Flex Charting Survey

Do you use charts in Flex or do you think you may in the future? Please take 2 minutes to take a survey on possible chart types and enhancements for a future release. It’s two questions and will take you to flex.org when complete.

6 Responses to Flex Charting Survey

  1. take4 says:

    maybe, I don’t use it.

  2. Rune says:

    The survey monkey survey doesn’t work properly!

  3. Mário says:

    Muito bom, exatamento o que faltava para a classe desenvolvedora.

  4. IsaacDM says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the beta on labs,on my way for testingbeWellGBYM

  5. We are beginning to use Flex for our financial web sites. The enclosed URL is a development site for Hedge funds. Being new, as most people are, to Flex it is often that we are not sure how to create the charts rather than the software cannot draw them – so more samples please. New ones would be a mormal distribution chart, a snail trail (a scatter plot which shows how something has moved over time). Also would like to more easily change the colours/renderers of seperate plots in one series – identify wjich is a fund of interest, its benchmark. Interaction with the table and charts – so if a user hovers over a row it is highlighted in the chart above. So yes interested in improvements and would be willing to test and add further comments.