Announcing the Flex Team Components

The Flex team is pleased to announce the first of what we hope will be many new components. As we investigate common themes behind usable RIAs, we may experiment with components to see if they fit within a model that appeals to our customers and their users. We intend to release these experiments on the Adobe Exchange, available for free for you to play with or use within your applications.

Each component will be released individually on the Exchange, and can be used in your application simply by adding the pre-compiled SWC into your library path. Samples and documentation will be included as well. Finally, we will include the source so that you can modify the component as you see fit. It should be noted that we consider these components to be at Alpha quality. This means that we consider a component to be feature complete, but we may not have worked out every use-case and there may be some bugs. For example, while the components are written to support styling and skinning (in the same model as the Flex 2 framework), these areas may be less tested than others. As we see how customers are using the components and gather feedback we may release additional versions that include bug fixes, or expose more properties, or even behave differently. Of course we may also determine that the component is not useful for our developers and that we should focus on different ones.We will be releasing these components under a license similar to the Flex SDK. In essence you will be able to use and modify these components within the context of a Flex application, module, or library for no charge.Our first component is an AutoComplete text input which allows you to specify values for the component to suggest to a user as they type. It is available on the Exchange now!