Send us publicly viewable Flex apps

The Flex team is constantly looking for Flex applications that we can use for a variety of purposes. One crucial purpose is our ability to test existing applications against newer tools (like for example a new Player on a new OS) to make sure everything is kosher. If you have an application that we can reach please let us know via the comments. If you’d prefer not to publicize your URL but still want us to test, you can send the information to me at mchotin AT adobe DOT com.

Of course we’d love to see public apps for other purposes too, like demonstrating the building power of the Flex community! Would folks be interested in an application registry similar to what started for developers?

25 Responses to Send us publicly viewable Flex apps

  1. Jeff Ponce de Leon says:

    Can u create a tutorial that has a form with text input boxes that references the values in those texboxes and places them in an email that then stores the results in data.xml then maybe after that data.xml is parsed into an ACCESS db?=-) I just learning and also a little lazy.;-) Although I do know other languages and stuff.

  2. Brian says:

    This is my publically viewable, Flex 2 based, front end effort – so far.

  3. Myles says:

    Flex chat on

  4. Watch videos through a Flex UI

  5. A little traffic cam site displaying all the traffic cams in Phoenix.

  6. Chris Chen says:

    preliminary ecommerce site built in pure flex:

  7. Chris Chen says:

    ecommerce site in development. All built in flex.

  8. Chris Chen says:

    ecommerce site in development. All built in flex.

  9. thijs says:

    Red5/FMS publisher tool to test live and ondemand streaming with Flex 2:

  10. Treemap component in Flex 2. Part of AppFusion’s Business Intelligence & Collaboration Platform.

  11. Feel free to check out the Kbase Web ( It’s free, public, and the UI is built 100% in Flex 2.Thanks!Daniel Rosenstarkceo@thekbase.comSee the Walkthrough for TheKBase Web (”Organize Your Data EVERY Way You Want To”

  12. Chris Sharon says:

    Hello,Here is a demo of an application that we will be launching shortly.It’s a training app that uses flex 2, captivate, coldfusion, cairngorm and the flex-ajax bridge.http://homesolutionstraining.comto login as a user: password: demoto login as a manager: password: demoI’m sure there is alot that can be improved but I don’t claim to be an expert 🙂

  13. Hello!I am trying to add Flex Builder application in Visual Source Safe. Is there any way to accomplish that? Thanks in advance.

  14. Coker Isaac says:

    We have just launched our Flex Collaboorative tool branded “Premeet” and will like developers to explore and have a feel of what Flex can do! Check it out at: Click on the View Portal Button and once loaded, Click on the “Need to Register” Button to open a new account and collaborate with other users.

  15. spender says:

    I wrote an article ( about playing generated PCM audio data in AS3. It’s a highly unusual use of Flash, and so I’m sure it would be of interest to Tinic and the others doing the audio for linux. The subversion repository for the FB2 project is at me a line if you’d prefer binaries.

  16. sure to have Flash 9 installed otherwise the page will load the Flash 8 version without prompting to upgrade.

  17. I have a blog where I post alot of examples, most of which are mini-flex apps. 🙂