Flex support for 3rd-party editors

We know that not everyone uses Flex Builder, especially folks on a platform where Flex Builder doesn’t exist. The Flex SDK is designed to provide everything you need, even if you want to remain in the editor of your choice. What we don’t provide however is productivity tools like syntax definitions for other popular editors like Emacs, Vim, and TextPad.

So we’d like to encourage the community to build up libraries for supporting 3rd-party editors, and we’ll be happy to point folks to them via flex.org.

Here are some starting points. If you know of something we should be monitoring please let us know via the comments.

Emacs: ActionScript Mode (AS2 I think)
Vim: actionscript.vim
TextPad: Some AS1 and AS2 syntax files

15 Responses to Flex support for 3rd-party editors

  1. Thank you for clarifying this to us. Flex Builder has been a great help to us and I would like to return the favor. I’ve forwarded this request to our tech team and hopefully they can develop something for you guys. This is our humble way of saying thank you.

  2. Cocktail says:

    Thanks for information.

  3. chainsaw says:

    I couldn’t agree more. To my mind, libraries are a hugely important middle step in the development of programming, and Flex certainly could use some of good sound quality. If the web is to continue to grow and develop, I would suggest that it needs to continue to move towards a state where average users can operate it without the need for a great deal of technical knowledge. To some extent that is possible now, but not with the level of flexibility that is available to someone who knows programming languages. Libraries, however, create a middle ground, offering people with less language familiarity to gain greater experience at a faster pace. And eventually, with any luck, libraries will lead to a further stage, one in which those who want to create a design pages with flexibility will be able to do so with even less expertise. I tend to liken this moment in the web’s history to the early days of the car — to own a car meant you had to know the ins and outs of how it worked, be able to tinker with it’s insides, and keep up to date on new technology. Yet now the majority of people who use cars simply get in and drive.

  4. gutschein says:

    The idea of the 3rd-party editors is really great. Amazing article.

  5. Onlineshop says:

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  6. Austin Haas says:

    I’ve updated the Emacs actionscript-mode, mentioned above, to support AS3. You can find it here: http://blog.pettomato.com/content/actionscript-mode.el

  7. julien says:

    Hi,I put my ActionScript syntax files (updated for AS3/MXML) for SciTE here, http://punkscum.org/files/misc/scite_as3_mxml.zipworks well with both windows & linux (default) versions of this editor

  8. Keith Peters says:

    Yeah, mxmlc is SLOW. Incremental doesn’t handle it. I assume it’s the overhead of starting up the JVM. A base AS3 class with nothing in it compiles in about 4-5 seconds on my machine, of course that’s going through Ant as well, but the majority of that is eaten up by mxmlc. I’m guessing FB2 does some voodoo of keeping the compiler in memory rather than starting it up each time.

  9. Philippe says:

    > Have you looked into the incremental options?This doesn’t help much, the compiler spends ages loading the SWCs. Maybe it can be optimized some way (like keeping them ready in memory).Other thing: can we run the compiler against a class for code checking (without full compilation)?

  10. There is a good-enough DTD for Flex 2 that you can use with editors such as Eclipse on http://falkensweb.com/other.html

  11. Matt Chotin says:

    Have you looked into the incremental options?

  12. Flash Develop is a very good Flex IDE. I have create a project template for Flex Data Services with a tutorial on my blog. http://gurufaction.blogspot.com/

  13. Philippe says:

    Third-party editors also need tips to optimize the (awfully slow) compiler build times.I’ve the feeling the command line compiler is slow on purpose – tell us it’s not!

  14. Kai Hannonen says:

    I created MXML syntax files for Crimson editor last year when working with Flex 1.5. Not as fancy as FlashDevelop, but it works and it’s very light. Check http://www.beamjive.com/weblog.php?a=1&id=98 and http://www.crimsoneditor.com/ for more info.