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Ajax Data Services and FABridge Update on Labs

AJAX Data Services is a new JavaScript library that lets you access the powerful messaging and data management capabilities of Flex Data Services directly from JavaScript. With this library, you can integrate application clients built using Ajax technologies with the same back-end data services used by Flex application clients. This means that data from Flex applications can now be automatically synchronized with other Ajax applications, ensuring that both users see the most current, accurate information.

Significant updates have also been made to the Flex-Ajax Bridge (FABridge), which, as you know, allows JavaScript-enabled components to interoperate with Flex-enabled components embedded in the same web page.

Using both FABridge and the new Ajax Data Services library, you can now leverage the full benefits of both the Flex programming model and Flex Data Services, providing full interoperability with existing or new Ajax applications.

Both of these libraries are planned to be added to upcoming versions of Flex Data Services.

Help the Flex team plan for the future

Now that Flex 2.0.1 is out the door, the team is deep in planning for future releases. To make sure we’re focusing on the right things, we need to hear more from the community, so if you’re using Flex please take a few minutes to fill out a short survey.

The survey can be found here:

As always, we appreciate your valuable feedback.


The Flex team

2 new Flex utilities on Labs

We’ve placed 2 new utilities on Labs this afternoon.

First, some Flex Ant tasks which should be useful to everyone who does command-line or automated building of Flex applications (source is included). Second, the Flex Compiler Shell (FCSH) which s very useful for those not using Flex Builder to compile their apps on a regular basis.

You can get lots more info on the Labs pages. We hope you find these useful and feel free to send feedback!

ETA: A special note of thanks should go to Summer ’06 intern Spiros Eliopoulos who did the majority of the work on the Ant tasks. Spiros, you rule!

Component: Docking Toolbar

The Docking Toolbar is now available on the Adobe Flex Exchange (click the Exchange link if the direct component link doesn’t seem to work). You may post questions and feedback in the comments here and the authors will try to respond.

Flex Developer Certification is Here!

Well it took a little while but you can now become an Adobe Certified Expert in Flex 2! As of this posting the Adobe web site isn’t updated but the most important info is in the Exam Preparation Guide (this is a local copy so the most up-to-date version will eventually be on

You can register for an exam via Thomson Prometric today and Pearson VUE will be available in a few days. The exam costs $150 US or local currency equivalent.

Go get certified!

Migrating to 2.0.1 With ColdFusion Extensions

Summary: If you’ve created projects with the 2.0.0 version of the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder, you need to add -context-root "" to the additional compiler arguments in order to compile with 2.0.1.

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Flex 2.0.1 is here (OSX support, bug fixes, and much more)

Just before the holidays, the Flex team put the finishing touches on an important update to the Flex products, and now we’re happy to say that Flex 2.0.1 is available on the Adobe web site. The official announcement isn’t for a few days, but you can get the bits starting now.

In addition to fixing lots of bugs, the 2.0.1 release adds some great stuff to Flex, including:
* Flex Builder support for OS X (PPC and Intel) and Eclipse 3.2
* Support for automated functional testing, including Mercury QuickTest Pro integration
* A number of new features in the free SDK, including modules, dynamic CSS, and native support for FlashType encoding.

For a more complete rundown, see the Logged In article by Matt Chotin in the DevCenter.

How do you get it?
If you’re already a Flex Builder or Flex Data Services customer, you can download the updaters from the Flex support center.

If you’ve been waiting for Flex Builder on the Mac, you can buy a copy now from the
online store
. The Mac version will be available through all of our other channels shortly.

You can also download the free trial or the updated version of the free Flex SDK (

Is it safe to migrate?
Applications developed with Flex 2.0 should recompile seamlessly with 2.0.1, but make sure you look through the release notes for any gotchas.

We hope you enjoy the update and look forward to seeing the results.