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When making updates to Flex Exchange

I just realized that we don’t get notifications when you guys update any entries in the Flex Exchange. I’ve updated the Exchange now, but if you have something up there and make changes please mail flex-exchange-admin AT so we can make sure to get everything approved. We do get notifications of new submissions BTW.

Flex support for 3rd-party editors

We know that not everyone uses Flex Builder, especially folks on a platform where Flex Builder doesn’t exist. The Flex SDK is designed to provide everything you need, even if you want to remain in the editor of your choice. What we don’t provide however is productivity tools like syntax definitions for other popular editors like Emacs, Vim, and TextPad.

So we’d like to encourage the community to build up libraries for supporting 3rd-party editors, and we’ll be happy to point folks to them via

Here are some starting points. If you know of something we should be monitoring please let us know via the comments.

Emacs: ActionScript Mode (AS2 I think)
Vim: actionscript.vim
TextPad: Some AS1 and AS2 syntax files

A Message from Flex Marketing

There have been recent questions asking Adobe for more visibility into our marketing investment for the Flex product line. We want to take this opportunity to give the community a better sense of what we’ve been doing and where we are going.

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Send us publicly viewable Flex apps

The Flex team is constantly looking for Flex applications that we can use for a variety of purposes. One crucial purpose is our ability to test existing applications against newer tools (like for example a new Player on a new OS) to make sure everything is kosher. If you have an application that we can reach please let us know via the comments. If you’d prefer not to publicize your URL but still want us to test, you can send the information to me at mchotin AT adobe DOT com.

Of course we’d love to see public apps for other purposes too, like demonstrating the building power of the Flex community! Would folks be interested in an application registry similar to what started for developers?