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How to order printed Flex docs

Folks have been asking how to get printed copies of the Flex docs. I received this information:

Today customers can order the docs via the Adobe store by calling +1-888-724-4508, for international call the local number for Adobe purchasing listed on the website.

When calling you can ask for the Flex and Flex Builder documentation sets or can also ask for SKUS: 38036679, 38036690. The cost is $50. US. The docs will be available on the Adobe on-line store by October 12 for electronic purchase.

Flex Builder on Mac will support Intel and PPC

The Engineering team has authorized this announcement.

There is no announced beta or release date at this time.

ASDoc now available on Labs

ASDoc, the Flex and AS3 documentation tool, is now available on labs:

The page on labs has everything you’ll need to get started: a link to, instructions on installation, an explanation of the examples, and links to the two additional pages of ASDoc documentation.

If you have any questions on ASDoc, you can ask them on Brian Deitte’s blog or on flexcoders, and he’ll try to answer them.

Comparison of Flex Data Services and Flash Remoting

Mike Nimer posted an article a week ago comparing Flash Remoting and Flex Data Services implementations of the same app. You can see that post here.

Damon Cooper gives a little more background on the process of creating that kind of app, using the CF wizards included in 7.0.2.