How to order printed Flex docs

Folks have been asking how to get printed copies of the Flex docs. I received this information:

Today customers can order the docs via the Adobe store by calling +1-888-724-4508, for international call the local number for Adobe purchasing listed on the website.

When calling you can ask for the Flex and Flex Builder documentation sets or can also ask for SKUS: 38036679, 38036690. The cost is $50. US. The docs will be available on the Adobe on-line store by October 12 for electronic purchase.

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  1. greg h says:

    Matt,With the Flex 2.0.1 release, there were some great new additions to the docs (Developer’s Guide has 444 more pages, Build & Deploy has 82 more pages, etc.).Can you confirm if the Adobe store is now shipping the printed versions of the Flex 2.0.1 docs?(If not, can you post back here on whatever future date you can confirm that the printed versions of the Flex 2.0.1 docs are shipping?)Thanks,g

  2. Matt Chotin says:

    Yes, they’re real books. We don’t usually sell manuals in retail stores, but you can get a book like the Training From The Source book from the store now.

  3. judah says:

    Are these real books? I have been going to Office Depot and giving them the pdf’s to print. What they give me is a spiral ring manual that cannot stand up on its own. What would I be getting if I ordered and why doesn’t adobe sell these in retail book stores?

  4. greg h says:

    As Matt promised, printed versions of the Flex 2 doc set can now be purchased for $50 online at:

  5. Matt Chotin says:

    Comes with:– Getting Started with Flex 2– Flex 2 Developer’s Guide– Creating and Extending Flex 2 Components– Building and Deploying Flex 2 ApplicationsUsing Flex Builder just comes as part of the help system.Installing isn’t worth printing I think 🙂

  6. greg h says:

    Matt, in your post Aug 31 you wrote that the SKU for the printed Flex 2 docs “includes many (but not all) of the books.”The Flex 2 Documentation page lists 9 you confirm exactly which of the 9 books are included in the SKU?I know in your earlier post you indicated that the SKU DOES NOT include:– Migrating Applications to Flex 2– Flex 2 Language Reference– Programming ActionScript 3.0Can you confirm if all of the remaining 6 are included? And if not, exactly which are and which are not?– Installing Flex 2– Getting Started with Flex 2– Using Flex Builder 2– Flex 2 Developer’s Guide– Creating and Extending Flex 2 Components– Building and Deploying Flex 2 Applications

  7. Matt Chotin says:

    Programming AS3 is not in the printed doc set. If we can prove enough demand I can see if there might be other options but for now I guess you’ll need to print that one yourself.

  8. To save other people the effort, I spoke to Adobe’s central EU distribution center in Amsterdam on Friday. They can see these SKUs in their system but there are no prices against them so they can’t sell them yet (at least in Europe).

  9. Matt, let us know asap whether the Programming AS3 book in in the printed doc set. That’s one of the best books in the doc set.I spent $200 getting the Developer’s and Migration Guides printed and bound so I’ll definitely be ordering the printed books from Adobe.

  10. Matt Chotin says:

    Based on my observation of the contents of the SKU you will be getting more than the Getting Started guide. It includes many (but not all) of the books. Things that are missing are the migration guide and the language reference. It also appears that the Programming AS3 book may not be in there. I’m still trying to figure that one out and if there’s a way to order it.

  11. rhiner says:

    My apologies – I just noticed that my 1:12pm post has a bad phone number. The correct number(according to my handwritten notes) is 800 447 3577.Ron

  12. rhiner says:

    BTW, my boxed version of flex builder only came with a CD, a thin book “Getting Started with Flex”, and a list of URL at which I could download PDFs of the real doc. I’m hoping I didn’t just pay $50 for another copy of “Getting Started”

  13. Matt Chotin says:

    Hmm, let me look into this.

  14. rhiner says:

    I called that number to order the doc… operator said that she was not allowed to ‘discuss’ SKU numbers. I gave her both, and she said one was invalid, but wouldn’t tell me which. In the end I placed an order for ‘flex builder 2 replacement documentation’ — I’m assuming the other sku is for FDS. I was given this phone number if I want to discuss SKU numbers: 800 447 357. I didn’t bother.Ron

  15. Hans says:

    The sales rep I spoke with suggested those SKUs are actually for replacement documentation sets for Flex Builder and Flex Builder with Charting. In other words, if you purchased a boxed set of Flex Builder, you’d already have these manuals.Can you confirm the Flex 2 docs should actually be available (Building and Deploying, Creating Components, Developer’s Guide, Programming Reference, etc.)