny new toys’ and I’m trying at all costs to avoid using Parallels or Boot Camp. I’m sure I’ll be playing with the free SDK for a while, but I prefer to be using Flex Builder on OS X (intel). I’ll probably purchase it as soon as its available.

  46. Tom Lee says:

    It’s very important to me that the license be transferable. I am presently using Windows/Bootcamp on my Intel Mac so I can run Flex. When a Mac version becomes available, I’ll want to switch to OSX for good.

  47. Chris Jenkins says:

    I would seriously recommend downloading the free SDK and using that instead of waiting for the Mac version of Flex Builder, its really not that difficult, if you are capable of writing Actionscript 3 code, then running the compiler from the command line shouldnt be too hard, there is excellent documentation on how to do it on the Adobe site. If you are waiting for Flex Builder then Id be suprised if it only supported Intel, Eclipse is Java based so shouldnt Flex Builder automatically support both platforms?

  48. Daniel R. says:

    I would highly recommend including PPC support sooner rather than later. With a large number of Flash developers out there on PPC based systems, providing them an easy path to start playing with Flex 2 can only help.

  49. Weyert de Boer says:

    Looks like their isn’t any reason to use Flex 2 until next year. I will spend all my efforts to play around with Apollo (JBuilder using Eclipse) then.

  50. Vincent says:

    Yes please support Mac PPC. The g5s won’t be obsolete until a few more years.I use a PowerBook (PPC) and i am hardly waiting for Flex Builder 2.And… just my 2 cents:Well a few years ago (with Flash MX 2004), you guys at Macromedia told to the designers : “learn Actionscript, its so easy! C’mon boys actionscript is so cool. Don’t be afraid”.And that’s what i did. Thanks to your marketing sense (and to great people like Jen de Haan, Joe Lott, Jobe Makar and many others… and of course Colin Moock). It takes me time and pain… but at the end i did it: i am reaching the mythical borders of OOP.Of course, as many designers, i use a Mac (and i ever used Macs).So please keep supporting us (poor mac designers/developpers) and allow us to benefit from Flex Builder as soon as possible!

  51. Savvas says:

    If it’s going to be a Universal binary it’s ok but if not PLEASE give us a PPC version.When Apple announce the Intel Macs i had just a PowerBook.In the next months i bought a mac mini and a G5 all of them with a proud PPC.I can’t use Intel macs, it’s to early.Mac is PPC and PPC its just works!I think every guy out there who bought an Intel Mac is still using the old PPC miracle.PPC will be here for a long time….

  52. Stacy Young says:

    Universal binary! 🙂

  53. I have an Intel-Mac and I’m very impressed with the Beta of FP9 – great work!As for FB2, I “got around” the problem for now by installing Win XP on Parallels Desktop on the Intel-Mac and it’s great.I’m looking forward to the Mac release of Flex Builder 2 tho’ (hopefully built on Eclipse 3.2!) so that I don’t have to deal with Windows as much.As for PPC, I can’t imagine not supporting that for at least a few more years.

  54. Hans says:

    My preference is an Intel build sooner rather than a Universal build later. Easy for me to say though, as I’m waiting on Flex Builder before buying my Mac.

  55. Lola Lee Beno says:

    Do please support PPC. I’m simply not in the position to upgrade to an IntelMac yet; it’ll likely be next year at the earliest, depending on my job situation.

  56. I recently made the switch to the mac and am anxiously awaiting a mac release of flex, but given the expected lag I purchased a copy of flex last night. However, it’s really important to be able to transfer the windows license when a mac version becomes available. I just thought I’d emphasize that since you’re listening. 🙂

  57. Todd Clare says:

    Very important to support powerPC! Some of us have G5s bought weeks before the intel macs came out. They’re too new to only support one of the varieties. It’s not THAT hard with the universal binaries and all…